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Light and healthy dip

Yogurt Fennel Dip
Fennel Seeds are very commonly used in Indian Cuisine. We add it to Chai Masala to make spiced tea, add powder seeds to curries to enhance flavor and even dry roast fennel seeds to chew after heavy meals because fennel is excellent mouth freshener and helps in digestion too. I personally love its liquorish taste and floral fragrance. Since fennel seeds are so commonly used at my home, few days’ back I bought fennel root with leaves for salads. Though we had fennel bulb in salad, for my love of fennel fragrance, I decided to utilize fennel leaves in quick yogurt dip. I prepared a bowl of fennel raita or Fennel Dip with yogurt for grilled chicken dinner yesterday night. We finished whole bowl with fresh veggies like carrots, celery, broccoli. I think it is perfect vegetarian substitute to mayo based dips and is healthy for kids and an excellent healthy crowd pleaser.
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Yogurt Fennel Dip

Yogurt Fennel Dip
Total Time Prep Time Cook Time Cuisine Indian Category Serves 2


  • 1 & 1/2 Cup Yogurt
  • 4 tbsp Fennel (Leaves)
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1/4 tsp Red Pepper Powder (Optional or use fresh crushed black pepper)


  • Step for Recipe - Yogurt Fennel Dip
    1. In a blender or chopper, add Yogurt, pepper, fennel leaves, sugar and blend well till yogurt is smooth and has no lumps.
    Additional Notes
    If using Greek or thick yogurt, then add 2-4 tbsp. of water before blending.
  • Step for Recipe - Yogurt Fennel Dip
    2. Just before serving mix in salt, pour in nice bowls and garnish with few dill leaves.

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3 comment(s)

  1. Its yummy
  2. @Satinder , I also enjoy this dip often as raita. Infact, one more variation is to make sweet and sour Raita. Add raisins and fennel bulb and leaves chopped. Best with Samosas or Aloo Paranthas. I am sure you will like this variation too.
  3. Chefdehome, i tried your fennel dip with steamed rice yesterday, excellent change from regular raita that we make at home. I added some diced red onion for crunch.....