Peach and Yogurt Lollies

Perfect Summer Dessert

Peach and Yogurt Lollies
Peach and Yogurt Lollies are the perfect lite way to finish a heavy meal. I specially recommend it for everyone looking for low calorie or sugar-free desserts. Slight tang from yogurt and perfect summer sweet peachy taste with slight nodes of honey is too good to resist. I love eating yogurt lollies after spicy meal for cooling effect and so so less calories. If you want to avoid sugar completely, don't add honey and peach lollies will still taste very delicious. My secret weapon here is pinch of salt that really enhances the sugar and tang of this lite ice lollies. 

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Peach and Yogurt Lollies

Peach and Yogurt Lollies
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: European () Difficulty: Easy
Serves: 6



  • Step for Recipe - Peach and Yogurt Lollies 1. If using fresh peaches, use a hand blender to blend peach pulp with yogurt, honey and salt or if using peach nectar, then just whisk in yogurt till peach and yogurt are fully mixed. Add honey and salt and mix well. Fill the mixture into 1/4 cup molds and freeze till just set. Now insert the sticks and freeze till completely frozen. Peach lollies are ready, enjoy these yummy healthy treats anytime of the day without thinking about calories.
Savita's Notes:
If you are using peach nectar instead of fresh peach, you can skip the honey I have listed in ingredients because store bought peach nectar will have enough sweetness to cut tang of yogurt.

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  1. Each and Yogurt sounds delish & So yummy.
  2. oh my, your site photos are so gorgeous...
  3. Hi @aHousewifecom, thanks for nominating me and liking my website. I love your blog too.
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  5. @Sandra, this is all-time favorite dessert in my family, my husband loves sugar and I trick him with these sugar-free options :)
  6. I am always in for sugar-free desserts. Good One... and this has fruit too :)