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About Us

About Us

Hey there,

Welcome to my kitchen!!

I'm Savita. I live with my husband, Vishal, in Orange County, CA. California is state of many cultures and this is what reflects in my cooking too.

My Cooking Style:

I specialize in every day Healthy Meals. Playing with spices, chilies and fresh produce define my cooking style. Don't expect anything boring here because even my healthy detox salads don't come out without a flavor boost.

Love for fresh produce shows in my EVERY recipe. For me, meal is not complete without a fresh produce and pinch of spice. I strongly believe in balanced meal with daily serving of veggies, and protein. So much so that I love to hide few fresh ingredients in my baked sweet treats too.

I grew up on Indian food.. but my spice love and California made me a Mexican foodie. I bring to you best of both! I don't have lots of Indian recipes… the one I have, will amaze you. Fact is, spices are not just used in Indian cuisine. Stay with me and I will take you on a spice-journey, right from your own kitchen. Promise is, if there is a bold flavor on earth.. I will find it! And will bring it to your kitchen.

I come from a foodie family. My mom has always made food taste flavorful, and meal look delicious and appetizing. Even when we were determined not to take a single bite… we ended up licking the bowls clean. I follow the same rhythm in my kitchen. Healthy or traditional, bold flavors are must-have.

Why Chef De Home?

I love to create new and unique recipes. Also, sometimes easy and lite makeovers of many restaurant recipes. This is probably one of THE main reason why I started blogging - To make cooking like professional chefs.. simple, accessible at home, and healthier.

Hence the name - "chef de home"

With my flavorful recipes;
I have made many meat-lover husbands eat tofu and their wives can't thank me enough. Check it out here - Chipotle Tofu Sofritas 
I have some restaurants makeovers which even real chefs use. Check it out here - No Yeast Naan

In short,
1) When I love something that I ate out.. I cook it at home to save money and save time of standing in lines.
2) When I don't love something I ate out.. It becomes my mission to make a better version at home.

So, get ready to cook lots of delicious food! I'm gonna make you proud Chef De Home.

If you drool at even name of Chili Garlic Pasta, look forward to trying a Crunchy Salad, or can't pass by Cinnamon Churro stand in street fair? Then, we are meant to be together!

For any other questions, business queries or joining ChefDeHome Network, my email address is: chefs(at)chefdehome(dot)com
And please be as specific as you can – I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I hope you enjoy your stay!!!



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  1. I LOVE your blog and all your recipes look delicious. We're trying to cook more at home so I know your site will come in handy!!
    Hi May, I'm glad to share my recipes. I hope you enjoy cooking more at home!
  2. Love your blog ! great job savita garu!
    thanks, Rashmi! It is really flattering and sweet. thank you.
  3. Hi, Savita! I have recently installed a natural gas tandoori oven/grill in my home, can't wait to begin using it but have a difficult time finding recipes on-line for use in a tandoori since these are uncommon and most of the tandoori recipes are adapted for the oven, grill or stove. Any ideas on available resources for a tandoori? Thanks.
    Hi Martin, my sincere apologies for late reply. Regarding your question, Tandoor is not something very common in homes, so that's why most recipes call for oven. To get tandoori char, I often turn to oven broiler or direct gas/grill flame. Also, modern day rotisserie is just like cooking in tandoor but without auto-rotation. That being said, once you get feel of how quickly meat cooks in tandoor, you can use any recipe with it. I hope it helps. I will try to find some resources and send it your way too.
  4. Thank you for all the step-by-step photos! They really make following yr recipies so easy! I tried the naan and it turned out successful. Really appreciate it!
  5. I just came across your blog and let me be honest with you, this is one of the best sites I have ever been to. Your theme is very eye catchy and the blog overall is very fast. I just had to praise and now I'll go and check some of your amazing recipes. A Sri Lankan food blog
    thanks, Rasakama! I hope you enjoy your time here and get chance to try something too! ::) Thank you so much for stopping by!
  6. What is 'tajin' sauce, as listed in your chipotle sofritas recipe?
    Gillian, tajin is a Mexican seasoning blend. If you can't find tajin, I have an another recipe for Chipotle Sofritas in which no such seasoning is needed. Check the link below:
  7. Hello there Savita You have a great blog with some great recipes and a great story. I am reaching out to you from a social platform for Indian/Desi food lovers. It is a community of about 500 food bloggers with thousands of recipes and counting. You might find some fellow blogger
  8. Lisa, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience that you can't go through FB to get the recipe!! I can see your account and it is showing disabled. Let me enable you to get the recipe.
  9. Hi Savita, I'm going to make the copycat sofritas recipe. I tried joining via FB and I closed out the browser and opened a new one and I can't join for whatever reason. You have a great looking website!
  10. Shilpi, thank you so much stopping by and checking my work! I so appreciate your feedback!
  11. Hi Savita, Very nice blog. Easy step by step presentation makes it very easy to follow. Liked the pics and recipes too. Shilpi
  12. Hello @Margarite, please open chefdehome page in a fresh browser window and try again. If not, let me know, I can join you and send username/pwd in email if you prefer.
  13. I tried to join up via FB but for some reason I'm having problems it won't let me join to sign in. Please help
  14. Thanks @Thiruvarasan, I appreciate your feedback :) Hope to see your around trying few recipes.
  15. Your website look awesome!
  16. Hi @Greg, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like my website. My best wishes to you and your blog.
  17. Hey I think your website is fantastic! Keep up the great work :) From, Meals and Reels
  18. thanks, I would love to hear how u liked it.
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  20. Thanks @Nike Air Max, I am glad you like my posts.
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  23. I am hungry after visiting your site! Whoa!
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