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Drop a line, what recipe would you like me to share next?
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It is always interesting to know what my followers think of recipes I share. Honestly, it takes a whole lot time to brainstorm and decide what recipe to share next, or what will my readers like.

It feels GREAT when you like a recipe. Like very recently, Instant Pot Chicken Burrito Bowl and Shakshuka. I was amazed when everyone went crazy for Vegan Egg (Tofu) Fried Rice and Cinnamon Sugar Churro Waffles. (I had lesser idea how will you receive these two.)

Over the years of blogging at CDH, I have shared so many recipes - my favorites, ones that I think you will like, and also the ones that you request via comments on other recipes/emails/social channels. Usually, I keep a note of all the requests but sometimes, it is difficult to track. 

Since long I wanted one specific place where you can drop all recipe requests. I'm so excited that finally I have that.


What Recipes Do You Want To See On Blog?

Your requests will certainly make my Recipe Planning lot more easier. I encourage you to first search Recipe on blog. CDH has 1000+ recipes. If you can't find, then drop your requests in comments section below. 

I can't promise to share every recipe immediately. I certainly can't promise to know everything. World is big! But I'm good at research and good at developing flavors.  I do promise that the recipes I'll share will make you happy. Thank you for putting your faith in me.

I'll update the completed requests here. Please be as specific as possible.

Looking forward to read what you have in mind. -Savita x

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94 Responses

  1. Great barbecue rece
  2. Need some easy recipes for south beach diet
  3. For your chickpea recipe, do you have nutritional information, especially for calorie, protein and fibre content.
  4. Hi Savita, I have no requests! Just want to thank you for your blog. I find it refreshingly down to earth, and the recipes accessible and not intimidating to a reluctant cook like me.
    Hi Sunita, thanks for encouraging words. Really, means a lot! I hope you keep finding more to cook and enjoy. Thanks.
  5. I make your recipes all the time! Do you have a recipe for glazed carrots and butternut squash? There are so many different versions on Pinterest. I’d love to have your recipe though! Thanks.
    Thank you for sweet feedback. It means a lot! I don’t have glazed carrots and butternut recipe on the blog but will definitely add. Thank you for trusting my craft. 🙌
  6. Do you have a veggie macaroni salad recipe without corn?
    Have you checked my Mexican Macaroni Salad? Corn is optional, you can skip that. If don't like Mayo, use vegan mayo or thick Greek yogurt will also work.
  7. Cabbage soup recipe
    Thanks for posting the request. I have added it to my to-do list.
  8. Cabbage soup recipe
  9. Hi do you have nutritional info for huli huli chicken?
  10. thi recipes made with beef or sea food
    Hi Mary, thanks for the request. I don't cook with beef due to religious regions. I have noted your suggestion for more seafood recipes.
  11. Various ways to usecook eggplant
  12. I LOVED your Bialy bagels recipe. It was such a treat! My boys even ate Bialy for dinner. Do you also have a recipe for Classic Bagels? I tried to search for it but could not find anything. Or can you share your knowledge of making bagels at home? I always want to make bagels at home but skeptical to try just any recipe. Thanks for your awesome work.
    Thanks for letting me know. Regarding Bagels, I don't have a recipe for bagels right now. But it sure is in my to-post-on-blog list. Vote +1
  13. I'm trying to Start the south beach diet and really need help with recipes and a meal plan for phase 1. Cooking is easy but I'm terrible at planning what to make each day. The search for phase 1 meal planning brought me to you. Would you happen to have recipes and suggested meals plan calendar to get started with South Beach phase 1? If so would you be willing to share your knowledge? many thanks, Diane
    Hi Diane, I have included link to my Recipe list in the list above. I don't have a calendar. If I make a calendar, I'll definitely update you about it. Happy cooking!
  14. I would love both lime drinks!! I suspect the sour salty one is the one I remember but I love it all. This is so heroes of you to share your knowledge. Elizabeth
    Thanks for letting me know. I have added this my to-do list. I will email and add information above when I’m able to share the recipe.
  15. I think the lime drink was salty and sour. I would be so grateful to know how to make both!!!
  16. I was in India about 5 years ago. Every night the bartenders would make us a lime drink that we loved. I think it came from a powder mix, but would love to know if you have a recipe for this delicious non alcoholic drink. Thanks. Love your recipes. Amazing.
    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for sweet words for my recipes. I appreciate it. Regarding drink, my best guess is you are talking about "Jal Jeera". Does this name sound familiar? It is a cumin and mint flavored limeade drink. If you can share if the drink was sweet and sour Or salted and sour, then I can refine my guess. Recipe is easy, I can share for sure!
  17. Gluten free naan
    +1 adding to my to-try list
  18. BBQ Chicken Drumsticks with Chipotle-Beer BBQ Sauce
  19. Do you have a Tequilla Chicken Pasta recipe? We tried one in a famous Peruvian restaurant overseas. We miss travelling and trying such special finds.. but want to give it a try at home if you have a recipe? Thanks.
    Hi Anne, I do have Tequila Chicken recipe on blog. You can serve it with pasta but I have not tried Tequila Chicken and Pasta as one dish. On my to-try list. Thanks for asking.
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