Ultimate Romesco Sauce

The most creamy, and nutty ultimate Romesco Sauce recipe. Make a batch today!

Ultimate Romesco Sauce
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Romesco, a roasted red pepper and almonds sauce that has smoky, silky and creamy texture. A drizzle of this sauce tastes everything taste better, specially grilled meats. You will love the flavor. Recipe is dairy free, can be gluten free, and loaded with healthy ingredients.

This recipe is also new addition to our Food Processor series. Homemade, easy, nutty Romseco Sauce can be ready to serve under 20 minutes.

You have seen glimpse of Romesco in my earlier recipes... Honestly, Romesco is such a versatile condiment that it demanded it's own place on blog.  Be it with rice, flafal, grilled meat, Greek kabobs or even tacos (what?).. A drizzle of this garlicky, nutty and savory red pepper sauce makes everything more delicious. Plus the gorgeous red color makes such a nice presentation. 

This recipe is also special because it is more creamier version of my earlier sauce. This version is thickened with toasted sliced almonds and toasted day old bread. Day old bread is really that secret ingredient which takes this Romesco recipe from fab to fabulous... making it ultimate thick and creamy just like you get in restaurants. (not watery at all). 

It is a raw sauce which you can blend in 10 minutes. However, the ingredients used to make this sauce are already pre-cooked. Such as:

1) Roasted Peeled Red Peppers.
2) Toasted Sliced Almonds
3) Toasted Day Old Bread

You can cook these before blending romesco or buy'em pre-cooked. No matter what you decide but always remember, these three ingredients are quintessential to make a good romesco. In addition to these, romesco sauce recipe also needs diced tomatoes, smoked paprika (for signature smokey flavor), oregano, parsley, vinegar, and garlic.

PS: If you looking for gluten-free version. You can skip bread. Or use corn chips for thickener. (not traditional but really works). In-fact, my earlier recipe were without bread and only use almonds for thickening. I often call it my Almond Romesco Sauce. 

Homemade nutty romesco Sauce thickened with Almond and Bread

This is one of such sauces that is often in-demand in my home. You can say, my family always find reason to eat Romesco Sauce. This is why I can it a keeper recipe. 

Making a batch of homemade romesco sauce is very easy. It needs very little prep work for the amount of flavor it yields. I start by toasting the day old bread. It can be done in oven or in a skillet at medium heat. Often, I toast bread and almonds at the same time. This saves time. In-fact, if you have a bag of unseasoned salad croutons? Your prep work can be cut in half. 

A batch of fresh homemade romesco sauce stays good for more than a week. Really, this was the reason I knew I had a keeper sauce recipe. I usually make a batch over the weekend. A portion is guaranteed gone with Sunday super. Remaining, I use whole week. On side with rice, with grilled or baked meats, in sandwiches and even rice bowls.

Easy Mediterranian Romesco Sauce to serve with meats

Don't under estimate this as a condiment. Hands down this sauce has potential to be star of meal, ALONE. Of course, it will not be meal on it's own but can make any meal tastier. That's for sure.

I suggest, make a batch this weekend. I have some delicious recipes coming up to use this sauce.

Wish you a wonderful day ahead.


Ultimate Romesco Sauce

Ultimate Romesco Sauce
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Mediterranean () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 2 Cups - Serves: 4
(Serving Size 1/4 Cup)


Smart Swap: Replace bread with cashew or corn tortilla chips for gluten free sauce.


  • 1. Preheat oven at 350 degree Fahrenheit. Slice **day-old bread into cubes. Spread on baking sheet. Bake in oven until light-brown and toasted dry. (7-8 minutes)
  • 2. In meantime, *heat a dry skillet and toast sliced almonds in skillet until lite brown, about 1-2 minutes.
  • 3. In a food processor, or blender jar, add all ingredients for romesco sauce except oil, and salt. (Add 3 tbsp. of vinegar to start, add remaining after tasting). With motor running, slowly add oil, process until smooth. Make sure bread is full brokwn and part of sauce. Season with salt and black pepper as per taste. Cover and chill until ready to serve. Recipe yields about 2 cups of sauce.
Savita's Notes:

*Use sliced almonds or slivered almonds. To toast, heat a dry skillet and toast almonds in skillet until lite brown, about 1-2 minutes. Remove almonds from pan or these will continue to toast from residual heat.

**About three slices of white bread, cubed. You can also use leftover rustic French bread loaf or un-seasoned croutons.


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