Food Blogging | DIY Food Photography Boards

Food Blogging | DIY Food Photography Boards
I promised to share a complete post on Food Photography Boards Designs. Today, I searched pictures from my old archive to share this easy and cost-effective way to build Photography Boards at home.

I clearly remember, when few years ago, Vishal insisted me to get my camera and take pictures of him designing these boards for me. I told him many times, I'm never gonna use these pictures! Let's pass. Since he kept insisting, I grabbed my camera and took some random clicks. I give it to him big-time for his farsightedness..... when I shared last post of Food Styling Props, I really felt the need of DIY Food Boards post and immediately remembered those pictures! 

Yesterday, I scanned through a big pile of old pictures to find these for this post. Yes, yes..... I never cared to name these pictures earlier (lazy me ;))...... so, search was bit laborious and there was that big moment of "hurrah" when I finally found them! phew! or I would have simply skipped this post. 

I'm sharing two simple DIY photography boards here. Initially, I wanted to share three designs...... two of the shown boards I still have and one we lost during a recent apartment shift. So, I have cut my post to two designs. I'm sure this post will give you enough idea to make many more designs at home.

So, let's get started. Some basic tips and then generic photo tutorial.

Food boards are assets for delicious food photography. One tone or neutral colored boards can help you create a realistic picture scene. The most common colors of boards are:

1. White
2. Brown or Natural Wood Color
3. Black
4. Colored - for some special pictures.

The designs I'm sharing today are for colored boards. Once you have basic idea to build board at home. You can use any color you prefer.

Let's get started!

Things You Need:

1. Colors - Blueberry, True Turquoise, Baby Pink, Bright Raspberry
2. Danish Wood Oil
3. Good Quality Wood Glue
4. Paint Kit - I often use small paint brushes and disposable plastic plates for paint.
5. Hobby Board Wooden Planks - I have used 0.25 X 3.5 X 2 FT dimensions
6. Sanding Paper

(You can buy these supplies from any Hardware Store or online.)

Colors and Things Needed for DIY Food Board |

A) Two-Tone Double-Sided Board:

1. Sand the wooden planks using sanding papers for smooth the roughness (if any). Coat the wood planks with single coat of Wood Oil and leave to dry for 1 hour or as per instructions on the Oil Can. It should be dry to touch. Number of planks vary based on width of board desired. I have used 8 planks on each side. 16 of total planks.

DIY Food Photography Board |

2. Pour your favorite color in Paint Trays or in plastic plates. (in my case, turquoise and blueberry)

3. Two tones need two coat of paint: For side (A), on first eight of 16 oiled planks; 

a) Coat a single layer of turquoise (lite color) on wood planks. Use a rather dry stoke than a full-wet coat to create a rustic and worn-out paint look, leaving wood peeking through the paint at certain places. Let it dry fully.
b) Then, following similar pattern apply a coat of blueberry paint (darker color).

DIY Food Photography Board Painted |

4. Leave colored planks aside to dry while your work on other side of the board.

For side (B), on remaining 8 oiled wood planks, first coat bright raspberry, then lite baby pink. Let them completely dry. (2-3 hrs)

DIY Food Photography Board Painted |

5. Arrange the dried pink planks (side b) up-side down. Put a generous amount of wood glue on top. Place blue planks (side a) on top making a cross-hatch for better grip and cohesion. Take your time. Try to be precise arranging planks in straight line.

DIY Food Photography Board Double-Sided |

6. Place some weight on board and leave to dry until fully bonded. While waiting for boards to dry, I  used leftover paint for coloring some old wooden coasters. :) Just for fun!

DIY Painted Coasters for Food Photography |

You are ready and one step closer to click some delicious looking pictures!!

Hibiscus Lemonade Pictures Showcasing Blue Board |

Above Picture showcase - blue-side of this double-sided board and of course my colored coasters.

B) Leftover Paint Ad-hoc Board:

This one is simple board for which I have used a single-sheet hobby board 4 feet long X 2 feet wide. Painted with leftover colors, and then used strokes of paint to make pattern-board.

DIY Food Photography Boards |

DIY Food Photography Boards |

DIY Food Photography Boards |

A pretty simple design yet this one can really add a lot grace to your pictures.

Gulab Jamun Shocasing Food Board B |

Above Picture showcase - Ad-hoc multi-colored board which we just designed in above steps.


1. Painting a two-sided board helps in easy storage because it is simply two-boards-in-one!
2. Once you have clicked enough pictures on one kind of board. Consider re-painting your less-favorite side with a new color for a fresh set of pictures.
3. For more worn-out look, control-burn part of wood with blow-torch before applying the oil. This will give very authentic rustic look to your photography backgrounds.
4. Last but not the least, DIY boards are easy on pocket too! So, don't break the bank and get ready to impress masses with your creative photography.

I hope this post will help you design some awesome boards at home and help reach one step closer to your goal of Mouthwatering Food Photography.

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Have a great day!


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  1. This is awesome, I will be pinning ASAP and using later :)
    Adam, have fun making boards! They are an asset for food photography.
  2. What a coincidence Savita...I bought all the required stuff almost 2 months back and they r lying in the garage...painted a few and left them half way through:)...Never managed to finish because of lack of time:)...Now I can also refer to your post:)...Thanks for sharing dear:)
  3. This is amazing! I wish I were crafty like you and I wouldn't have spent almost $200 on my wood board... (that still didn't arrive.. ugh!)
    Olivia, thanks! I seriously never thought we can buy these boards. Always made them at home! I'm not crafty, trust me! It's all my husband's greatness shown above! :)
  4. Hi Savita , First time in your space... Just added you to my google circle too... That's a lovely share.. I love painting my boards..all the time... Guess its tutorial time in air. I have posted on shooting on white background only yesterday...
    Sandhya, thanks for follow on G+ and I'm glad you like this post. I really didn't know, it is tutorial-time everywhere :) I just love sharing what I learn and use for blogging! Thanks for stopping by. Happy connecting with you.
  5. A real wonderful share for every food photographer to know....
    Alka, I'm glad you like it!
  6. Awesome share Savita. the idea of double sided board. ...thank you dear
    Thanks, Nusrath. Happy to see you found it useful.
  7. Savita, this is fantastic! Thank you so much for your DIY tips! Pinned this to make mine and then I'm going to go check out your other blogging and photography posts!
    Rachelle, thanks! I'm happy my DIY tips were useful for you. and many thanks for the pin my friend.
  8. Wow this is very useful thanks for the tutorial Savita
    :) Glad you found it useful my friend.
  9. This is an awesome share Savita! I have been thinking to make my own boards and your post will definitely help me! Thanks a lot dear!
    Anytime! DIY boards are very helpful in food photography! I'm glad this post will be useful for you my friend! thanks for stopping by!
  10. What a fantastic post dear Savita. Knowing very well I need a board but not knowing what might be the most economical way to get it I have been wondering all these days. Thank you for this awesome share. Two-sided board is such a brilliant idea.
    Anupama, thanks dear. Glad you like this post. Took me sometime to put together, but it's rewarding to see every one will benefit from it :)
  11. Fabulous post Savita. Love the look of the board.
    Kimberly, thanks dear :) Happy to share it.
  12. Awesome share, Savita! Loved the idea of two sided board! Thank you for sharing valuable info. Indeed helpeful! :)
    Anu, I love this double-sided board too. Very useful! Now it's old, I'm planning to change one of the color :) Happy to see you found it useful. thanks for leaving feedback!