Mango and Kiwi Fresh Rolls

Mango and Kiwi Fresh Rolls
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Edible Rice Paper is great invention of food industry. A perfect way to eat fresh vegetables wrapped in a clean tasting wrapper which is not fried or baked. I love fresh rolls since I tasted it first-time, accidentally on a previous Vegas trip. I loved is first time and love it every-time I make it. Every bite of fresh and raw veggies filled fresh roll reminds me that I am eating fresh, clean, and healthy. 

Mango and Kiwi Fresh Roll Recipe

I promised to share some Vegas food with you all. Here is the first one, fresh rolls!! No-no don't roll your eyes, it is really such a common dish in Vegas that you will find it in every Asian Restaurant menu. 

Today, I filled fresh rolls with my summer favorite fruit - ripe mangoes and for a change, I have kept'em open ended. Many Thai restaurants sell fresh rolls with both end open and cut in middle. Easy to eat and looks great too.

When I made rolls first time at home, I wasted a lot of rice paper. Either wet rice paper torn apart or rolls just stick to each other. As I made'em often, I figured out a few tricks to avoid wastage:

Mango and Kiwi Fresh Roll Recipe

1. Always wet paper in mild lukewarm water and just ONCE, even if you are tempted to repeat since paper s still looking stiff. Don't!! Just once and then place paper on work board.

2. Keep the serving platter ready with three-four drops water and three-four drops oil massaged on the surface. This helps prevent sticking rolls to the plate. Roll the fresh roll once  on plate before placing, that will prevent sticking roll to other roll.

Follow these two instructions and you will never have sticky or tearing-apart fresh rolls.

And filling can be anything or everything that you can eat at room temperature or cold.  Yes!!! trust me! Shrimp or smoked salmon or avocado or mango or cucumber, all works great in fresh rolls.

Mango Fresh Roll Recipe

Mango and Kiwi Fresh Rolls

Mango and Kiwi Fresh Rolls
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Asian () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 10 Half Rolls - Serves: 2


Smart Swap: If you can't find rice paper, you can also use lettuce/cabbage leaf for this wrap.


  • 1. Slice - Slice all the vegetables.
  • 2. Arrange - Luke warm 2 cups water in microwave (for about 30 seconds). Pour the warm water in a deep wide dish like deep plate or wide saute pan. Insert one rice paper into the water and rotate it once in water till all paper is soaked just once in water. Remove and lay it on a cutting board. Place two basil leaves at the bottom. put two pieces of mango, kiwi, cucumber on the top lengthwise.
  • 3. Roll - Lift rice paper from one end and gently roll it around veggies. Towards the end, fold both (or one end like I did for these rolls) open ends inside and roll over the rest of paper.
  • 4. Repeat with all rice paper rolls and keep placing them on a plate rubbed with 2 drops of oil and two drops of water - this little trick prevents gluing of sticky rice papers on the plate.
  • 5. Serve - Slice in half or leave whole with one open end. Serve with peanut sauce of our choice and enjoy!!

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  1. Fresh rolls look indeed fresh and YUM!
  2. Love mangoes and love fresh rolls! I will be trying this combination soon!!
  3. Awesome!!!