Easy Cranberry Recipes

Easy Cranberry Recipes

For day two of - 15 days to thanksgiving, sharing these easy cranberry recipes.

Keeping today's post short and simple. Enjoy making some delicious cranberry orange butter or cardamom infused cranberry sauce over the weekend, or my new favorite Couscous Tfaya with cranberry.

Cranberry and Orange butter

For an occasion when you want something different, Cranberry and orange butter is a delicious accompaniment for Thanksgiving Turkey dinner.This super delicious sweet spread also goes great with rolls, bagels, pancakes, waffles, crackers, breads, english muffins, pound cake, gingerbread, apple cake, muffins...

Moroccan Couscous Tfaya with Chickpeas and Cranberries

I am enjoying a bowl of, my version of, delicious couscous tfaya while writing this post. I made couscous with spiced chickpeas, caramelized onions, and cranberries yesterday, this preparation is similar to a famous Moroccan couscous dish called "couscous tfaya". One thing is certain even before I tell you...

Cranberry-Walnuts Coffee Cake

Do you often hunt for moist yet lite sweet coffee cakes at bakery or coffee shop? I do not know about you but I love sipping freshly brewed coffee with soft (especially scant sweet) cakes. Baking is quintessential in my home during holiday season and this time of the year, I love baking moist and lite coff...

Cardamom Infused Chunky Cranberry Sauce

There are hundreds of cranberry sauce recipes online and I added my cranberry orange butter to that list last year. Cranberries guys, we can’t get enough of these bright and beautiful little berries during thanksgiving and when not? We baked’em in muffins, stuffed in pork chops and boiled’em to drinks and...

Cranberries, Asparagus and Pickled Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Inspired from love of vegetables, this Grilled Cheese Sandwich delivers scrumptious vegetarian flavors of crunchy asparagus and earthy mushrooms, a duo of mild Cheddar and fruity MontAmoré cheeses, with chipotle spiced vegetarian sausage, pickled jalapenos and tart cranberries. Earthy, sweet and spicy flav...

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  1. thanks everyone!
  2. Not only for taste, cranberries juice is my favorite for gr8 health benefits. I have never tried cranberry sauce with cardamom infusion before, this is next!!
  3. Savita, your blog has great recipes, thank you for sharing cooking techs and wisdom.
  4. Yumm!!! can't wait to try cranberry and walnut cake. thanks for sharing.
  5. love cranberries!!