Citrus Kiwi Fruit Salad with Pistachio Minted Sugar

A lite and sweet ending to a romantic meal!

Citrus Kiwi Fruit Salad with Pistachio Minted Sugar
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

Sharing with you, lite sweet, citrus-y, grapefruit, orange, and kiwi salad with refreshing touch of minted sugar and chopped pistachio. 

This sweet fruit salad can be a perfect, lite and sweet ending to a romantic meal for two!

Citrus Salad with Minted Sugar

You can serve this salad for dessert or as a side in Valentine's Day Brunch Menu!

I have been following, food network star, Iron Chef, Mr. Bobby flay's hit tv series, Brunch at Bobby's... And few days back he shared gorgeous citrus salad which I fell in love with! Lite sweet, fresh fruits, honey, almonds, and mint sugar!! there was nothing in his salad that I don't like!!!

Luckily, I had some grapefruits at home and mint too!! couldn't believe my luck!! So made the salad and took these few shots quickly to share with you. Credit for original recipe certainly goes to Mr. Flay, but I did change a lot of things.... so I would say this recipe is inspired from his salad......

I think this fresh looking and vibrant salad will be great, for a lite dessert, for Valentine's day! Considering the theme, I added some heart-shaped kiwi fruit to the salad instead of blueberries in original recipe. Also, I used crushed raw pistachios instead of almonds! Mr. Flay recommends refrigerating this salad for 1 hr to 24 hrs, which makes this salad great to make-at-night on Friday and serve for Valentine's day brunch on Saturday! 

Citrus Salad with Minted Sugar Lite Vegan and Scrumptious

One thing that I did not change at all... was the mint sugar! Oh my! does it taste good???? it taste like give-me-this-bowl-of-mint-sugar-and-see-you-tomorrow! and these words are coming from a not-so-sweet-lover, Savita!

seriously!! I'm the one who need a glass of water after everything sweet... but... not after this mint sugar!!

Scrumptious Homemade Minted Sugar

I don't eat sweet mint preparations or eat mint candies a lot!! I'm a savory person, you know!! but this mint-sugar was to-die-for! Citrus salad with lite honey syrup is really refreshing.....but... mint sugar made me feel like, why did not I try this before?

Well.... thanks to my Mr. Bobby Flay for sharing a yumm way of adding fineness to such a simple fruit salad.

I have always loved serving fresh fruits with fruit-syrup for dessert, but mint sugar and nuts can make it sing in your mouth, on all nodes! it is that yummy!!

My version of this recipe has ingredients, and measurements everything per my taste and I loved it. If you wish to follow, Mr. Flay's recipe, I have added a link to that as well!

Citrus Salad with Minted Sugar and Pistachios Sweet Treat for Valentine Day

I hope you all enjoy it! 

I have to say, Vishal and I, loved it!!! even though I left very little mint sugar for him ;) I just tasted one spoon, right from the bowl.... and then.... by the time I finished enjoying spoon-after-spoon.... I just had 1 teaspoon mint sugar left for picture and for Vishal! hehe

Also, this citrus salad does not need a lot of mint sugar, just a little sprinkle is enough! I I making myself feel better ;)

my friends, you are allowed to eat it all.... like I did... just promise to skip your all sugary drinks that day!

Happy Cooking!



Citrus Kiwi Fruit Salad with Pistachio Minted Sugar

Citrus Kiwi Fruit Salad with Pistachio Minted Sugar
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: European () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 2-4 Servings - Serves: 2
(Inactive time 1 hr - 24 hr. Refrigerate salad for better flavor.)


Citrus and Kiwi Salad
Mint Sugar
Smart Swap: Can't find kiwi? Heart shaped strawberries can add vibrant red color and some pizzazz to this salad!


  • Step for Recipe - Citrus Kiwi Fruit Salad with Pistachio Minted Sugar 1. For mint sugar, add sugar, mint in a food processor and pulse briefly to make mint sugar. Transfer to a small bowl. Also chop pistachios and set aside. Additional Notes: You can also pulse all three, mint, sugar, pistachios, in food processor to make a streusel-like topping.
  • 2. Combine the grapefruits and oranges in a medium salad bowl and set aside. Combine the reserved citrus juices in a small saucepan (you should have at least 1/2 cup, if you don't, add enough fresh orange or grapefruit juice to make up the difference). Add the honey and bring to a boil. Cook until the mixture is reduced by half i.e, 1/4 cup. Remove from the heat and let cool to room temperature, at least 30 minutes.
  • 3. Pour the mixture over the citrus. Cover and refrigerate the salad for at least 1 hour and up to 24 hours.
  • Step for Recipe - Citrus Kiwi Fruit Salad with Pistachio Minted Sugar 4. Just before serving, add cut kiwi fruits, top with the minted sugar and pistachios! Serve with love! Enjoy!
Savita's Notes:
Disclaimer: Recipe inspired from

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  1. Andrea, you know, it feels awesome when someone takes time to read all of your post and leaves such a good feedback! You had to eat a clementine after reading this, quiet a compliment for me! Credit for mint sugar goes to Mr. Bobby Flay! thank you so much, you made my day!
  2. After I read this last night, I had to go have a clementine. Then, I dreamed of the mint sugar. I need to make this happen when I can get mint! The kiwi hearts are so cute!
  3. Thank you so much, Padma! I'm glad you like it!
  4. What a gorgeous fruit salad...very tempting clicks:)
  5. BBQ pistachios sounds delicious, Dannii! Thanks for stopping by!
  6. All the flavours in this look wonderful. I love pistachios - I actually found some BBQ flavoured ones the other day.
  7. Gayle, thanks!
  8. This fruit salad looks delicious! What a creative way to combine these flavors. Looks amazing!
  9. Gingi, thank you!
  10. Holy moly! I can't picture the flavor, but I'm intrigued enough to want to try! Great post! <3 -