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Layers of yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, potato, and bell pepper on a bed of flavorful tomato and béchamel sauce... for a comforting veggie dinner

Remy's Ratatouille for meatless Monday!!

Bringing Ratatouille's ratatouille to your dinner table for meatless Monday! With colorful layers of fresh veggies, and garlicky tomato sauce.. this veggie casserole is perfect to kick-start week with a comforting vegetarian dish without a lots of calories. 

Today, I added a hearty serving of red potatoes and layer of béchamel to traditional ratatouille to make it a hearty winter dinner. Serve it over pasta, or steamed rice and enjoy meatless Monday. Or serve as-is with side of chicken and a bread to scoop amazing slow cooked tomato and cream sauce.

If you to loved Ratatouille Movie, you will love making this casserole at home! If you have not, I highly recommend watching it! I promise Ratatouille will make you fall-in-love with joy of cooking!

So, let's get started and make Remy's Ratatouille!!

Super easy and comforting veggie and marinara sauce casserole called Ratatouille

It has been raining continuously whole week and is even raining today. This put me under weather and my whole week's rendezvous with you got so messed up. :( Feeling better now.. and so so excited to share this recipe. Some recipes are so close to my heart that I don't want to post those in hurry. Like, oh here is a recipe, please enjoy! I just can't imagine doing that. So, I felt, missing one is better than a half-hearten attempt... I hope you with me?

For example, this veggie casserole is my sweet heart. I mean, look at the pictures, isn't it so pretty? 

Believe me, it is equally delicious too! Or should I say, delicious, humble and easy! Layer of spiced tomato sauce, creamy béchamel, and layers of veggies - yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, potato, bell pepper. Does this sound complex dish? No, right? Actually, traditional ratatouille recipe does not even have béchamel and no potatoes. These two are my touches to make this, peasant dish, extra special. 

ratatouille recipe from Pixar movie Ratatouille

Gluten Free and Vegan Ratatouille? I'm sure you have guessed by now, but before I dig deeper into ratatouille, one thing is very clear - If you want gluten free and dairy free ratatouille, just skip béchamel. That's it. Easy, right? 

If you have no issues with dairy or gluten, then I highly recommend this layer. Also, if you are in hurry, you can use cheese instead too. To me, layer of cream or cheese makes this homey casserole.. even more comforting.  

For more substantial serving, I often serve it over pasta or some steamed rice/quinoa (gluten free).

Ratatouille Movie and Ratatouille Recipe:

I can't sum-up in words how much I love Ratatouille movie. Since we saw it first time (10 years ago). Even today any time it airs on TV, I will watch it. Actually, not just for love of movie but for passion for food which I'm all about... and so was little Remy in movie all about. 

Since I watched and fell in love with movie.. I have made ratatouille dish so many times at home. Growing up, I wasn't a zucchini or squash fan. And I seldom liked eggplant. But my mom made zucchini and potato stew with lots of chunky tomatoes that I always ate with rice. When I first made Ratatouille's ratatouille.. I could connect with flavor of my childhood zucchini and tomato stew. Amazingly, in the movie, that's how Anton Ego, the food critic, feels after taking first bite of Remy's ratatouille. This makes my connecting with dish even stronger!

Honestly, the theme of movie "anyone can cook" always resonates with me. So true for me because I never thought I will cook and share my homemade food with the world.

Pixar has done great job in making of this animated classic. Can you believe it made $620 million dollar worldwide?!

Picture from Pixar movie Ratatouille

Photo Credit: Disney / Pixar via

How to Make Ratatouille?

When I cook ratatouille for dinner at home.. I don't go that fancy.  But today I wanted to share with you ratatouille recipe from the movie... exactly like Remy made for Ego.

Slicing all the veggies evenly is key to make a good looking ratatouille. This also ensures everything cooks evenly. So, I prefer to use a mandoline slicer to slice the veggies evenly. It saves time too!!

First, I layer tomato sauce with minced garlic, thyme, oil, and seasonings. Sauce gets lots of flavor from slow cooking in oven with veggies.. So there is no need to cook it with garlic separately.

Then, I layer the béchamel layer. Final layer is veggies. Once I find a rhythm with color of veggies, the ratatouille's ratatouille start appearing on the casserole.

How to make Ratatouille recipe like Remy from the movie

I do follow two things to ensure the veggies stay beautiful after cooking:   

1) Layer both sauces at the bottom and nothing on top of veggies but some oil and seasoning. 
2) Bake ratatouille casserole covered with parchment. So veggies cook but not get charred. In other words, don't loose the color.

In short, layer sauce, layer veggies, cover, and bake! Serve ratatouille jumped right out of the movie. :) 

Ratatouille casserole plated on a plate

PS: By all means you can go easy on presentation and arrange above three layers as you like. As long as veggies are sliced evenly and potatoes (if using) are par-cooked, ratatouille will come out perfectly.

Ratatouille Recipe Like Remy Made for Ego in Ratatouille movie

How about serving ratatouille casserole for a movie-theme dinner? Or for Oscar watching party?

Even though ratatouille movie is 10 years old... food never gets old. Get inspired and try something new for dinner!!

Enjoy! -Savita

If you love Ratatouille? I highly recommend trying:
1) Eggplant Rollatini: It is low-carb with grilled stuffed eggplant rolls baked on bed of tomato-garlic sauce. Very flavorful and lite weekday dinner.
2) Ratatouille Stew : In this, I captured all flavors of this traditional Ratatouille Recipe in form of a stew, to give you a simple Ratatouille recipe without assembly time. It is ready in half time, is also vegan, and gluten free. 

I often pair this dish with:

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Total Time Prep Time Cook Time Difficulty Easy Yields 6 Servings Serves 6
Smart Swap Replace potato with sweet potatoes for a delicious twist!



  • 1. Preheat oven at 375 degree Fahrenheit. Bring 2 cups of water to rolling boil. Season with salt. Slice red potatoes. Drop in water and boil for 3-4 minutes or until par cooked. Drain on a paper towel and set aside. While potatoes cook and cool down, slice rest of veggies - squash, bell pepper and eggplant.
  • 2. To make Béchamel - Microwave 1 cup of milk in microwave safe container. Set aside. Heat 1 tbsp butter in sauce pan. Add 1 tbsp flour and cook until raw flavor of flour goes away. 1-2 minutes. Don't let flour turn brown. Add warm milk 1/4 cup at time and stir well to avoid lumps. Add all of milk and continue coking until sauce thickens and coat back of a spoon. Season with salt, nutmeg, and black pepper. Set aside.
  • 3. Spray baking dish with cooking spray. Spread layer of tomato sauce, minced garlic, thyme, red chili flakes, salt and olive oil. Mix well while still leaving well spread. Drizzle béchamel sauce on the top, swirl into the tomato sauce.
    Additional Notes
    I spread 1 cup tomato sauce at the bottom. You can use more or less as per liking.
  • 4. Layer sliced veggies on top. I like to make a spiral stack of vegetable slices for presentation just like ratatouille. Drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle salt, thyme, and black pepper on top.
    Additional Notes
    For quick layering, pick slices of each veggie, make a small stack in hand, and then stack into the casserole. This saves time instead of arranging one slice at a time.
  • 5. Cover with parchment paper. Bake for 55-60 minutes or until all veggies are tender. You will see tomato sauce bubbling on the sides.
  • 6. Let it cool for 5 minutes. Serve with side of crusty bread to scoop the sauce. Enjoy!

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  1. Just got two eggplants and lots of peppers today and thought about my dear friend who last made this for me. She would cube all the ingredients when she could get them, freeze them and make it when she had it all! She didn't use potatoes or sauce, just the vegetables ! I think I'll use my slicer to cut up the rest of these vegetables. I also have the tomatoes so I just need more squash... don't tell my neighborhood, I'll end up with tons of zucchini!
  2. Delicious! I followed the recipe exactly and came up with a beautiful and delicious side dish for summer dinner last night. The leftovers won't make it through today!
    Hi Leigh, I'm glad you enjoyed Ratatouille. No leftovers is amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
  3. Now, this is a keeper! I made this for dinner last night and my kids gobbled it up. Beautiful layers of vegetables were most exciting for them. I have to say the creamy sauce was my favorite. I'm thinking to add some cheese on top the next time. Thanks for recipe.
    Hi Rose, I'm glad you enjoyed Ratatouille.. so much. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. There were no directions on when to add nutmeg when making the bechamel sauce.
    Hi Raelyn, nutmeg is added while seasoning bechamel with salt and pepper.
  5. I am determined to cook this as a last meal before school starts, so I have one question to ask. How do you pre cool the potatoes before the actual cooking of the ratatouille? Do you boil them or something like that?
    Hello Jose, I like your determination to make ratatouille! I boil the potatoes to par cook'em. It is detailed in Step - 1 of the recipe. I hope you enjoy cooking!
  6. Oh, one thing to add to my previous comment. If you line your casserole dish with parchment, it save time when it comes to clean-up!
  7. This was absolutely delicious! I used white potatoes instead of red and omitted the yellow squash because I didn't have any on hand. I also opted to include the Bechmal. Wow! Husband and kiddies ate it up. I will put this recipe in our meal rotation. It does take a bit of effort and time, so I made it on a Sunday night. 5 stars.
    Hi Carol, thank you so much for 5 star ratings. I so appreciate it. I'm glad to hear that your family enjoyed Ratatouille so much. Also thanks for useful tip on using parchment for easy clean up.
  8. Looks amazing! I am going to make it this weekend for an outdoor festival. Any suggestions on transferring to a round chafing dish to keep it warm for the festival? I am worried it will fall apart.
    Hi Brett, I'm affraid it will not be easy to move it to chafing dish without disturbing the layers. I would bake it in a dish which can also be used for serving. Other crazy idea I have is to bake it with some mozzarella on top. That way layers will adhere together a bit and you can transfer layers in quaters to a large plate, then transfer all sauce in chafing dish, top with layer quaters of ratatouille from plate. I hope it is of some help. Happy Cooking!
  9. Making this tomorrow. Thank you.
    Hi Luanne, enjoy cooking Ratatouille!
  10. I can't wait to make this with the kids. We watched the movie a few weeks ago and they have been asking to make this dish ever since then.
    Hi Melissa, no wonder Ratatouille movie is favorite of kids. :) I hope you get chance to try it soon! Happy Cooking!
  11. Planning on making tonight, looks yummy! Did you use a reg pie plant 9.5"?
    Hi Maureen, I used 9 inch wide pie dish. 9.5 should be fine two. I had few slices of squash leftover when I made above batch of ratatouille, which will adjust perfectly in 9.5. I hope it helps. Happy Cooking!
  12. Just back from the farmer's market with everything to make this yummy looking dish. What size casserole dish are you using? (dutch oven? brassier? casserole dish?) Thanks
    Hi Wendy, I used deep pie dish for ratatouille, 9" diameter and 2" deep. Enjoy cooking!
  13. Wonderful! The garden was giving up its last summer squash and eggplant, so I made this last night and served along with brown rice and grilled pork. The Bechmal is such a great addition to make the sauce creamy and gooey. I didnt use potatoes, but will try that next time. This is definitely a keeper! Thank you for sharing!
    Hi Julie, I'm so delighted to hear you enjoyed Ratatouille. Without doubt, eggplant-squash season makes it even more delicious. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Cheers! -Savita
  14. Can you assemble this dish before guests arrive? I would like to but worry that won't work with the bechemal sauce.
    Hi Lou, you can assemble this dish before hand but I wouldn't recommend more than 6-8 hours. Bechemal does get thicker as it sits but it will be fine when ratatouille cooks in oven. I would keep it covered while refrigrated. I hope it helps.
  15. Absolutely amazing recipe. I have always loved that movie because of my love for cooking so reading about how the movie has touched is amazing. Thank you for spreading the food love.
  16. its looks really yummmyyyyyyyyy
    Sushmita, thanks! I'm glad you like it. :)
  17. Made it, loved it! So pretty and so delicious. I also added some cheese on top! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    Thanks for sweet words, Steph! I'm happy to share! :)
  18. that's called TIAN in french not a Ratatouille
    Hi Jutta, my ratatouille is based on ratatouille movie. I'm not claiming it to be Tian. Even restaurants here sell this dish by this name... However, thanks for sharing if it has similarities to your french Tian.
  19. What sort of dish are you using for the Ratatouille, and what are the dimensions?
    Hi Elena, I used deep pie dish for ratatouille, 9" diameter and 2" deep. I hope it helps.
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