Mangolicious Mango-Pear Smoothie

Mangolicious Mango-Pear Smoothie
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

Today, I am sharing you a silky smooth fruit smoothie. We talked last time too that we wanna have a bouquet of colors in our smoothie nutrition, not same old every day. This fruit smoothie has sweet mangoes, sweet ripe pears and bananas.

Today is smoothie recipe promise day. I figured, I am able to share smoothie recipe every Thursday. Kinda forming a pattern. So expect a new smoothie recipe to try at least once every week, will try to stick to Thursday but cannot promise that.

Calcium and Vitamins rich, Mango and Pear Smoothie!

You can use Bosc or Bartlett pears for this smoothie. I often buy pear little firm so that they last longer. So, in my home, this smoothie is generally made towards end of the week when pears are ripe and little soft. If you buy already ripe pears, keep'em refrigerated to slow down ripening until ready to use. This smoothie is on sweeter side, you can also freeze it to enjoy sweet, low-calorie, frozen sorbet for dessert. Sounds great!!

So enjoy a glass of health and don't forget to come back for another recipe next week. Enjoy!!

Mangolicious Mango-Pear Smoothie

Mangolicious Mango-Pear Smoothie
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 3 cups - Serves: 2
(makes 2, 1 & 1/2 cup servings)



  • Step for Recipe - Mangolicious Mango-Pear Smoothie 1. Blend Smoothie Add water to blender jar followed by banana (if using), then top it with de-seeded pear, plus peeled, and diced mango slices. Add 1/4 cup ice cubes (optional). Blend at slow speed till all ingredients are crushed then increase speed to make a smooth emulsion.
  • 2. Garnish and Serve When smoothie is smooth per your liking, pour in glasses, garnish with few mango pieces and serve immediately.
Savita's Notes:

This smoothie can be banana free!! If you use ripe pear, add 2 instead of 1 pear and skip banana.


Add 1 tbsp chia seeds for dose of good fats.

Replace water with almond milk or low fat butter milk for some more creaminess and calcium rich smoothie.


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  1. This is delicious, and quite simple! Thank you very much! Love a good vegan-friendly recipe, much appreciated.