Scary Pretzels

Halloween Candy Snacks on Stick

Scary Pretzels
Salty Pretzels sticks with sweet candy - not only these taste delicious but also look creep and scary in a fun way. With candy melts and variety of molds available in Halloween and crafts store, these easy fun ideas Halloween snacks are so easy to put together and you can cater a large group of kids in no time. If you have time, decorate these mummy mold pretzel candies with food color to highlight their face with red and black colors to make them more scary looking and fun to eat. I have only used green and orange color candy melts for this recipe, feel free to go for more variety of colors like black, red etc. Make this to-go snack on sticks and have fun this Halloween.

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Scary Pretzels

Scary Pretzels
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American ()
Serves: 20



  • Step for Recipe - Scary Pretzels 1. Melt candy in microwave for 30 seconds at a time till its melted and easy to mold. If using ziploc bag, never melt more then 30 seconds at a time to avoid melting the bag. Handle with care as bag will be hot to touch.
  • Step for Recipe - Scary Pretzels 2. Fill mold cavity with candy melts, place pretzels in molds and cover with candy melt to cover the pretzel.
  • Step for Recipe - Scary Pretzels 3. Let candy melt chill to set completely. (about 1 hour). Remove from molds and wrap 3-4 multi-colored sticks with plastic wrap and tie with creepy colored ribbons. Let the kids grab and eat one pack each.

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  1. Good idea, thanks for sharing. I just ogled it.
  2. Scary!!!! I am scared :)