Food Blogging | 15 Tips to be a Better Food Blogger

Food Blogging | 15 Tips to be a Better Food Blogger
This post is part of food blogging and food photography series. After getting your input in our last poll, I have decided to pen-down my experience of working on a food blog. Today, it is all about - being a Better Food Blogger.

Even before I get to the basics of food photography, I want to share my top 15 considerations to be a better food blogger. I have learned a lot from awesome online community. And I think, it is time for me to give back to the community.

Please note that these are all my experiences as blogger and based on what I has worked for me. You can use these as reference points, but always, "be your own judge".

However, I can assure you, if you can just follow these points, you will sure be a better and successful blogger!

1. Blog Often: Don't take it lightly. Regular posts are very important to make your blog look live and taken care of. Whether everyday, or three times a week, whichever suits you best, do post and never let your blog look stale or orphan.

2. Only Post The Best: In food world, I mean recipes. Your recipes should be tested, fool proof and well written. You never want your customers to waste ingredients trying an untested recipe. Also, use a third-party tool like Recipe List or format the recipe to make it easily readable. 

3. Be Accessible: Make yourself accessible, put social media follow buttons on your blog. Respond to comments on blog, and social media. Make everyone feel you are there.

4. Post Original Writing and Give Credit: Always post your original content. Never copy someone. One, copying is not good. Second, it will only make you duplicate of an already written post. Which will not do you any good. If you ever make someone's recipe, give them proper credit with link backs.

5. Be Yourself, Be Original: One way to achieve (4) point above is to - "be yourself". Never ever imitate someone. You can copy style of people who influence you. From copy, I don't mean Copy and Paste :). But, learn how other's have a style and find your own putting yourself first. It is like buying a popular dress from store. We buy same dress, but we all look what we are: original!

6. Find your Point of View: This will not happened overnight. But, trust me if you just follow the points above, you will soon know - what is your point of view. It may seem hard to identify, there are signs around us. You just have to start looking. Clear your mind and then look: What is your audience telling you? What does Google Analytic say? I can write a lot about this, but it is out-of-scope for this post. 

7. Design Clean Website: Make your website/blog look clean and easily readable. In world of "google search", no one has time to scan through a busy-looking web template.

8. Network and Make Friends: Make friends, chat with people you like on social media. Indulge in delicious conversations. Promote their work. Grow your circle!

9. Click Tempting Pictures: Enhance your photography skills. A good looking picture is first impression of your work. Don't let that first impression go cold. Spice up your pictures and keep learning. Relate your view point with good pictures.

10. Ask for Help and Advice: Don't be shy. Ask for help once in a while. Also, ask friends if your pictures/content look good. On social media, you will not find no person telling you if your content no-good! I mean it!! Not because they don't know it, but because they will never want to jeopardize their relation with you. Or simply they don't not know how will you react?! A personal email or if you can really dare, then an "Anonymous Poll", or even communities dedicated to judge content, can really work the best!

11. Make it Easy to Comment: Make commenting on your blog as easy as possible. Don't hide comments behind logins. Reply to comments and take criticism +vly!

12. Don't Preach What You Don't Believe in: Never sell a product on your blog which you will not use yourself. Your blog reflects your personality and that's why people are following you. 

13. Get Your Own Domain Name: Come out of shadow of subdomain ( or Buy your own domain name. Trust me, if you are serious about blogging, one day you will be taking this step. It is better sooner than later.

14. Make your Posts Worthwhile: Other than writing original, good photos and good recipe, give some benefit to reader for spending time on your blog. Link to resources that can further help'em on that matter or do some research. Give them some bullet points on topics of interest. Or link to your fellow blogger's recipes which are based on same theme. This way, you will strengthen your relation with other bloggers and will also make your post more informative.

15. Don't Quit: Sometimes, blogging can be a lonely road. Don't give up and don't stress either. Just follow your passion, keep sharing good work, and people will sure find you.

This article has capacity for 15 more bullet points (at least), but these are the one I find most important. If you have anything to contribute to this list. Please feel most welcomed, I would love to hear your point-of-view.

If you find this article useful. Please share it, not to get me a point :)  but, so that everyone can read and be a better blogger. 

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Have a lovely Weekend and Happy Easter!


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  1. Helpful post, Thanks a lot for sharing
  2. Great points Savita! Thank you. Even though I know all of these, it's nice to be reminded. :)
    thanks, Linda! Yes, I agree, great reminder for us, and may help someone fairly new.
  3. Hi Savita, Superb post. A good refresher course. Like any other field, blogging requires good efforts, time and motivation to keep going. My take - Never compare your work with others, be confident, enjoy the process of blogging and exploring. I am not the best, but still I can make a difference.
    Thanks for liking the article and sharing your thoughts. I agree, everyone entering this field should know blogging is a "full-time" job. Your take is reminiscent of "Be Yourself and Be Original" and it is indeed very important to make a difference in blogging or any field!
  4. oh yes, very true! excellent post savita and very helpful!
  5. Great post Savita. Love reading it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us. Very informative and useful article. Looking forward to more. :)
    thanks, Ritu :)
  6. Awesome post Savita, becoming a big fan of yours. Every single point is informative. Thanks for sharing a nice article.
    Rachna, thanks!
  7. Great tips Savita! I really needed them, and also a great reminder :) Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!
    Mira :) Have a great weekend my friend!
  8. Very nice tips Savita - so well explained and to the point. Great article and a worthy read. I especially like the last one - don't quit and don't stress! - blogging should be fun :)
    thanks, Kimberly! trust me, "Don't quit" is gist of this article!
  9. Wow Savita! This is such a beautifully written article about food blogging. Each and every single pointer is a treasure, I must say. Thanks for sharing your blogging experience with us. Keep them coming! :)
    Anu, I'm glad you found it useful! It sure will continue.. promise :)
  10. Wow, Savita. Very well said.
    thanks :)