Get Featured on ChefDeHome

Get Featured on ChefDeHome
Are you a food lover? Own a food blog with scrumptious recipes? Looking to market your blog? I can help you spread the word and share your work with ChefDeHome readers. Interested? Read on....
I started Chef De Home with goal of sharing my authentic and updated family recipes and above all my and my husband Vishal's passion for food with the world. Food is part and parcel of our life and we can make it better to stay healthy and fit. Home cooking gives us option to make healthy choices for our family. We can make gourmet food at home like pros and yet can keep it simple. Can't we? Yes, we can!!  With this blog, I want to spread message that we all can cook at home like professionals (sometimes better than professionals) and can keep it much healthier. And as a bonus, we can save tone of money doing so.

But, I am not the only one cooking at home! Am I? nah!! My many blogger friends are cooking awesome and delicious plates of food and sharing it with world. I consider all of them - 'The Proud Chef at Homes'. The whole idea behind featured recipe post (or guest post) on my blog is to honor all my food blogger friends and is to network with you all. Lets work together and help this world eat healthy and homemade. Bring out the chef inside us, let us cook the best and always be proud of cooking at home.

There are a few ways to get featured on ChefDeHome -

1. I will be running recipe contests time-to-time. Participate in contest, submit recipe and get your work published on I encourage you to sign-up for free ChefDeHome newsletter and know whats happening every week. 


2. Every fortnight, I will share recipe of one of my budding (or established) blogger friend with my audience to give my readers taste of what else is cooking around the globe and to give my blogger friends (I mean you) an opportunity to be known and be heard. All you have to do is - submit your original recipe for feature post. If your recipe gets selected then link with ChefDeHome with a beautiful Proud ChefDeHome Badge.

In few words, let me sum up the best RECIPE of getting featured on ChefDeHome - "Share your original, scrumptious, unique recipe with mouthwatering conversation and be my guest!"

Featured post submission details:

Please, please read carefully before submitting recipe. I try replying everyone with feedback, but these guidelines save a lot of to-for email chains.

1. Submit your original recipe. Duplicates/copies/book pastes/already posted recipes are strictly prohibited. 
2. Write recipe in plain, simple English language with at least 2 original photos 800px wide and 600px (or more) long. 
3. Photos should have good light. Dark or weird composed photos will not be accepted.
4. Recipe instructions should have bullet points (NOT one long paragraph). Step photos are most welcome but not mandatory.
5. Guest post submitted should be in your original wording and should NOT have been published any where else including your own blog. NO Duplicates, please.
6. Do not use offensive language/pictures. All such entries will be rejected.
7. One blogger can submit max two recipes per fortnight. Only selected blogger will be notified via email.
8. Include 200 words introduction to your blog while submitting your recipe. (REQUIRED)
9. Recipes will be reviewed for all of the above and only selected BEST will be featured on ChefDeHome. I might modify part or some of the content to make it suitable for my audience.
10. Blogger of selected recipe will be contacted by email with information and a link to ChefDeHome badge. Place the ChefDeHome badge [*for minimum 30 days] on your website homepage with back link to http:\\  (REQUIRED) And/Or
Place back link of your featured post at ChefDeHome in an exclusive post on your website.

11. Once your website has ChefDeHome badge, your submitted recipe will be published to ChefDeHome which will have link to your blog and introduction of blog you provided while submission.
12. Once published, I encourage you to write a post on your blog about getting featured on ChefDeHome. Don't let this opportunity go waste. Brag about it and make most of it.
13. Recipe should be exclusively written for featured post. 
14. Email me all entries at chefs(at)chefdehome(dot)com

Why should you care to get featured on ChefDeHome?

1. Get your recipe featured on ChefDeHome homepage, visible to all chefdehome viewers. It will also make its way to our weekly email newsletter that has 2000+ subscribers (and growing). 
2. Bloggers with published work on ChefDeHome will get special precedence, mentions with back link whenever I organize community recipe cook-off. (Please SUBSCRIBE to ChefDeHome newsletter. I cannot keep record of your emails in notepad!!)
3. For first time publishers, I will share your recipe and your blog's brief introduction too. Think this as a great opportunity to market your blog and get successful in blogging world!
4. Last but not the least, an opportunity to network with me. Don't you like to be my blogger buddy? Networking is key to success in blogging world. Lets succeed together. This featured post is my effort to extend hand of friendship. I am waiting to hear back from you.

P.S. Guest post submission are open first and second fortnight of each month. Selected featured post will appear in the week following the selection week. 

Please note:

1. Placement of ChefDeHome badge on your blog will be required if your work gets published on ChefDeHome blog.
2. ChefDeHome badge should appear on the side bar of your blog with permanent link 
3. ChefDehome reserves all rights of featured post selection, recipe contents, and photos submitted.
4. Recipes not selected will not appear on ChefDeHome blog. ChefDeHome reserves the right to reject a guest post or delete a published post without any notice.
5. Recipe should be exclusively written for featured post. It should NOT be duplicated on your blog. Once published on ChefDeHome, you can share in a post with your readers that you were featured on ChefDeHome and have written guest post. Don't worry, you will be given full credit for recipe with a back link to your blog.

*After a month, you can place badge in a post. Your recipe guest post, however will stay on chefdehome blog for a long time.

Featured Update

Guest Blogger Annie from The Nifty Cupcake shared this delicious Multi-Grain Pancake Recipe with ChefDeHome Readers.

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  1. Followed on Twitter. Amazing food blog content, keep up the good work.
  2. Great concept, Savita, I love your idea of growing together!
  3. Heads up guys and girls! Please don't send guest post request to submit THIRD PARTY links. I am featuring your content for your own blog, not for advertisement! Recipes/posts with third party links will be rejected. thank you so much in advance for understanding.
  4. Hello Everyone! One quick update! Featured post does not require you to own a blog. If you have recipes and healthy food related tips/thoughts to share with ChefDeHome readers, feel free to email me chefs(at)chefdehome(dot)com following the guidelines above.
  5. thanks @Wanda Williams. I appreciate your kind words.
  6. Savita, I find this great attempt on your part to help aspiring food bloggers. Keep up the good work!
  7. Hi Suzy, I would love to showcase your recipe here. Glad to see you chimm-in!!
  8. thanks @Ramya. You girls encourage me to move on in my quest. I am hoping to see your guest post submission soon.
  9. Savita, I love your writing skills. crisp and clear. cant wait to share my recipe for featured post.
  10. Loved idea of networking Savita. Count me in!! I will see what can I contribute. thanks once again. ~Suzy
  11. Hello All, Please send emails in plain text. No HTMLs please. thanks.