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Drop a line, what recipe would you like me to share next?
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It is always interesting to know what my followers think of recipes I share. Honestly, it takes a whole lot time to brainstorm and decide what recipe to share next, or what will my readers like.

It feels GREAT when you like a recipe. Like very recently, Instant Pot Chicken Burrito Bowl and Shakshuka. I was amazed when everyone went crazy for Vegan Egg (Tofu) Fried Rice and Cinnamon Sugar Churro Waffles. (I had lesser idea how will you receive these two.)

Over the years of blogging at CDH, I have shared so many recipes - my favorites, ones that I think you will like, and also the ones that you request via comments on other recipes/emails/social channels. Usually, I keep a note of all the requests but sometimes, it is difficult to track. 

Since long I wanted one specific place where you can drop all recipe requests. I'm so excited that finally I have that.

Love to hear:


Your requests will certainly make my Recipe Planning lot more easier. I encourage you to first search Recipe on blog. CDH has 900+ recipes. If you can't find, then drop your requests in comments section below. 

I can't promise to share every recipe immediately. I certainly can't promise to know everything. World is big! But I'm good at research and good at developing flavors. I do promise that the recipes I'll share will make you happy. Thank you for putting your faith in me.

I'll update the completed requests here. Please be as specific as possible.

Looking forward to read what you have in mind! -Savita x

Recipes Made:

  1. Pico De Gallo
  2. Pineapple Salsa
  3. German Potato Salad
  4. Cloud Bread (Yeast-Free, Gluten-Free, Low-Carb) [Until I share Gluten Free or Yeast Free Naan, Cloud Bread is good alternative to scoop sauce.]
  5. How To Make Paneer

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74 Responses

  1. I would love both lime drinks!! I suspect the sour salty one is the one I remember but I love it all. This is so heroes of you to share your knowledge. Elizabeth
    Thanks for letting me know. I have added this my to-do list. I will email and add information above when I’m able to share the recipe.
  2. I think the lime drink was salty and sour. I would be so grateful to know how to make both!!!
  3. I was in India about 5 years ago. Every night the bartenders would make us a lime drink that we loved. I think it came from a powder mix, but would love to know if you have a recipe for this delicious non alcoholic drink. Thanks. Love your recipes. Amazing.
    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for sweet words for my recipes. I appreciate it. Regarding drink, my best guess is you are talking about "Jal Jeera". Does this name sound familiar? It is a cumin and mint flavored limeade drink. If you can share if the drink was sweet and sour Or salted and sour, then I can refine my guess. Recipe is easy, I can share for sure!
  4. Gluten free naan
    +1 adding to my to-try list
  5. BBQ Chicken Drumsticks with Chipotle-Beer BBQ Sauce
  6. Do you have a Tequilla Chicken Pasta recipe? We tried one in a famous Peruvian restaurant overseas. We miss travelling and trying such special finds.. but want to give it a try at home if you have a recipe? Thanks.
    Hi Anne, I do have Tequila Chicken recipe on blog. You can serve it with pasta but I have not tried Tequila Chicken and Pasta as one dish. On my to-try list. Thanks for asking.
  7. I search for recipes which are Indonesian (not of Chinese origin). What makes the difference between Chinese and Indonesian meals and what are the different local specialities on the different (greater or smaller) islands of Indonesia?
    Hi Lesley, I don't have hardcopy published cook book yet. :)
  9. I love how you make cooking Indian cuisine approachable & easy to understand. My family LOVES Indian food, but I was always intimidated to cook it at home. I found your website & have now successfully made many great dishes. I would love a good Indian spiced rice recipe for the stovetop. My daughter trades lunches with her friend at school because her friends mother makes traditional Indian food for her lunchbox! My daughter will take masala over pb&j any day! She says she always has this delicious yellow rice. Just spices, no meat or veggies. Its just basic spiced rice. I'm guessing from the color it has turmeric or curry powder in it. Could you give me a recipe for something like that? I learned how to heat recipe spices in oil first, from you. Your detailed steps help me SO MUCH! Sarah in Virginia
    Hi Sarah, thanks for the sweet feedback, so appreciate it. Feedback like yours motivates me to keep cooking and sharing more innovative recipes. Also thanks for requesting the recipe. Honestly, there are various ways to cook yellow spiced rice in different parts of India. If you can share what part of India your daughter's friend is, I may be able to guess the type of dish. It does, however, sounds like Lemon Rice we often eat for lunch. It is good starter rice recipe. Perfect for lunch or side dish. Look at it by searching "lemon rice" in search box. Let me know. Thanks.
  10. Loved mango cake and bread recipes...would like mango chicken sold at Indian takeways overseas
  11. Please Soups, chicken, ground turkey, instant pot, pork, lamb gyros
    Love your list, Courtenay! 😊 I will definitely keep this in mind when planning my next recipes. Thanks for taking time to suggest. 🙌
  12. all summer salads
    There are 45+ Salads on the blog but I'm always on mission to make some more. Your suggestion is on my favorite to-share list. 🙌 To search existing salads on the blog, please type "salad" and hit enter on Recipe Search box.
  13. Hello, please post a simple recipe for paneer. I’d love to see tips on how to form the cheese and what kind of equipment might be needed to help make it firm. Thank you! BTW, you have a wonderful site full of great eats!
    Thanks Katherine. I have added it to my to-post list. Update: Paneer recipe is on the blog now. Grab link for the "Recipe Made" list above. Enjoy!
  14. I would like your chickpea cauliflower curry recipe that I have made & can not find. Thank you
    You can use search on blog and type chickpea cauliflower and hit enter. I’m also posting the text link below. Please copy and paste to a browser.
  15. Matzo Ball Soup would be a great addition.
  16. I would love to see a recipe for kheer. Its my favorite dessert and I unashamedly eat about 3 bowls of it every time I go to our favorite Indian restaurant. A non-dairy version would be appreciated (for my lactose-intolerant kids) but full of dairy is fine with me! Also, if you have ever heard of Kabuli naan--its stuffed with nuts and raisins and spices--I would love a recipe for that. Its my husbands favorite. Thanks!
    No apologizes for eating delicious food. :) Honestly, Kheer is a very gentle few ingredient dessert. My family loves it and anytime I make, I make extra to enjoy next few days. :) Adding Kheer and Kabuli Naan to my to-post list. Thanks for requesting recipe.
  17. Can’t wait to try new recipes.
    Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy!
  18. Gluten free Naan
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