Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros

Adding new dimension to Mexican churros-love with Churro S'mores - Mexican chocolate sauce, roasted marshmallows and crispy churro to dig-in!

Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros

How about Mexican chocolate sauce, smokey roasted marshmallows and decadent churros for dessert after dinner this Sunday? 

Now, who will say "no" to S'mores?! Twisted classic, American S'mores get royal treatment with Mexican Churros meeting rich Mexican chocolate ganache sauce and toasted marshmallows!! 

Gosh! These taste heavenly together!  

Oh, and I'm sharing easy tip to fry churro without burning hands while pipping dough directly in hot oil. Check it out!

Now, needless to say, if you see two churro recipes from a blogger in same month, means she is addicted to it! And both happen to be with chocolate.... must tell you that chocolate and churros are delicious together!

Honestly, this 20 minutes recipe can make anyone happy - kids or adults, S'mores lovers or churro fans, all will be ready for a taste of this!

Did they make place in your heart yet or I share one more picture?! ;-)

Okay, I will share it anyways!

Mexican Chocolate Smores with Churro for decadent summer dessert |

This recipe is inspired from local eatery which sells gigantic churros with big bowl of choclate S'mores! Now, I must tell you that I'm not into pastry or frosting that much. Most of my cakes are just self-sufficient frost-free cakes. :) So, I never could find a wide enough piping-tip to make huge wide churros like they sell in street-fairs! Where do we get those?! Speaking of which makes me think... may be at Amazon.. They are pretty popular these day?! Not sure, I have never tried! Have you?

So, nevertheless I made these tiny churros with a cute little pipping tip but since churro batter has lots moisture, these churros came out super crispy from outside and delicious from within. In short, tiny but sweet and delicious!

Overnight Churros?!

What? Really?

Oh yeah!

I'm also sharing tips on getting churro ready to hit fryer, a night before! Read the recipe to unfold!

A churro fan like myself can be all ga-ga about churros but actually star of this recipe is Mexican chocolate S'mores! (whisper: sauce is stairing at me, "I thought I was delicious too!") lol!!

Toasted Marshmallows with delicious Mexican Chocolate sauce with crispy Churro for mexican smores - Enjoy responsibly |

Of course the Mexican chocolate and toasted mini Marshmallows were scrumptious together! Now, if you are S'mores fan you know how delicious chocolate and toasted marshmallow can be when stuffed in two pieces of gram crackers. 

Well, these are different! Good News!! These S'mores are spoon-able! Grab a spoon, relax with a bowl of S'mores... yes you reading correct - "a bowl of S'mores" with churros on the side. And then get all dreamy about Summer BBQ season!

I'm telling you, these S'more will take you places! Summer BBQ gathering, Cinco De Mayo gathering, taco night with friends or a summer camp with family! 

Really, Churro S'mores can be adapted to serve in any gathering. Like for Summer Camp, make the sauce and churros, and pack to go. Toast marshmallows in camp-fire, spoon over chocolate sauce and grab few churros to munch.

I'm sure you will ask, churros will be very sweet with chocolate. Not at all!! Did you expect me to get all sweet, really?? You know my savory tooth! Don't you?

Mexican Chocolate SMores for Cinco De Mayo celebration or simply best summer family times ahead |

Well, well, before you judge me on this one. Here is a hint: Churros are not that sweet, and they have a hint of salt which make'em sweet and salty! Now, tell me, how does sweet and salty pairs with chocolaty? delicious!  Isn't it? Also, Mexican chocolate is not that sweet either. 

And that's what this not-so-formal dessert is - sweet, salty, chocolaty, smokey, marshmallow-y, creamy!

Make some today for pre Cinco De Mayo celebration!! I bet you have all ingredients in pantry, right this moment! Or pin to enjoy with family on 5th! 

Enjoy! -Savita

Spread some churro love!

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Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros

Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Mexican () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4 Servings - Serves: 4
(No. of servings depends on serving size.)


Mexican Chocolate Sauce


  • Step for Recipe - Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros 1. Chocolate Sauce - Heat the cream, add sugar, pinch of salt and butter in a saucepan over medium heat until just melted (1-2 minute). Remove from heat. Add the small chopped chocolate, and stir until chocolate has melted, is smooth and glossy (about 1 minutes). Pour to individual cups or leave in big bowl. Top with marshmallows. Set aside. Additional Notes: If not using blow torch to toast marshmallows or taking to a party. Pack marshmallows separate, then just before serving toast them under broiler or on camp fire (whichever is accessible)
    Step for Recipe - Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros 2. In a separate sauce pan, heat all water, salt, sugar, and butter from churro ingredients list until butter dissolves in water. Remove from heat. add flour and whisk to make a lump free dough.
  • Step for Recipe - Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros 3. Return to the stove and cook on low heat until dough is shiny, and thin film of flour forms at the bottom of pan. Remove from heat. Stuff into a pipping bag with widest possible pipping tip.
    Step for Recipe - Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros 4. (Optional Step) Slightly oil a sheet/plate, then pipe 4-5 inch churros on to the sheet spacing 1 inch apart. Refrigerate so these are chilled and easy to handle. Additional Notes: This step is optional. However, pipped churros dough gets hard in refrigerator and then it is very easy to fry churros vs pipping directly in hot oil. You can also freeze the churros at this stage.
  • Step for Recipe - Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros 5. Heat oil for frying in deep pan or fryer,. Deep fry churro until crispy and brown. Remove on a paper lined plate to drain excess oil. Sprinkle some cinnamon-sugar (optional)
    Step for Recipe - Mexican Chocolate S'mores with Churros 6. Enjoy churro s'mores - churros served with creamy ganache-like chocolate sauce topped with toasted marshmallows. Enjoy!

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  1. They look so amazing. A must try for my kids.
    thanks, Anukampa! I'm sure your kids will enjoy it!