Ginger Spiced Beet Root and Apple Juice

A toast to health for that special someone!

Ginger Spiced Beet Root and Apple Juice
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

Sharing with you, ginger spiced, beets and apples juice for a healthy and nutritious start of the day. One serving of this juice in morning completes at-least 2 servings of fruit and vegetables. A great head-start for a healthy day!

Health and Elegance in one!

Beets are high source of energy plus this deep red color looks so elegant!! to die for! Even though Valentine's Day is a month away, keep a note in your calender (or simply pin this recipe) to include this gorgeous glass of juice in Valentine's day breakfast or party menu.

Ginger Spiced Beets and Apple Juice for special Valentine

Surprise your beloved with a sensational breakfast in bed! don't forget to include this beautiful glass of juice in the menu. (thanks for listening to chef de home :-) )

Trust me, this juice may be loaded to the brim with vitamins and many other minerals but tastes nothing like "healthy" drink at all! and color is to die for! I'm sure it can make anyone feel special!

Beets Apple Ginger - a great juice for healthy breakfast

Kudos to beets and apples for gorgeous color and yummy taste.... this juice also has hint of ginger, a special surprise of spice for your special Valentine. You know, as they say, a healthy life needs a little spice . Ginger adds that subtle spicy kick to this glass of love!



Okay, since Valentine's day is still far away, let's get back to reality of current cold weather. It's chilling outside, and even snowing in certain parts of U.S.

On that note, allow me to share with you some other benefits of ginger, specially during such cold winter days.

Miracle of Ginger

Savory or sweet, ginger can add a little healthy hint of warm spiciness to any food. Not just for taste, the stomach-friendly ginger root juice helps in digestion of this juice too!

Did you know, ginger is also great for sore throat? For sore throat, often, I grind ginger root and extract about a tbsp juice, then mix with equal amount honey and take 1/4 of a teaspoon every few hours to sooth sore throat. works every-time!

You are already familiar with my Ginger Chai Tea, a hot cup of tea with ginger spice, perfect in winters and equally effective for cold.

Lush Red Beets and Apple Juice for special Valentine

So, make some juice .... enjoy some tea.... just keep smiling always! Remember, always eat fresh to live healthy, and always cook for someone you love!

I hope you all having a great day!



Ginger Spiced Beet Root and Apple Juice

Ginger Spiced Beet Root and Apple Juice
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 2 Cups - Serves: 2
(Serving Size: 1 Cup)


Smart Swap: Replace orange with any base fresh fruit like pineapple or coconut water


  • 1. Prepare Juice Ingredients Wash all fruit and veggies. Peel beets, orange.
  • 2. Juice and Serve Juice beets, apple, ginger, orange, and celery using a juicer. Add pinch of salt and serve! If want to serve chilled, keep refrigerated or add ice just before serving. If ice keep sitting in juice, it will get diluted, and taste will change. Additional Notes: If you don't like foam in juice, please filter it using fine strainer or cheese cloth.
Savita's Notes:

Quantity of juice depends on variety and size of fruits used. This juice is also kids-friendly, if your kids don't like ginger spice then don't use it.

Juices are always best when served within 1 hr of juicing. (keep refrigerated until ready to use)


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13 Responses

  1. This is absolutiely delicious -- Howeeer I used a Golden Beet with 2 apples 1 orange and 1 inch of ginger with a splash of apple juice, only a splash -- and the taste is AMAZING and creamy --
  2. :) thanks, Mike! Well, you know, I live in a 50-50 situation! I love beets but my body doesn't like beets. So whenever I crave for some beet juice, I add little ginger to make beet-y juices appetizing! thanks for stopping by! happy to see you visiting chef de home!
  3. That looks amazing Savita. And it comes from someone who doesn't love beets that much!
  4. Kristine, indeed this juice is very healthy! Happy to see you around! thank you so much!
  5. I love the vibrant color of this juice! And it looks so healthy, too!
  6. thank you so much!
  7. Lovely clicks Savita! I love the color of the juice, looks awesome!
  8. thanks dear, @Padma! I'm happy you like this juice and my photography... working on it! :)
  9. Ritu, I'm so happy that your little one will like it! Really! I mean it! Many thanks for keeping in touch!
  10. thank!! @Jeena, I'm flattered and soo glad you like my recipe and work! Glad to see you around!
  11. As usual lovely clicks....very refreshing and healthy!!
  12. Healthy and refreshing juice. This is gonna be the best for my little one. I will try it out soon. :)
  13. I was looking for a healthy vegetable drink and my search is over here. I am surely gonna make this. This is soooo healthy and look at the colors, wow, I love the way u click pics too. Superb....