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It is always interesting to know what my followers think of recipes I share. Honestly, it takes a whole lot time to brainstorm and decide what recipe to share next, or what will my readers like.

It feels GREAT when you like a recipe. Like very recently, Instant Pot Chicken Burrito Bowl and Shakshuka. I was amazed when everyone went crazy for Vegan Egg (Tofu) Fried Rice and Cinnamon Sugar Churro Waffles. (I had lesser idea how will you receive these two.)

Over the years of blogging at CDH, I have shared so many recipes - my favorites, ones that I think you will like, and also the ones that you request via comments on other recipes/emails/social channels. Usually, I keep a note of all the requests but sometimes, it is difficult to track. 

Since long I wanted one specific place where you can drop all recipe requests. I'm so excited that finally I have that.

Love to hear:


Your requests will certainly make my Recipe Planning lot more easier. I encourage you to first search Recipe on blog. CDH has 900+ recipes. If you can't find, then drop your requests in comments section below. 

I can't promise to share every recipe immediately. I certainly can't promise to know everything. World is big! But I'm good at research and good at developing flavors. I do promise that the recipes I'll share will make you happy. Thank you for putting your faith in me.

I'll update the completed requests here. Please be as specific as possible.

Looking forward to read what you have in mind! -Savita x

Recipes Made:

1. Pico De Gallo
2. Pineapple Salsa
3. German Potato Salad


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  1. Makki Ki Roti (corn roti w/out any wheat flour or dairy addition)
  2. Mexican hot pot rice
  3. Sticky chicken. I’ve looked for and tried a few recipes but none ever turn out sticky. I’ve cooked a few of your recipes and each one has been fantastic.

    Hi Daniey, thanks for recipe request. I'm glad you enjoying my recipes. Sticky chicken sounds really yum! I have made a note of this recipe in my to-do list. Vote +1
  4. Hi Savita, Please provide a recipe for a simple, easy yeastless bread which can be baked in a regular oven.and does not require special ingredients. I loved your yeastless garlic butter naan (I am allergic to yeast) In fact I made a good pizza base with it omitting garlic and coriander

    Hi Dr. Usha, thanks for pitching in recipe request. I have added it to my recipe to-do list. Vote +1. I’m glad you enjoyed Yeastless garlic naan. High five for making Pizza base with it. So many options! Thanks for sharing your experience.
  5. Hello! I just saw the recipe for the curry chicken with yogurt, could you please send me quantities and for how many people?

    Hi Lorena, please try search on blog, right side if you are using Desktop, bottom of page on mobile. Type "yogurt chicken" and press enter. It will take you to recipe page that has list of Ingredients with quantities and number of servings. I hope it helps.
  6. would like to print out your recipe for za-atar chicken with lemon potatoes

    Hi Sandra, there is "Print" button top right corner of the recipe card. I recently came to know it does not work on IMac. Are you printing on IMac or PC? If Imac, I can send you a pdf of recipe until our issue is resolved. Let me know.
  7. We made your Mustard Potato Salad for weekend BBQ. It was super hit! I'm also going to try your Potato Chickpea Salad next. Do you have a good German potato salad recipe? We are big potato fans :) Thanks for all the hard work. Love your blog.

    Hi Eva, I totally missed this one. I'm glad you enjoying Potato Salads from blog. I have not shared German Potato Salad but I do have a delicious Tin Foil Roasted Potato Salad with mustard dressing. Search "potatoes" or "roasted potatoes" on blog. You will love the flavors. I have made a note to share German Potato Salad. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your request.
  8. Spicy Pasta with chicken, please. Thank you!!!

    Hi Lauren, I recommend trying my Spicy Chipotle Chicken Cream Sauce Pasta. If you like spicy, you will love this one. Search "spicy chicken" on search page to find it quickly. Happy Cooking!
  9. Cook vegetable curry (Indian)

    There are plenty of vegetable curries on blog. Have you tried my Chickpea Cauliflower Curry, Or Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice? Search for "chickpea curry", "cauliflower curry" or "curry" in search. I'm sure you will love these.
  10. French Onion Soup please!

    French Onion soup defines "comfort" for me. Love to share this on blog. Thanks for delicious request. On my to-do list.
  11. My favorite Salsa, Pico de gayo. I buy a big jar from Costco, would love a homemade recipe. Thanks.

    I have this recipe, will be sharing it soon. Check back soon!
  12. Good BBQ sauce. I detest store-bought sauces, would love a good recipe I can try at home.

    Love a good bbq sauce, for sure. I wanted to share this since long. Vote +1. Thanks
  13. Thai Basil Chicken, if possible. We love Thai food. I'm cooking more at home and use your Thai curry paste recipes. Basil Chicken is our favorite takeout!!

    Oh, yes, Thai Basil Chicken is our favorite too! I wanted to share recipe on blog since long. On my to-do list. Thanks.
  14. Pico de gayo please! I know it is simple thing but I never get it right. :)

    Thanks, Jodel. On my list!
  15. A sweet and moist Cornbread for soups, without corn mix if possible. :-) Kinda you get at Boston market. THANK YOU!!!!

    Boston Market's cornbread is my favorite too. It is on my to-do list since long. Vote +1
  16. Chipotle Adobo Sauce. I never find it in store. We get paste but not sauce. My friend go me big bag of dry peppers. I would love a homemade sauce recipe.

    Adobo Sauce recipe is already on blog. Please search for it. Happy cooking!
  17. My son follows your recipes. Recently, he made your garlic guacamole. We all loved it! We love Mexican food. I would like to request fresh salsa and blender salsa. Thank you.

    Thanks for request, Suzy. I added to my to-do list. There are already some delicious salsas on blog as well. Please search by keyword - salsa.
  18. Brown Bone broth. I'm following 21 days diet fix and homemade broth fits perfect in this diet. Want a good recipe. thank you for your hard work.

    On my list! In meantime, I recommend to check my Chicken Bone Broth recipe. It is made in Instant Pot and is quite lean and delicious.
  19. Pineapple Salsa! Not very sweet one. Soemthing to serve with savoury food like we LOVE salsas with grilled fish.
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