Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa

Zesty flavor and great way to use leftover Tortillas!

Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa
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Sharing with you, one of my favorite breakfast, where leftovers are the Star and which I can eat for dinner too! Any given day! 

Yes, my friends! I'm taking about Mexican Chilaquiles which can give new life to your otherwise going stale bag of leftover tortillas, in just 15 minutes!! 

I always shirk from buying a big bag of tortillas. Every time, after serving a few ways, the remaining half or one-fourth bag of leftover tortilla hangs around for a while.... until.... I find a creative way to use it. And that's totally freaks me out! Those small pouches of chips with rubber-bands are so annoying!

Don't you think? 

But, not anymore!! Since I tried Chilaquiles for brunch in a local Mexican Eatery, I have never wasted or kept that half-eaten bag of tortilla chips in my pantry!

Super awesome! 

Few simple ingredients to make The Best Chilaquiles Roasted Salsa Verde. And it delicious and gluten free!

Chilaquiles is Mexican Brunch dish invented to use leftover tortillas. Often, in Mexican homes, leftover tortillas are fried and then cooked briefly in salsa, topped with delicious toppings, even fried egg, and served in breakfast! I, however, often use my leftover bag of tortillas chips instead of frying fresh chips!

No frying involved! Just open bag of chips, make some fresh salsa of your choice and breakfast is served!

Speaking of which, I have to say, a good salsa is key to make Chilaquiles scrumptious! I'm even going to share a little secret to make Salsa Verde lush-green just like colors of spring!

Look at the picture!

This bowl of beautiful green roasted tomatillo salsa is bursting with flavor!

The Best Roasted Salsa Verde with a little secret to keep it lush green

Chilaquiles is very forgiving breakfast dish. Not just salsa verde, I would say, any salsa or sauce which can provide little heat, spice, moisture, and tang to base tortillas will work great for Chilaquiles.

Zesty and Scrumptious bowl of Mexican chilaquile for breakfast in 15 minutes |

Now, let's talk Diet!

Did you really think I missed nutrition in excitement of tortillas and chilaquiles?? No my friends! I always have that spinning in my head. Let me sum up this for you here:

1. First, Chilaquiles are gluten free. Just make sure to use corn tortillas.
2. If you can find vegan tortilla chips and add no cheese/creme, this breakfast can be vegan too! Think something out of the ordinary, like tahini creme!
3. Homemade Salsa Verde is not just fresh and flavorful, but also has one daily serving of vegetable per chilaquile serving.
4. Often Chilaquiles are served topped with fried egg! If you really like it, just go for it! But... I have replace fried egg with good fats of fresh avocado. How does that sound?

Tell me! Now, who will say no to this bowl of zesty, homemade breakfast??

Zesty and Scrumptious bowl of Mexican chilaquile are favorite of every one on breakfast table |

Trust me! Zesty and scrumptious bowl of Mexican chilaquile will be favorite of every one on breakfast table!

To make it easy on weekdays, you can even do most of the work ahead, Like:

1) If not using tortilla chips, fry a batch of leftover soft tortillas, bring to room temperature, and keep in air tight container.
2) Make Salsa Verde in advance. In-fact, if you have leftover salsa from a recent spring party?! You can put it to delicious use as well.
3) In morning, just cook chips in salsa briefly, top the topping and serve a fiesta breakfast Mexican style!! Yummy!

I'm addicted to making fresh Salsa Verde for parties! What is you favorite Salsa to serve for parties?

I hope you enjoying weekend so far!

Have Great Day!



Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa

Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Mexican () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4 Single Servings - Serves: 4


Roasted Salsa Verde
Smart Swap: Can't find tomatillos? Use fresh Ripe Red Tomatoes with same recipe!


  • Step for Recipe - Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa 1. For Salsa Verde: Preheat the broiler or oven to 550 degrees F. Peel and wash tomatillos under warm water to get rid of sticky-ness. Peel and dice onion into big pieces. Leave garlic unpeeled. Also, slice jalapeno in half. Place all ingredient in a bowl. Drizzle oil and big a pinch or 2 or salt and black pepper. Spread all ingredients on baking sheet lined with aluminium foil and a rack (optional). Roast for 6-7 minutes until tomatillos are softened and slightly charred.
  • Step for Recipe - Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa 2. Once ingredients are roasted, transfer to a food processor. Discard the skin of garlic.
  • Step for Recipe - Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa 3. Add vegetable stock and puree the ingredients. Additional Notes: To make green salsa, let this warm salsa come to room temperature before going to 4th step. Place blender jar over an ice in bowl to make cooling faster.
    Step for Recipe - Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa 4. Add lime juice, salt, pepper, and fresh cilantro. Process to make lush green salsa.
  • Step for Recipe - Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa 5. Chilaquiles - As per size of pan, heat a portion of salsa until it starts to bubble.
    Step for Recipe - Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa 6. Add tortilla chips and coat them in salsa verde.
  • Step for Recipe - Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa 7. Then cook for 4-5 minutes until chips are soft but not mushy.
    Step for Recipe - Breakfast Chilaquiles Verde - Roasted Tomatillos Salsa 8. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Transfer to four serving plates, top with cheeses, onion, cilantro, and sour cream. Serve immediately!
Savita's Notes:
Disclaimer: Recipe slightly adapted from -

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18 Responses

  1. I wish this had of been my breakfast this morning. I love Mexican dishes for breakfast.
    me too!! Dannii! I think, Mexcian flavors can make any meal worth enjoying :)
  2. Yeah, so bright and delicious! Love salsa verde! And Mexican food is my favorite! Pinned to try it!
    Mexican food is hot favorite :) Always yumm! Mira, thanks for stopping by and high five... for pin! :)
  3. This looks amazing!! I think this would also be my favorite breakfast :)
    It sure will be, Cathleen! Thanks, my friend, for stopping by!
  4. Savita my mouth started to water as soon as I opened your blog! Tomatillo based sauces are my favorite and chilaquiles are my favorite thing to do with nacho chips!! Looks so delicious.
    Trust me, Ami, Mexican cuisine hooked me since I tasted that first bite of salsa and chips! and Chilaquiles! these are sure stellar :) thank you so much for stopping by my friend.
  5. That salsa verde looks divine! My husband and I could eat Mexican food everyday, I'm going to have to make a vegan version of this.
    :) thanks, Linda! Mexican is favorite food in my home too! I would love a vegan take on this one :) for sure! Just heads up, salsa is already vegan!
  6. It looks lovely. Super delicious. :)
    Ritu, thanks dear :) Glad you like it!
  7. One of the most exotic breakfast skillets I have ever seen! Looks AWESOME Savita!
    Anu, thanks! wow! you made my day! Love your feedback my friend :)
  8. This looks so tasty!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Gingi, I'm glad you like it :)
  9. Yummy Savita! I could eat that whole plate right now! Pinned!
    thanks dear :)