Paperblog - A BIG NO, Bloggers Stay Away!!

Paperblog - A BIG NO, Bloggers Stay Away!!
If you are a blogger and has submitted your feed to Paperblog, take an action today!!

I am sure you wondering, why have I not posted even ONCE in past 4 days. Well, I am saving my hard work from going wasted and duplicated on Paperblog., an online magazine site which removes all your post links, saves your images on their server and leaves you with DUPLICATE contents of YOUR OWN POST!!

Being a blogger I am often submitting my links to all good online resources to get some exposure in this vast online world. I generally don't like to complain and react over online websites messing with me. Online world is a free world and everyone sort of follow their own implied rules. You stay with a site if you like or you say good-bye!

But, today!, I simply could not stay quite.

Recently, I came across, an online magazine which survives based on RSS feed submitted by bloggers like you and me. As a curious blogger, I also submitted my blog's rss feed and after a few hiccups, my posts started showing up on Paperblog.

Since then I noticed that I hardly got any traffic from Paperblog whereas my posts are showing on TOP in Food and Recipes section there.

Digging a little deeper, I found these guys at paperblog remove all links and references pointing to my recipe/blog post from my feed. They even saved my images on their server!!!! This was disturbing!

Think about it!! You did all the effort and all of sudden, moment after you posted on your blog, all of your images, content are all saved on paperblog server and you will not get any credit for that hard work!!

For Search Engine Crawlers, like google and bing, paperblog has more weight-age due to volume of contents compared to any alone, 3-4-times-a-week kind a blogger.


Search engine will mark your OWN content as DUPLICATE to paperblog and all traffic related to your posts will be redirected to paperblog. Even for images!!! because they saved everything on their server.

After I realized this, I found there is NO link/button on my Paperblog Account which says UNSUBSCRIBE!! To my dismay, I emailed to the lady who helped me setup my paperblog account and NO REPLY!! In-meantime, all my posts, everyday I add to my blog are getting copied to paperblog. I have no control over that..... :( (

I waited for 2 days , then emailed reply.... 

After an internet search, I came across set of another bloggers who had similar bad experience. From their discussion, I came to know that paperblog has this "Contact Us Form" where you can request to terminate your account.

Seriously, I have contacted them 3 times using that contact form and still no reply, no action what-so-ever!!

Lessons Learned:

Few important lessons learned with this horrible experience.... which has still NOT ENDED for me...

1. Stay away from online sites like Paperblog!!
2. Before submitting you RSS feed anywhere, first check how will they use your content.
3. Monitor the activity and traffic you getting from your RSS submission to understand the benefit.
4. No back link is that important if it results in taking the credit of your hard work and leaving you at second position for your OWN content.

I am so disappointed with the timid attitude of Paperblog and will never recommend using Paperblog to anyone!!

Plan of action: I am going to stop my RSS feed for few weeks until I convince Paperblog to close my account. This is a bummer and will affect other good sites where I have submitted my RSS but I have no choice.

Stay alert my friends!! In online world, people are all after taking credit for your hard work! 

Paperblo - A Big No!!

Here you go!! Just after 1 hour of adding my new post, this post about not using Paperblog, it is already taken as their post by Peperblog Feed Consumer. And on google search, this very same article is showing up and is no where to be found!!

Update July 16, 2014:

Today, finally, on July 16 2014, paperblog finally deleted my account after many emails and online form submissions.

How To Remove Account from Paperblog

Bloggers, if you are stuck like I was, only way out is repeated emails, strong emails or they will not remove your content.

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23 Responses

  1. I have done the same mistake 😑
  2. Hi Savita, Thanks for sharing useful post for new bloggers like me. unfortunately, I did the same mistake as you and put my site on their website. I requested them many times to remove my account from Paperblog but no response. Can you please send me that email id and email that you was sent them. Thanks, Regard Imran
  3. OH my god thanks for taking time to write this blog. i just going to add my link there and got a doubt and googled and read this post. Thanks again and spread the word to new bloggers like me. and what is your suggestion with republish content like medium etc. thanks again
  4. I did the same mistake as you and put my blog on their site. Did you figure out a way how to terminate your account?
    Hi Dorian, I emailed them repetitively. Please read the above post it explains whole story. I hope it helps.
  5. same issue happen with me please provide me mail so that i can mail paperblog
  6. Hello Savita , I am also a victim of paperblog scam. Can you please tell me the email id and the how you got your account deleted. Thanks Akshat
    Hi Akshat, please refer to the blog post above as it already answers all the questions.
  7. Today I sent Paperblog a request for termination. I still haven't gotten a reply but I went to my account and edited the URLs I provided to something non-existent and deleted the widget in my blog. I then posted a test blog entry. Paperblog so far hasn't copied it yet. Hope it stays that way.
    Hi Arvin, I hope you hear back from them soon. Their slow response is really annoying.
  8. Guess..would have to do that and ask them to take action urgently. Ive sent mail to Emma and even posted on twitter. If they don't respond back or take any action, then I'd report them to Google Search as webspam. May be that would teach them some lesson to work ethically and stop copying content.
  9. Hi, I've contacted them multiple times via their contact form to get my account deleted and remove my blog. But I've not received any update from them. Please help! Best Regards
    Kimi, I understand what you going through. Only way is to write them a few strong emails, one every day. This is what I did. I hope it helps.
  10. I'am a blogger and a friend told me that paperblog was a good place to post my articles, so i was real surprised to hear that paperblog was no good, i was still thinking about giving paperblog a try, it won't hurt. I will give a update. Thanks for the informative information.
  11. Hi Savita, I am having huge problems as it was only during the Christmas break that I had a think about my connection to Paperblog and what that meant for me and my traffic. Who did you contact? Emma?
    Hi Jamie, Yes, I contacted Emma and I I hear back from Nicolas only. Not sure if Emma was on leave or had left. I hope it helps.
  12. I'm trying to terminate my Paperblog account. I emailed them at and I submitted a termination request via their online form, but I haven't had any response and my posts are still being published on their site. Help! What do you recommend doing next?
    Grace, I'm sending you an email!
  13. What email address did you contact to have your blog terminated? I am having this same issue and can't seem to get in touch with anyone!
    Paige, I have to look for email in my inbox. If you want I can email you that email id. let me know.
  14. yes... duplicate content in google is a bummer! I hope it work out for you, though url deletion did not work for me. I think, they still keep crawling your feed and pulling content.
  15. I thought I had broken the link when I took down the text widget, but found my posts duplicated in a Google search today. GAH! I went into my profile and deleted my url and am hoping that will kill it.
  16. Today, finally, on july 16 2014, paperblog finally deleted my account after many emails and online form submissions. big relief... Bloggers, if you are stuck like I was, only way out is repeated emails, strong emails or they will not remove your content.