Pasta Dinner Monday

Pasta Dinner Monday
Monday are meant to be meatless and pasta monday is always most welcome at my home. Ready in no time, my pasta in vodka cream sauce with lite and refreshing melon-walnut salad can make meatless Monday dinner so special that you might repeat it on Tuesday also ;)

Pasta in Vodka Cream Sauce

Try step by step recipe for Pasta in Vodka Cream Sauce. Prepared with tomato, cream and vodka, this is an easy yet very delicious Pasta Sauce recipe. You can also make sauce ahead of time and refrigerate it for later use, add chicken or veggies for restaurant-style Pasta Dinner at home. Only 20 minutes Coo...

Melon Walnut Salad with Lite Lemon Dressing

Lets us start Monday with some fresh and lite salad. This simple 5 ingredient salad has juicy melon, healthy greens, and crunch of heart-healthy walnuts.This is my first salad towards- Only Salad for Lunch Week aka Green Week. I thought with starting with something easy, fresh and refreshing so that we ca...

Peach and Yogurt Lollies

Peach and Yogurt Lollies are the perfect lite way to finish a heavy meal. I specially recommend it for everyone looking for low calorie or sugar-free desserts. Slight tang from yogurt and perfect summer sweet peachy taste with slight nodes of honey is too good to resist. I love eating yogurt lollies after...

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