Coconut Lemonade Sorbet

5-ingredient fix to Summer-time Dessert Cravings!

Coconut Lemonade Sorbet
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A creamy 5-Ingredient Coconut Lemonade Sorbet recipe that tastes like summer sunshine! This quick treat is perfect for summer parties and can be made 2-3 weeks ahead!

I love lemonade and lemon based drinks all year long, not just in summers! Even my daily dose of water has a splash of lemon all day! Today, for my love of lemon (and for a beautiful presentation, thank you), I used  "Lemon Cups" to serve this creamy sorbet.

Vegan Dairy Free Gluten Free Coconut Lemonade Sorbet |

I love that Lemon Cups limit the portion size and eliminate the need of finding lots of small dessert bowls to serve a crowd. Plus natural lemon peel cups look so elegant served for a party! Don't you think?

Although Sorbet needs time to chill and freeze, the actual prep and cook time takes 10 minutes. I don't own a Ice Cream Maker, so all my frozen concoctions come together with two-times churning the semi-solid ice cream/sorbet using hand blender or my Vitamix. And they are still very creamy as if made in a professional grade Ice Cream Maker!

Secret, is in the simple technique.....

Creamy Yet Vegan Coconut Lemonade Sorbet without Ice Cream Machine |

It is very simple. Prepare the ingredients listed in recipe below and move straight to freezer in a freezer safe container. Then, after 30-40 minutes (depending upon freezing powder of refrigerator) when liquid is semi-solid, take out and churn it using hand blender until smooth. This process breaks the ice crystals, there by giving sorbet a signature creamy texture. Repeat once again after another 30 minutes and then pour in lemon cups (if using) to freeze fully!


Creamy Sorbet is ready to 'Rock the Party' with No Ice Cream Machine Needed  and just 5 Ingredients. Okay, okay.....  if you think salt and garnish will count, then 7.

5-Ingredient Refreshing Coconut Lemonade Sorbet |

The secret ingredient in this easy Coconut Lemonade Sorbet recipe is super-food Coconut! Coconut also contributes towards the creamy texture yet keeps it Vegan.

Creamy sorbet with big punch of lemony sweet lemonade and delicious tropical coconut taste, zippy chilled sorbet will bring a big smile on your face, making this recipe a perfect treat for summer. Kinda like eating frozen lemonade on a hot summer day! 

Creamy Vegan Coconut Lemonade Sorbet for Healthy Summer Dessert |

Coconut Lemonade Sorbet is also great to pack for potluck. Once lemons are frozen fully, I stack them in a container with lid. Place a poly-bag filled with ice or few freezer packs in the bottom of an insulated bag, then put sorbet container on top. Works very well for short-distance travel.

Creamy Vegan Coconut Lemonade Sorbet for Healthy Summer Dessert |

PS: Have you ever tried Coconut Lemonade before? Trust me, friends!! It tastes amazingly refreshing! So, if, just in-case...... you don't want to make sorbet, strain the mixture after Step-3 and chill. Then dilute with some water or sparkling water and serve refreshing twist on classic lemonade - Coconut Lemonade


Refreshing Summer Drinks for your Next Party!

Strawberry Basil Lemonade Refreshing Summer Peach Ice Tea Sparkling Hibiscus Lemonade

Coconut Lemonade Sorbet

Coconut Lemonade Sorbet
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: French () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 10 Lemon Cups - Serves: 10
(No. of servings depends on serving size!)


Smart Swap: To cut on sugar, use naturally sweet orange or pineapple juice.


  • Step for Recipe - Coconut Lemonade Sorbet 1. Juice the lemons and reserve peels if planning to use for serving.
    Step for Recipe - Coconut Lemonade Sorbet 2. In a heavy bottom sauce pan, add lemon juice and sugar with pinch of salt. Bring to boil and simmer just until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat.
  • Step for Recipe - Coconut Lemonade Sorbet 3. Add coconut milk and coconut cream and whisk to combine. Pour in freezer safe container and freeze until semi-solid (30-40 minutes) I also freeze the lemon cups so they are easy to clean and stay in-shape when I use for filling sorbet. Additional Notes: PS: If you have Ice Cream maker, just pour mix in ice cream maker and churn as per manufacture instructions to make sorbet.
    Step for Recipe - Coconut Lemonade Sorbet 4. Churn using hand blender to break ice crystal and return to freezer for another 30 minutes.
  • Step for Recipe - Coconut Lemonade Sorbet 5. Repeat Step 4 one more time if ice crystals are not creamy. Sorbet consistency should be as shown in picture. (I blended this batch 2 times.)
    Step for Recipe - Coconut Lemonade Sorbet 6. Fill the sorbet in cups and freeze until fully frozen of ready to use.
  • Step for Recipe - Coconut Lemonade Sorbet 7. Serve garnished with mint! Enjoy!
Savita's Notes:

Calories per Lemon Cup: 74


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26 Responses

  1. These sorbets are so pretty! I love the coconut and lemon combo and serving them in lemons is so creative!
    Kelly, thanks my friend.
  2. Appealing presentation. ...sorbet with coconut milk lends an ice cream touch to it .
    Thanks, Nusrath. indeed, coconut gives this sorbet creamy texture and delicious flavor! :)
  3. Very refreshing sorbet...Loved the tiny cups..Great idea!!,,Very well presented Savita!!
    thanks, Padma! Lemon cups are indeed my favorite too!
  4. So refreshing! I love how you styled the sorbet inside lemons! So beautiful!
    Thanks, Olivia! it was indeed very refreshing!
  5. My husband loves lemon ice...I know he would love these! So refreshing!
    Thanks, Annie! I hope you love these if you try them!
  6. These look so refreshing. I reckon a little bit of rum would be good in this too ;)
    oh yeah! Dannii, a little bit rum wouldn't hurt at all!
  7. This sorbet looks delicious, Savita! I love that you served it in lemons.So creative and so pretty!
    Gayle, thanks for kind words. loving'em!
  8. Definitely a party rocker! Such awesome presentation! Pinned it :)
    Gauri, I agree, especially for parties, these lemons-cup work perfect! at home, I wouldn't mind eating sorbet from tub straight ;)
  9. Beautiful looking tiny cups! Everything looks so amazing here! Perfectly crafted and beautifully presented! And so damn refreshing too! I do make orange yogurt cups for dessert sometimes, but never really tried lemon cups! Making these sorbet cups very soon! :)
    Thanks, Anu! I hope you like'em when you make some.
  10. Just like raindrops splashing the much required refreshing touch from the rude summer heat, these sunshine cups filled with velvety flavour burst sorbet is just that splash of vigor for an instant pep up.It's heartening that even without the entailed ice-cream maker these cups of pearls is possible.
    thanks, Piyali! You delightful words make my recipe worth the effort! thanks dear!
  11. I love sorbet and this recipe looks simple and delicious and delicious.. I am definatley going to try this out. beautiful presentation as always dear!
    Kushi, thanks! I'm sure you gonna love the taste!
  12. Wonderful presentation Savita, love the little cups (but you said thank you already ;) haha) no seriously they look awesome! So refreshing and perfect for summer!
    :) I knew you gonna like so sent my thanks in advance :) thanks my friend! I'm waiting to make some MORE soon!
  13. These are so adorable! And they looks so refreshing and bright. SO perfect for spring and summer!
    Annie, thanks! It sure is a refreshing summer treat!