Sesame Sriracha Marinated Kale (Egg Nests) Salad

Sesame Sriracha Marinated Kale (Egg Nests) Salad
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

Today, I'm sharing, a healthy, fun, and delicious marinated kale salad! I bet you guessed from picture and name (of course).... From kale ribbons to grapes and peanuts, this salad speaks Easter :) If you are hosting a potluck or informal brunch for Easter, this salad will sure make it's presence felt!

Kale! Marinated?

 Kale, keeps coming and going from my kitchen. When Vishal is done eating Kale for few weeks, I have to stop bringing it for sometime. You know, no matter how healthy it is, packed with calcium, fibers, and vitamins....... it is not always easy to convince guys to eat what is good for them :) Often, in my home, Kale is served cooked, sauteed, pureed, or stewed. From past 1 year, however, I also started to marinate Kale and I have to say, I really loved it and so did Vishal! Amazingly! :)

Vishal and I, both don't like chewing raw kale. But, Dino Kale (not curly one so much) gets just right tender when marinated for sometime. Especially, if cut right, marinated kale can taste really delicious. Bonus!! All nutrients which can be lost due to cooking are also preserved!

Other than taste and nutrients, there is one more benefit of marinating kale instead of cooking... that is: Making Ahead! Marinate Kale at night. It will be perfectly tender and flavorful when you pack it for lunch. Which means: it also travels well! Specially, when compared to greens which will wilt quickly in dressing, marinated kale will still have bite, yet no sign of wilting, even after 6-8 hours.

Marinated Kale and Carrot Nests Salad

Before we proceed, let me sum up merits of marinated Kale:

1. Perfect taste and texture. Not raw or fibrous or hard to chew, but nice and mellow.
2. Perfect to make ahead! Marinate at night. In morning, you are ready to go!
3. Marinated Julienne Kale can be eaten like noodles! What will you call them? Kal-oodles?? lol!!
4. No nutrients is lost... since no cooking needed!
5. Ready in no time! Just Julienne, mix in dressing, top few toppings, pack and go. Kale will become tender and flavorful as you travel.
6. No need to carry separate dressing jars!! How good does that sound?
7. Perfect make-ahead for parties. Mix and refrigerate way ahead of your BBQ party or Easter Party. When guest arrive, just take out of refrigerator and serve!! Not like greens salad which still needs to be dressed ;)
8. Above all: Do I need to say??


Okay, I will say it - KALE is Healthy for you!!!! Drum-rolls!!!


First Inspiration for this salad is no other than my love for Kale. Second, is my love for soy-sesame-marinade! One marinade which can bring pizzazz in chicken satay to Asian chopped salads! When I first marinated Kale in this marinade, things just went from kale-salad to WOW-kale-salad!! :) You know what I mean? For a foodie, a WOW moment is also an Ah-haa moment! and is totally meant to be hung-on to ;)

When I added this salad in my cookbook, I decided to give it a delicious Vegetarian Egg and Nest theme, with ribbon nest of julienne marinated kale, cucumber, and carrots. Topped with edible eggs of all colors - Golden Cheery Tomatoes, peanuts, and grapes! Interesting? Isn't it?? and packed with ton of flavor!

Make this salad once and you will start bringing more kale in groceries! You have me word!

Let's talk diet!

Gluten Free - Yes! My friends, this salad is Gluten Free. But make sure to use Gluten Free Soy Sauce. I have used Tamari. Always read the label of bottled ingredients for making sure it is gluten free.
Vegan - This salad can also be vegan if you use a vegan chili-sauce instead of Sriracha. Since Sriracha has Anchovies, it is not a vegan ingredient.

Also, this salad has good serving of calcium, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and fibre. Even though marinade is soy based, soy as well as oil per serving are very less. 

Serve Suggestions:

1) You can serve this salad party-style with marinated kale, cucumber, and carrots in one bowl. And topping in separate bowls, for everyone to make their own egg-nests.
2) Serve as pre-plated egg nests.
3) If packing to go. Add marinade at bottom of container. Add kale and mix well. Top with carrots and cucumber, then with all fruits and nuts. Since fruits and tomato (eggs) are kept whole, these will not loose water when sitting in marinade. Add peanut just before serving.

Kale Carrots and Cucumber Salad with Veggie Easter Eggs - A fun Easter Salad in juts 20 minutes

PS: Kal-oodles are trending my friends! Make some today!

I hope you having a great day!



Here are, a few more way I love eating Kale!

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Sesame Sriracha Marinated Kale (Egg Nests) Salad

Sesame Sriracha Marinated Kale (Egg Nests) Salad
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Asian () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4-5 Servings - Serves: 4
(2-3 substantial or 4-5 side servings.)


Sesame Soy and Sriracha Marinade/Dressing
Kale Salad
Smart Swap: Add zucchini ribbons to make this salad more substantial!


  • Step for Recipe - Sesame Sriracha Marinated Kale (Egg Nests) Salad 1. Slice kale into thin ribbons. Set aside. To make dressing, in a bowl, add minced garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, sriracha, sesame oil, and black pepper. Whisk well to combine, then taste, adjust salt. Set aside.
  • Step for Recipe - Sesame Sriracha Marinated Kale (Egg Nests) Salad 2. Add sliced kale ribbons into the bowl, gently toss to combine and set aside 15-20 minutes (minimum).
  • Step for Recipe - Sesame Sriracha Marinated Kale (Egg Nests) Salad 3. To assemble salad, slice carrot, cucumber, scallion into thin ribbons, toss everything with marinating kale. Divide among 4 salad plates. Top with cherry tomatoes, grapes, peanuts, raisins, and sesame seeds. Drizzle any remaining marinade on top. Serve and enjoy!!
Savita's Notes:

It is always best to marinate kale for at-least 20-25 minutes. To save time, cut kale and leave to marinate. Then slice rest of ingredients. By the time you finish, kale will be ready to use.

Disclaimer: Recipe as seen in Every Day Salad Cookbook

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  1. Savita, I am running out of words for you :) Love the stuff that you put up. Keep up the good work. Awesome!
    Kimberly, thanks dear! Love to see you stop by and thank you for encouraging words as always!
  2. Ooo I have never tried marinated Kale but what a great idea Savita, I must try these soon!! :)
    I'm sure you will love marinated Kale. since I have tried, I love marinating it instead of cooking, often! and many thanks for the pin girl!
  3. Wow Savita! Marinated kale? What an awesome idea dear! Loved this salad entirely. Vibrant clicks, and purple grapes on top are just KILLER!
    Anu, thanks! :) trust me, marinated kale tastes delicious. Try sometime, I bet you will love it!