Cranberry Moscow Mule with Homemade Ginger Ale

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Cranberry Moscow Mule with Homemade Ginger Ale

Homemade fresh Ginger Ale, made with natural honey and fresh ginger. Also, an easy holiday cocktail recipe of - Cranberry Moscow Mule made with homemade ginger ale. So, it is a two-in-one recipe.

When I have guests coming over, I like to make two version of same drink - one for kids and one for adults. So this two-in-one recipe gives everyone something to enjoy. For kids, I make simple ginger ale. Sometimes add some sliced oranges or grilled apples or strawberries to make it look colorful and festive. 

For adults, I make cocktail using same ginger ale base (which saves me time from mixing two drinks.) Cranberry Moscow Mule with some alcohol, ginger ale and fresh cranberries not only look festive but taste amazing. Choosing a different color and fruit for adult's cocktail makes it easier to distinguish. :)

Sparkling Homemade Ginger Ale with natural Honey and fresh ginger |

Idea of homemade ginger ale stems from my love for Indian Ginger Chai Tea. When I first tasted Ginger Beer, I feel in love with idea of a strong ginger-spice in cold beverages. Since ginger beer is fermented cousin of Ginger Ale..... at home, I prefer to make Ginger Ale using fresh ginger and honey for that spiced ginger-flavor and only natural honey sweetness. 

Honestly, homemade ginger ale with sparkling water tastes so good, crispy and real that you will stop spending money on store-bought Ginger Ale bottles. I promise! 

Ginger Ale syrup stays good in refrigerator for more that a week! Just make once and enjoy it in as many drinks as you want! Provided recipe is good to make a pitcher of Sparkling Ginger Ale for your next Holiday get-together and it doubles easily! 

When I received new SodaStream Power machine to share this product with you all, I really really loved the opportunity. Actually, this is not the first one we own. We've been using it from past 2 years. I'm certain you must have noticed.... even most of my recipe pictures have 1-2 glasses of sparkling lemon water somewhere in the background! That is one of my THE favorite way to enjoy Sparkling Fizzy Lemony drink.... courtesy homemade sparkling water! Sparkle as much water as you wish! 

Cranberry Moscow Mule with Sparkling Homemade Ginger Ale |

In my honest opinion, not just saving on sugar calories, SodaStream Power is also eco-friendly way of eliminating plastic/aluminum waste from our environment. Think about the boxes of cans and plastic bottles that we consume every month?! All that is replaced with one superior quality re-usable bottle that comes with the machine.

After we started making Sparkling Water..... I realized we actually don't need sugar in beverages that much as we need carbonation. Do you agree?

Let me ask you a simple question? Why do you drink a soda with pizza or popcorns? If you ask me, I need a fizzy carbonated drink which can help me digest those heavy foods. We still enjoy pizza and popcorns for Friday Move Night and still enjoy a fizzy drink to settle everything down but without the load of additional calories! That's the promise of homemade sparkling water, my friends!

Holiday Cocktail Cranberry Moscow Mule |

So to enjoy a flavorful sparkling carbonated beverage of your choice..... simply:

1) Fill the bottle with filtered drinking water
2) Plug into SodaStream Power for sparkling fizz. The fizz levels provide opportunity for the ultimate drink personalization. Add as much as you want!
3) Add just a cap-full of your favorite Sparkling Drink Mix. 
Mix, pour in glasses and enjoy!!

Bonus?? Make mock-tails or cocktails of your choice in advance, add some fizz without diluting the flavor,  and your are ready to be an awesome host!

How good does that sound?!

Cranberry Moscow Mule with Homemade Ginger Ale |

I'm all set to welcome guests with some homemade ginger ale this holiday season. How about you? 

Update: This recipe was originally shared in December last year. I decided to bring it back to you to share some warmth of ginger and holiday season. Please note, Cranberry Moscow Mule contains alcohol. It is only for adults age 21+. Please drink responsibly. 

With season's greetings, -Savita

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Cranberry Moscow Mule with Homemade Ginger Ale

Cranberry Moscow Mule with Homemade Ginger Ale
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: European () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4 Servings - Serves: 4


Homemade Ginger Ale
Cranberry Moscow Mule
Smart Swap: Replace honey with Stevia for sugar free Ginger Ale.


  • Step for Recipe - Cranberry Moscow Mule with Homemade Ginger Ale 1. Ginger Ale Syrup: In a sauce pan, add water and honey, bring to boil then simmer for 5 minutes on medium heat. Remove from heat and set aside to cool completely. Juice the ginger to yield 1/4 cup ginger juice. Mix ginger juice and lime juice in honey syrup and set aside.
    Step for Recipe - Cranberry Moscow Mule with Homemade Ginger Ale 2. To Make Ginger Ale: Fill four copper mugs or glasses of your choice with ice cubes, add 3-4 tablespoon of Ginger Ale syrup in each mug. Top with sparkling water. Garnish with fresh mint leaves or basil leaves and ginger candy (optional). Serve cold and enjoy!!
  • Step for Recipe - Cranberry Moscow Mule with Homemade Ginger Ale 3. Berry Moscow Mule: In a cocktail shaker, combine ice ginger ale syrup, cranberry syrup, lime juice, and vodka. Shake well. Pour into two glasses filled with ice. Top with sparkling water.
    Step for Recipe - Cranberry Moscow Mule with Homemade Ginger Ale 4. Garnish with fresh berries, and basil or mint leaves. Serve and enjoy!

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