How to make Poori

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Poori, puffed fried Indian bread needs only 2 ingredients - wheat flour and oil and no leavening agents. It is one of the most common bread served on special occasions with all sorts of curries. 

Poori is also popular street food. In India, early morning, you can spot street-vendors selling fresh prepared poori and spicy chickpea curry.. famous as Chole Poori.

Nothing can beat comfort of a well prepared puffed poori with a spicy Indian curry. So today I thought to share this easy recipe for you all.

Poori fried in oil | chefdehome.com

Poori is very easy to prepare but to make poori puff perfectly when frying.. it is important to take care of thickness while rolling. If poori is rolled too thin.. it will not puff when fried. Also if dough is very loose, it will not fry as well.

Homemade Indian deep fried bread - poori | chefdehome.com

Follow the complete recipe with steps in instructions to make poori just like served in Indian homes.

Happy Cooking!

Pairing Ideas:

Masala Aloo Matar Paneer Punjabi Chana Masala


Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Indian () Difficulty: Intermediate
Yields: 12 Poories - Serves: 6
(Serving Size: 2)



  • Step for Recipe - Poori 1. Knead dough after mixing Wheat flour and water. Dough should be firm yet easy to handle. Additional Notes: Dust working surface with wheat flour to avoid sticking of dough to roller stick or your hands.
    Step for Recipe - Poori 2. Make round balls of dough (of size that easily fit in your palm). Using roller stick, roll each ball into a round flat circle. You can also use Flat Bread Press or Roti Press to flatten dough balls. Or try rolling big wide flat roti and then cut round circles using a medium size salad bowl (just the way we use cookie/biscuit cutter)
  • Step for Recipe - Poori 3. Heat oil in a deep pan (or wok) and fry Poori one at a time (turing upside down when Poori starts floating on oil surface)
    Step for Recipe - Poori 4. Remove in paper lined plate to drain excess oil. Serve while hot with curry of your choice. enjoy!

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  1. I love poori. But since it is deep fried we try to avoid making it too often. Can you tell me how to make spinach dough for green poori. Thanks