The Best Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Dinner Breads and Rolls

The Best Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Dinner Breads and Rolls

Set your oven to work today!!

This is day 9 of '15 days to Thanksgiving', and I am so excited for approaching weekend!!!

It is just few more days to big turkey day and I am sure you all have N things to plan and execute on time... I have decided to take one thing out of your Task List i.e. finding the best Bread or Rolls for Grand Thanksgiving Dinner!

Most of these breads can be either made overnight or you can make-ahead and freeze, to keep life a little easier for big turkey day!

If you don't want to serve frozen and neither want to work on Thanksgiving day, then serve Focaccia for Turkey dinner. My Make-Ahead Party-Friendly Focaccia can be all prepped a night before, just bake 30 minutes before serving dinner.

Other than Focaccia, all of breads listed below, you can make-ahead and then freeze. Reheat just before serving.

In short, you can :

Make-Ahead: Make dough, stuff or roll per instructions, then freeze this weekend. Just thaw and bake before Thanksgiving Dinner.

Bake-Ahead: Bake bread per recipe, then freeze this weekend. Just re-heat before Thanksgiving Dinner.

Prep a-day-Ahead: Make dough, stuff or roll per instructions, then keep refrigerated overnight to retard the yeast action. Just bake before Thanksgiving Dinner.

How exciting does this sound??

Finish one task from you Thanksgiving Check List today!! Just let your oven work and enjoy fresh homemade bread for Thanksgiving Dinner!!

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Three Swirls Breakfast Bread Rolls with Basil Pesto and Sun-dried Tomato

Mere looking at this bread makes me hungry!! Who will say no to these warm, fragrant and nutty, three-swirl breakfast bread rolls? At-least I cannot!! I am a big basil pesto fan. Pesto and tomato panini in starbucks always hits my week (craving star) mind and I cannot say no to it. With this bread, I wante...

Onion and Cherry Tomato Focaccia

Nothing can match taste and satisfactions of home-made bread. If that bread is Focaccia topped with almost roasted cherry tomatoes and almost caramelized thin red onion slices with concentrated sweet flavor, its unbeatable good. Sharing with an easy yet very elegant Italian bread. I love snacking on Focacc...

Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

Baking bread at home is a delicious and most satisfying project for a home cook. for me at-least!! I loooveee my kitchen filled with aroma of fresh baked bread. Especially, if I am baking a batch just before the dinner time, that is MOST satisfying!Even though I consider myself a comfortable bread-baker no...

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I am so fond of fresh breads/rolls, just-out-of-the-oven kinda-fresh! Growing up, our meal always included bread of some kind - flat bread, fried bread, yeast bread, or egg bread, one of these were always there to dunk-in curry/stews... by-virtue of those delicious family-meals, my bread adventures are pre...

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I love Hawaiian Rolls!! I am sure you do too!! Whenever we bought Hawaiian Rolls home, only one brand shines in store i.e. King's Hawaiian Sweet Roll. In-fact, I don't know if any other brand is available. I love their rolls, Perfectly moist, sweet, and certainly commercialized.Since loongggg... I wanted t...

Sweet Chocolate Bread

This chocolate bread surprised many people in my family and friends. First look and my husband said, is this chocolate sponge cake? He is one super cakeoholic I ever met (Is cakeoholic an actual word or I just invented it? but you get it, right?). My friend thought it is chocolate panettone and it does loo...

Lime Scented Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls

On my way to school, day always started with fragrance of freshly baked bread (baked every morning in small town bakery). My mom always packed us breakfast and lunch for school, everything homemade, no store or bakery breads or jam or jellies, only homemade rice or homemade stuffed or plain pan breads. Ho...

Sun-Dried Tomato and Walnut Garland Bread

Very festive and homey, gutsy and intense flavored, this beautiful bread is a must bake for family and friends during holidays. Today, I am sharing Sun-Dried Tomato and Walnut Garland Bread. This beautiful looking bread gets its name from garland like shape. Garland Bread is perfect family style bread, tea...

Basic Rosemary Focaccia Bread

I love Italian style breads, warm freshly baked, dusted with pink salt flakes, dipped in olive oil, herbs, and balsamic dipping sauce... Yum! Isn't it? (and I am enjoying a slice right now while posting this recipe). I have to admit that making bread at home is very satisfying experience and I often try va...

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