About Us

About Us

Hey there,

Welcome to my kitchen!!

I'm Savita. I live with my husband, Vishal, in Orange County, CA. California is state of many cultures and this is what reflects in my cooking too.

My Cooking Style:

I specialize in every day Healthy Meals. Playing with spices, chilies and fresh produce define my cooking style. Don't expect anything boring here because even my healthy detox salads don't come out without a flavor boost.

Love for fresh produce shows in my EVERY recipe. For me, meal is not complete without a fresh produce and pinch of spice. I strongly believe in balanced meal with daily serving of veggies, and protein. So much so that I love to hide few fresh ingredients in my baked sweet treats too.

I grew up on Indian food.. but my spice love and California made me a Mexican foodie. I bring to you best of both! I don't have lots of Indian recipes… the one I have, will amaze you. Fact is, spices are not just used in Indian cuisine. Stay with me and I will take you on a spice-journey, right from your own kitchen. Promise is, if there is a bold flavor on earth.. I will find it! And will bring it to your kitchen.

I come from a foodie family. My mom has always made food taste flavorful, and meal look delicious and appetizing. Even when we were determined not to take a single bite… we ended up licking the bowls clean. I follow the same rhythm in my kitchen. Healthy or traditional, bold flavors are must-have.

Why Chef De Home?

I love to create new and unique recipes. Also, sometimes easy and lite makeovers of many restaurant recipes. This is probably one of THE main reason why I started blogging - To make cooking like professional chefs.. simple, accessible at home, and healthier.

Hence the name - "chef de home"

With my flavorful recipes;
I have made many meat-lover husbands eat tofu and their wives can't thank me enough. Check it out here - Chipotle Tofu Sofritas 
I have some restaurants makeovers which even real chefs use. Check it out here - No Yeast Naan

In short,
1) When I love something that I ate out.. I cook it at home to save money and save time of standing in lines.
2) When I don't love something I ate out.. It becomes my mission to make a better version at home.

So, get ready to cook lots of delicious food! I'm gonna make you proud Chef De Home.

If you drool at even name of Chili Garlic Pasta, look forward to trying a Crunchy Salad, or can't pass by Cinnamon Churro stand in street fair? Then, we are meant to be together!

For any other questions, business queries or joining ChefDeHome Network, my email address is: chefs(at)chefdehome(dot)com
And please be as specific as you can – I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I hope you enjoy your stay!!!


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72 Responses

  1. Hi Savita! I gave your variation of Ratatouille a go tonight. Not going to lie I teared up once I had my first bite. Although I do have a question. Once it was done, I noticed the béchamle sauce had curdled. Is that normal? Either way, I loved it, my family loved it. Its probably going to be a staple for future family dinners.
  2. I have only tried one of your recipes and I’m hooked. I’m sure your busy but I have to ask anyways, can you make a group of your recipes good for baby and toddler eaters. Things that have no salt and sugar…. I’m having a hard time finding a lot of flavor for proteins and sauces that don’t have a lot of salt.
  3. Loving your food here in the UK
  4. Beautiful food amazing flavours lots of inspiration for me here in the UK
  5. Your recipes are outstanding!! Thanks so much for sharing your creative and inspired cooking. Much appreciated.
  6. Love your recipes
  7. Stumbled across your blog! And have been trying your salads. So so yummy - have gotten the family to not try but like brussel sprouts. Have bookmarked your page now for daily inspiration. Thank you
    Hi Susan, thanks for sweet feedback. I love when I make my family love what they don’t eat otherwise. 🙌 I’m glad you enjoying salads. I’m a salad fan. So many more to come!
  8. I've been cooking for a few years now, always using googled recipes, but this is the first time I've come across a blog that had such a good recipe that it interested me enough to browse the rest of the site! You have such unique, delicious, easy, and ACCESSIBLE recipes! Thank you so much for putting so much thought and heart into each of them. I have so many of your recipes bookmarked for upcoming meal plans. Thank you!! P.S. my first recipe of yours was your ratatouille - my roommates and I all went back for thirds!! (while watching the beloved film, of course :))
    Thanks for kind words. I appreciate the feedback. I hope you find more fav. recipes on the blog. Enjoy your stay.
  9. Your recipes are the best! Thank you so much!
    Thanks a lot. I’m delighted to hear you love my recipes. So much appreciate the feedback. Keep it coming!
  10. I am so excited to find site
    Thanks. Enjoy your stay. I hope you will find inspirations here to try few of my recipes.
  11. I just found your site, and like what I have seen so far. I would love to have your recipesnews letter sent to my email address. Thanks for sure a well rounded recipe collection !! Donna
  12. You have some very interesting recipes that I love. I just discovered your website and excited to try some of you recipes starting today. Thank you
    thanks! I share recipes we love to eat at home and share with family and friends. I hope you enjoy your stay. Let me know, if you have any question related to recipes. Happy Cooking.
  13. Hi, this is my first time on your site. My son is learning to cook and is wanting to make large, thin soft wraps (for burritos, rolled sandwiches, etc.) like the large square wraps he bought at Trader Joes. Maybe baked in an oven on a baking sheet? I've been searching for two hours and found nothing. Your naan is the closest I've found. If you can come up with it, that would be amazing! Thank you and I will try this naan as it looks delicious!!
    Thanks Barbara. I'll certainly try. Adding your suggestion to my to-try list. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed Naan. :)
  14. I don't do much cooking anymore, but I'd like to incorporate more healthy eating when I do.
  15. Muito bom adorei
  16. Looking forward to more recipes!
    Thanks Parul! On it! 🙌😊
  17. Hi Savita, Great website and great recipes... would be great if you can add a brief blog with details of the measurements you use... for eg: how much does 1 cup weigh in grams? My family has loved all the recipes I have tried from your site.
    Hi Geeta, thanks for the appreciation and suggestion. I have noted to share a measurement post.
  18. I just tried one of your pasta recipes...it was wonderful! Looking forward to trying more recipes!
    Thanks for letting me know. CDH is full of delicious recipes. I hope you find more favorite recipes!
  19. Do you have a preferred recipe for paneer itself?
  20. love new recipes too try
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