Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks

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Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks
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Keeping my promise! Sharing, an easy kid's favorite snack - Stuffed French Toast Sticks. Berries and French Toast go great together! For a delicious twist, I stuffed the French Toast with Triple Berry Fruit Spread.

Buttery milk and egg soaked bread slices, stuffed with Smucker's Triple Berry fruit spread, pan fried for a delicious hard-to-resist sweet treat! 

You know, what's even more delicious? Just 5 minutes quick cooking time! 

First time I made French Toasts sticks for my friend's daughter, for dinner! I know!! You reading correct, for dinner! She was simply refusing to eat anything I cooked. My friend asked me to give her something sweet and finger food. Well, I hardly had any frozen snack or sweet in my freezer. So I made her cinnamon and sugar coated French Toasts sticks. Amazingly, a few minutes earlier she was saying "no" to everything and French Toasts sticks... she finished in no time!

Smuckers Fruit and Honey Fruit Spread |

These French Toasts Sticks have an extra-special layer of sweet fruit spread sandwiched between two layers of toasts. The good thing is, Smucker’s® Fruit & Honey Triple Berry Fruit is naturally sweetened with honey......No artificial sweeteners or corn syrups!! This delightful Triple Berry spread make these  not-so-eggy French Toast Sticks even more scrumptious!

Recently, when J.M. Smucker Company contacted me to share their new, Smucker’s® Fruit & Honey Fruit Spread with you..... I felt, it is time to share this updated-classic Breakfast recipe with you! 

Smuckers Fruit and Honey Fruit Spread |

Last week, I bought few jars of Smucker’s® Fruit & Honey Fruit Spread from my local Kroger store, Ralph's.

I got all three flavors - Blueberry Lemon, Strawberry, and Triple Berry. We opened Strawberry Spread to try on our Breakfast Toast. But I had my eyes on Triple Berry all this time. I decided to use it for stuffing in French Toast. Spread had chunks of whole berries with sweet taste of honey and signature aroma of berry preserve. One of my favorite!

Ralph's is offering digital coupon for purchase of Smucker’s® Fruit & Honey Fruit Spread. You can get this coupon here.

Making of Stuffed French Toast Bread Sticks with Triple Berry Fruit Spread |

What is the best way to get less-soggy, not falling-apart and perfect French Toasts? It's simple! Just use at-least a day-old white bread. Two days is even better. In my home, since it's just two of us, white bread lasts for 4 days sometimes. So towards the end of week, I often have a 'French Toast Breakfast Day' in menu. 

Whenever we eat a Sunday brunch out, I try to stay away from those eggy french toasts served in restaurants. Even though Vishal loves egg toasts, but those restaurant French Toasts are too heavy for him as well. So at home I use a very lite egg to milk ratio. Trust me, these French Toast sticks are not anyway heavy like sold in diners. 

Stuffed French Toast Bread Sticks |

So I splurged a little and coated these sticks with some Cinnamon and Sugar! However, you can totally skip it. These taste delicious even without this coating.

Fruit Jam Stuffed French Toast Bread Sticks for easy snacking |

For stuffing, you can use any of the three Fruit Spreads! I removed the sides of bread for neat presentation but you can even leave that.

Wish you a great day ahead! -Savita

Few decadent Cinnamon-Sugar treats!

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Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks

Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: French () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 6 French Toast Stick - Serves: 2
(No. of servings depends on serving size.)


French Toast Sticks
Cinnamon-Sugar Coating (optional)
Smart Swap: Use Strawberry Spread or Blueberry Lemon spread if you prefer.


  • 1. In a bowl, whisk milk, egg, and salt until fully combined. Make sure no lumpy egg-whites are hanging around. If using fork, whisk for good 30 seconds to make a smooth mix.
  • Step for Recipe - Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks 2. Remove ends of four white square bread slices.
  • Step for Recipe - Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks 3. Spread 1/2 tbsp fruit spread each, on two of bread slices.
    Step for Recipe - Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks 4. Place the other slice on top and slice the sandwiches into 3 sticks each.
  • Step for Recipe - Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks 5. Heat butter in a wide non-stick pan. (if using smaller pan, use only half of the butter for each batch.) Dip sandwich sticks in egg mixture from all sides (don't leave them in, just dip and remove or bread will get soggy.) Cook each side for 2 minutes on medium heat or until golden brown.
    Step for Recipe - Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks 6. Yes, I also cook the sides to lock-in fruit spread and also to make'em crispy.
  • Step for Recipe - Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks 7. If planning to coat in cinnamon sugar. Mix two in a wide plate. Transfer hot french toast sticks into cinnamon-sugar and coat all sides.
    Step for Recipe - Fruit Spread Stuffed French Toast Sticks 8. Transfer to a serving plate. Serve with maple syrup on side.
Savita's Notes:
Disclaimer: Adapted from JustATaste

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16 Responses

  1. These French toast sticks are so creative with all that fancy jam in there! YUM!
    Thanks, Rachelle! jam is the best surprise when you bite into these French toast sticks. A must try :)
  2. Ahhh so easy and they look divine.... Absolute yumm
  3. This looks so easy to make and very delicious! Love the idea! Pinning!
    thanks, Mira!
  4. I can have it any time of the day. ..would be great as an after school snack, the berry spread might be complimenting it
  5. Savita, these look amazing! Definitely the best french toast sticks that I've seen. I love that you stuffed them with jam. What a perfect breakfast!
    thanks, Gayle for such sweet words. Indeed, these are perfect for breakfast.
  6. I'd eat these for dinner any old time! (and for breakfast and lunch too!) - so clever to work in the jam, and also to make them so easy to eat. Pinned!
    Thanks for the pin, Kate!
  7. French toast is one of my guilty pleasures. But I have never tried it stuffed with jam. Will try it this weekend for brekkie!
    Thanks, Bach! I hope you like it when you get chance to try. Trust me, jam images it extra special.
  8. I love french toast sticks, they look so yum Savita! I can never resist the cinnamon sugar coating! :D
    Thanks! Cinnamon sugar makes everything more delicious! Isn't it?
  9. This sounds like so a delicious indulgent Sunday morning breakfast. I can't wait to make them :)
    Thanks, Dannii! :) Indeed, French Toasts are the best way to enjoy Sunday Breakfast! I hope you get chance to try it soon.