Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

Baking bread at home is a delicious and most satisfying project for a home cook. for me at-least!! I loooveee my kitchen filled with aroma of fresh baked bread. Especially, if I am baking a batch just before the dinner time, that is MOST satisfying!

Even though I consider myself a comfortable bread-baker now, I am still excited like a novice baker for every successful and delicious bread coming out of my oven! 

Warm curry or pasta or stew and fresh, fragrant and fluffy dinner rolls to dunk in it!! Ahh-ha!! I still not sure, how do I express it in words here!?!?

A secret, don't tell anyone.. A layer of soft butter makes these warm roll to die-for! my favorite indeed.

Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

As someone said in this Ciabatta Roll Recipe, bread baking is all about precision :) Right temperature while fermenting bread dough, right consistency of ingredients and right baking  temperature, once you have a sense of these three, your homemade bread recipes will never go wrong!

I am very thrifty when it comes to testing a bread recipe. Often, I half the ingredients and keep trying until I have a good sense of ingredients, shape, taste and method. Once I have tested and perfected a bread, then I ALWAYS make a bigger batch to enjoy bread more than once.

Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

My rule-of-thumb! One batch to oven and one to freezer!!

Freezer is one great blessing of modern life. I do groceries every other weekend and freezer helps me save a lot of produce from going waste. Many things are half-prepped and then frozen. 

AND these bread doughs!!, these stay great in freezer. It is like, freezer-has-paused-half-way-work, resume when you wanna feed fresh to your family!

If I am planning to make some different shape/change toppings/ingredients of same bread dough then I freeze the dough before it goes to first fermentation cycle, right after mixing and kneading. Like I did for this dinner roll's dough. Full recipe yields 32 dinner rolls. I froze half of DOUGH to make parmesan dinner rolls later.

Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

Or I freeze the fresh baked bread rolls. Just take out of oven, reheat and they will be as-fresh-as-just-baked!

Pull Apart breads always fascinate me the most. I love the idea of eating family-style, breaking bread and enjoying dinner-table conversations and great times... My Nutella and Blueberry Breakfast Brioche Bread and Sun-Dried Tomato and Walnut Garland Bread pull apart breads are most in-demand when family and friends are visiting. 

Even though there are lot of variety of pull-apart dinner rolls in bakeries/stores, these fluffy buttermilk dinner rolls will sure convert you to make'em fresh at home. I bet you will be making'em a lot of times! 

Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

These are few of my favorite curry/stews to enjoy with warm dinner rolls.

Indian Paneer Pindi Chana (Chole) Masala Crockpot Minestrone Soup with Pasta Chickpeas and Spinach Soup

Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 32 Dinner Rolls - Serves: 8


Smart Swap: You can also use part all-purpose and part oats flour for this recipe.


  • 1. Activate Yeast - Mix 1/3 cup warm water with 1 tsp sugar and yeast. Set aside for 10 minutes to activate the yeast.
  • Step for Recipe - Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls 2. In a mixing bowl, add activated yeast mixture and all of the above ingredients, but only 1.5 cups out of 4 cups of all purpose flour listed in the ingredients.
  • Step for Recipe - Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls 3. Mix at low speed to combine all ingredients.
    Step for Recipe - Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls 4. Then add 1/2 cup flour at a time until dough comes together and leaves the side of pan. At this stage, knead for another 4 minutes. Dough will be slightly loose but don't worry we want it that way. Oil a clean bowl and transfer the dough. Additional Notes: This is half of the dough, I have frozen the other half at this stage.
  • Step for Recipe - Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls 5. Cover with oiled plastic wrap and dry kitchen towel. Let rise at room temperature for 1.5 to 2 hrs or until it doubles in size. Additional Notes: I often preheat oven at 200 F for 5 minutes and then switch off. Once the dough has been kneaded, I cover it and keep in switched-off oven to rise.
    Step for Recipe - Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls 6. Grease two cake pans with oil. Transfer the dough to work board dusted with flour. Divide the dough into two parts. roll each part to make a long cylindrical rope. Using dough cutter or dough scrapper divide into small 1-2" pieces.
  • Step for Recipe - Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls 7. Roll each pieces to form a ball and place in greases cake pan. Just slightly toughing each other.
    Step for Recipe - Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls 8. Pre heat oven at 375 F. Cover the cake pans with dry kitchen towel and let rise at room temperature until rolls rise to cover empty space in cake pan (almost double the size)
  • Step for Recipe - Fluffy Pull-Apart Buttermilk Dinner Rolls 9. Bake for 20-24 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool slightly in cake pan, then transfer to wire rack to cool completely.
Savita's Notes:
Extra Dinner Rolls can be easily frozen. To thaw, I usually microwave on warm-1-pizza-slice setting or leave at room temperature until soft, then toast in preheated oven at 375 F for 10 minutes.

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  2. These are fantastic. I looked at dozens of buttermilk yeast roll recipes today and decided to try yours (1/2 recipe) and see how they came out. So delicious that I am going to make a full batch now because we've already eaten all of the 1/2 batch from earlier!! Thank you for this recipe
    Nica, I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the first batch. Happy baking!