Baked Lemon Salmon with Fennel

Baked Lemon Salmon with Fennel
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Baked Lemon Salmon with fennel, a flaky perfectly baked salmon , cooked with aromatics like fennel seeds, sweet fresh fennel, leeks, and fresh lemon-herb dressing! 

For another layer of flavor, I coat the cooked salmon, just out of the oven with lemon-herb dressing. Warm salmon soaks-in delicious fresh lemon flavor and becomes extra flavorful.

I love dinners which keep my life easier on weekdays yet are quick and easy to serve. Fish or seafood is one such protein which is easy to cook, healthier, and flavorful! Salmon specially is everyone's favorite in my home. Plus, a hearty and delicious dinner prevents my family from sneaking-in a late-night burger. :)

During this time, every year, we start regime of eating more seafood and less meats for health reasons. Winter's need warm comforting food sure add some extra pound around the belly and this is the time to loose those and get back in shape without spending time in kitchen ;)

how long to bake salmon at 350?

Fish or seafood is not just healthy, lean protein and packed with omega-3s.... it also cooks way faster. I often get questions about how to bake salmon? I'm on mission to share with you every possible way to cook salmon - broil, bake, grill and even poached.

I have simple rule. For a 2 inch thick piece  of Salmon, you need about 20 minutes when baked in oven. When broiled or grilled at high temperature, salmon takes 10-12 minutes.  Just like other meats or proteins, cooking time depends on thickness of salmon fillet. Pretty easy! isn't it?

I hope you are all ready to enjoy long Memorial day weekend.

Cheers! -Savita

Baked Lemon Salmon with Fennel

Baked Lemon Salmon with Fennel
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Mediterranean () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 2-3 Servings - Serves: 2
(No. of servings depends on serving size.)


Baked Salmon with Fennel
Lemon Herb Sauce


  • 1. Preheat oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. In a bowl, add lemon herb dressing ingredients with chopped parsley. Whisk until smooth and set aside.
  • 2. Wash and slice leek and fennel bulb with fronds and leaves. Add everything to a baking dish leaving leaves behind. Drizzle 1 tbsp oil on the mixture with generous pinch or two of salt, and chili flakes. Toss with spoon. Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes.
  • 3. In meantime, remove salmon fillets on a plate, drizzle remaining olive oil and lemon juice on top. Coat well and sprinkle with fennel seeds, salt and black pepper. After 10 minutes, place salmon skin side down on top of the fennel mixture spacing 1-2 inch apart. (for even cooking)
  • 4. Return pan to oven, continue baking for 20-25 minutes depending upon thickness of fish. 2 inch thick piece will cook in about 20 minutes in proper heated oven. Additional Notes: Use a thick cut of salmon fillet so that salmon does not overcook while fennel and leeks are not tender.
  • 5. Immediately drizzle warm salmon with half of lemon and herb dressing. Transfer to serving plates. Toss cooked fennel with remaining dressing and baking pan juices. Divide into plates, top with salmon. Serve and enjoy!
Savita's Notes:

After 20 minutes, check salmon if cooked. Also check fennel. If fennel appears not tender to your liking. Remove cooked salmon in a plate. Return baking dish bake to oven for 10 more minutes so that fennel and leeks are tender and slightly caramelized..


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2 Responses

  1. SALMON + LEEKS = match made in HEAVEN!! I love leeks so so so much, but my adoration for salmon is TOPS!
    thanks, Gigi! Our love for salmon is certainly mutual! :)