Mango Strawberry Banana - Milk Shake Party

Mango Strawberry Banana - Milk Shake Party
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Favorite of kids and adults alike, this milk shake party is perfect way to bring smile at everyone's face. Specially during summer-time sleep-over, this trio of fruits shakes will make every kid feel-at-home!

Spring-Summer season is all about juicy and vibrant fruits! It's season of mangoes, finally! and Strawberries too!!!! and evergreen Banana is favorite of everyone, all year round! Isn't it?

In my home, Vishal is CRAZY for mangoes.... especially Indian mangoes! Every season, he will make sure to stop and ask every Indian Shop for Exported Indian Kesar Mangoes. During off-season, even if I keep saying "no", he will bring Kesar Mango Puree from Indian Stores and then I get a "chopped challenge". haha :)

"Present, Mango 3-Ways! Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert too" ;)

My list of Mango Recipes says ALL about my husband's love for mangoes :)

Almond Milk Shake - 3 Ways - Mango Strawberry Banana -

Just so you know, mango is national fruit of India and NO Indian, I mean.... NOT EVEN a SINGLE ONE, you will find who don't have nostalgic memories attached to this fruit.

Growing up, my parents often took us for Summer Vacation to Haridware (an ancient city in Uttarakhand, India). One thing that was widely available in very nook and corner there, was mangoes. Every meal, those days, was accompanied with Fresh Mangoes. Refrigerators were not so common in hotels...... so, big burlap-bags full of mangoes used to be tied and dipped in river to chill. It was amazing time, seriously, even if you don't go whole day to grab bag from river, no one will steal it, ever!

Mangoes were (still are) favorite of every kid! Even rhythms or poems used to showcase mangoes to grab attention of kids.

Like, growing up, I have vivid memories of watching this short story "Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiya (One Sparrow, Many Sparrow)" on National TV.

This animated (short story) rhythm was about teaching kids: "Unity is Strength". I'm sure, all of you, who have spent their childhood in India, have seen this sometime in your life, on TV. If not, you missed something really great. Watch it right now :) I could not find one with English Subtitles, so I'm sharing the gist of story here. But, trust me, it is fun to watch and specially kids will love it. I promise.

In the story, a little boy wants to pick mangoes from tree but mangoes are too high and he is too small to reach even a single one. This is when his elder sister tells him and his friends a story.... story about a group of sparrows who stayed united when hunter tried to catch all of them...... sparrows flew away carrying the net with them....... and then, their friends, "rats" helped the sparrows to free'em from the hunting net. In the end, boy and his friends understand the meaning of  "strength in unity" and together, they pick ALL mangoes from tree.

My MOST favorite scene used to be when rats chew-off the net from sparrows and set them free. Also, when everyone gets to eat a delicious mango! :)  yumm!

Enjoy Mango Season with Fruit Milk Shake Party -

Vishal and I, both grew up listening this rhythm. Even today, when we remember, sometimes we play it on YouTube. When I was planning to share "Milk Shake" Kiddo Party, I thought to share this nostalgic video from my childhood..... This video also shows: how much every kid, specially in India, has loved mango in their young age.

Even today, this time of year, you will find all Indian bloggers sharing some delicious way to enjoy mangoes! More than a recipe, it is our love for this juicy fruit which starts spreading all-over in summers. :)

Mango Strawberry Banana Milk Shake for Kids Summer Party -

I know, I just went all for mangoes and nothing for strawberry and banana. But, I'm sure you get it :)

Feel free to use just mango for shake or just strawberry! For personal taste, I have kept these shakes "vegan" by using almond milk instead of regular milk. However, regular milk taste great too and will be perfect for kids.

I hope you all having a wonderful Monday!


Few more delicious ways to celebrate Mango Season!

Mango and Kiwi Fresh Rolls Mangolicious Mango-Pear Smoothie Mango On The Rocks Cocktail Ice Pops

Mango Strawberry Banana - Milk Shake Party

Mango Strawberry Banana - Milk Shake Party
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 1 Gallon - Serves: 12
(No. of servings depends on serving size!)


Mango Shake
Strawberry Shake
Banana Shake
Smart Swap: If you prefer, replace almond milk with regular milk (not vegan)!


  • 1. Mango Shake - In a blender jar, blend mango pulp with sugar until well pureed. Add almond milk and blend at high seed until smooth. Remove in a pitcher and refrigerate until ready to use.
  • 2. Strawberry Shake - In a blender jar, blend hulled strawberries with sugar until well pureed. Add almond milk and blend at high seed until smooth. Remove in a pitcher and refrigerate until ready to use.
  • 3. Banana Shake - In a blender jar, add almond milk with peeled banana pulp, blend at high seed until smooth. Remove in a pitcher and refrigerate until ready to use.

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29 Responses

  1. LOVE MILKSHAKES! And I'm crazy for mangoes, too! Need to make one tomorrow!
    Mira, I'm sure you gonna love mango milk shake, me too can never have enough!
  2. I love all of these great smoothie ideas! They all look so tasty!
    Shelby, thanks :)
  3. Wow looks really delicious all of them...these are my fav fruits, I love thick shakes and you nicely made dear friend special attraction in your foodie post really liked it that ek chidiya video, refreshing my childhood memories :)
    thanks, Jolly! Ek Chidiya Video is really special indeed. Mango and strawberry, and banana sure make delicious and lush shakes. Glad you like'em
  4. Mango is my favourite fruit...Oh I miss India and mangoes..Brings back nostalgic memories!!...Beautiful write up...wonderful clicks and super yummy milkshakes!!...Can I join the party?
    You are welcome to join party, any day, Padma :)
  5. These all look so fresh and tasty. I love mango in smoothies and milkshakes, as it makes them really thick.
    I agree, Dannii! Shakes become so thick and lush with mango and banana! Pure heaven! Isn't it?
  6. Awwww, that's just so sweet. You are absolutely right, we all nostalgic memories attached with this mighty fruit. And that he Ek chidiya video is beyond awesome. Ahhh those days were wonderful. Sometimes, I just wanna go back there. Feeling Nostalgic!! A BIG yes to this droolicious milk shake party.
    Indeed..... those days were awesome!
  7. Lovely milkshake party....:) All look delicious and yummy...:)
  8. Oh! Just the perfect drinks for summers! Thanks for sharing the Ek chidiya video... brought back some real cherished memories - Nostalgia!!! :) Lovely clicks, by the way :)
    thanks, Gauri :) I'm glad we all remember Ek Chidiya, childhood was at it's best back then :)
  9. Love mangoes always..and u have mesmerising post about mangoes..super lovely drink
    thanks, Vani!
  10. Love mango milkshake! And I crave Brazilian mangoes all year long, so I understand you. :)
    :) These little things remind us of home, don't they? I never tried Brazilian mangoes before. Let me look for some in my next grocery trip :)
  11. You have written it so beautifully dear. I love this video :) Milkshake party is just amazing! Can I join you please :) Mangoes are always on top list for both of us. I miss home badly .
    Kushi, you are welcome any day! I'm glad you like the milkshakes :)
  12. Wow these milkshakes are looking so great !! love the way you write, you made really nostalgic dear !! Lovely shakes.
    thanks Rachna!
  13. Oh and love all these milkshakes. Sarvesh shares the same sentiments for mangoes, he's crazy about them. I think 90% of Indians are, lol! I have such memories of eating mangoes straight from 'baalti' filled with cold water from the handpump at my nani's place :) You made me nostalgic!
    Me too nostalgic today! Love for mangoes is evergreen for Vishal too! since my childhood was totally in a village, your mention of baati and handpump making me even more homesick :(
  14. oh my god, I love this video I watched it very recently on youtube along with 'mile sur mera tumhara' Those were the days *sigh* I wish I could go back in time. This used to such a fav of mine , I always used to say 'phir kya hua didi' haha...adorable! childhood memories, there's nothing like them:)
    :) oh yeah! old days were gold days, specially childhood. I often start humming this song till date! and that "anek chidiyon ki kahani sunoge" :) my favorite line, ever! You know, I often sing whole song, even marathi and all of 'mile sur mera tumhara' and Vishal will say what r u singing? I tell him, 'I grew up listening it all day!!' *sigh* best time of life, it was!
  15. Milkshake party - love it! These all three look amazing and so fresh!
    Annie, thanks :) These are very refreshing!