Easy Posole Rojo Turkey Soup

Turn Leftover Turkey to a flavorful chilly night dinner with this 30 minute Turkey Posole Rojo Soup. Gluten free, Dairy Free.

Not just turkey, this Mexican Posole Rojo you can prepare with any leftover protein (Turkey, chicken or shrimp)!
Easy Posole Rojo Turkey Soup
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

I dig this soup. Posole Rojo is something I will not wait thanksgiving leftovers for. But, I had a batch of leftover turkey, from my Stuffed Turkey Breast recipe, in freezer. So, I thought why not?! 

Last Tuesday, dinner was Turkey Posole Rojo with Cilantro Lime Rice

This Pozole soup is much simpler to put together than it's looks and flavor. Specially this version which I made with leftover turkey needs just 10 minute prep. 30 minutes kitchen to dinner table and only 4 main ingredients.

Traditional Mexican Posole made with fresh protein will need more time to develop flavor... In this recipe, however, roasted turkey contributes to delicious depth of flavor without much effort or time. Plus you get to use the leftovers for a clean, hearty and delicious chilly night's dinner.

What more to ask?!

Base soup recipe is gluten free and also dairy free. (pick toppings as per your preference.)

So, what do you say? Let's make some Turkey Posole (po'sole) today!!

Leftover Turkey Soup with Posole

Posole Rojo is soup of Mexican origin with two signature ingredients. 1) Posole which means "Hominy". A variety of white giant corn. There is no Posole soup without posole... I mean, hominy. 2) Ancho Chilies. The signature red color of Posole Rojo, rojo means red, comes from fruity and fragrant ancho chilies. 

If you have these two, you can Posole Rojo with any protein you like. Chicken, pork, turkey, or even just veggies. This is what inspired me to turn it into a flavor-packed leftover turkey soup.

Vishal and I like clean Posole soup. I mean, lots of broth and just the ingredients that make it The Posole. I added a little bit of celery and topped soup with little bit of fresh toppings: shredded cabbage and cilantro. Rest all is magic of four main ingredients: ancho chilies, hominy, turkey and stock.

Easy Posole Rojo Soup with Turkey

Turkey Stock Short-Cut: 

Short cut or I should say, leftover cut. When I planned this recipe, I had no chicken stock or any other stock in refrigerator. Also no meat to make a batch of stock. So, I used a leftover short-cut instead of trip to store. I used 1.5 cup of leftover roasted turkey to make a batch of stock. The stock was so flavorful. I drank a cup of it for lunch. Stopped at 1 because I had a recipe to finish. :)

Here is what I did to make stock with leftover turkey. Sauted aromatics, celery, carrot, yellow onion with some cilantro and thyme (fresh) until veggies were soft and onion translucent. I then added cup and half of roasted turkey (diced) with pinch of salt. Filled pot with 6 cups of water. Let it cook. 25 minutes later, I had sensational turkey broth simmering in pot. 

When craving hits, nothing comes in way of Posole Dinner. :)

I don't regret a thing.. Vishal drank a big bowl praising the flavor of posole after every sip. 

Stock is important component of Posole. Please use a good quality low sodium stock. Or make at home. Other than the stock made with leftovers. I have this Homemade Vegetable Stock which is very flavorful.

Roasted Turkey Soup

My take on Posole is very clean and flavorful. No creams, no thickeners. Only roasted turkey (my homage to Thanksgiving leftovers), Organic Hominy, dried ancho chilies with homemade turkey stock and some seasonings. That's all it takes to make filling, delicious, and clean Posole Rojo.

The best thing about this posole is that it is gluten free, and dairy free. In toppings, you can add anything you prefer. For dairy free version, top it with veggies. Use shredded cabbage, fresh cilantro, red radish, onion. For more lavish version, use sour cream, or cheddar cheese. If you serving soup gluten free... Make sure ingredients you using are labeled gluten free.

Wish you a wonderful weekend. Get ready for Thanksgiving! Make sure to shop ahead. Turkeys are gone from store super fast.

Enjoy time with family.


Easy Posole Rojo Turkey Soup

Easy Posole Rojo Turkey Soup
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Mexican () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 1.5 quart soup - Serves: 5
(No. of servings depends on serving size.)


Turkey Posole Rojo


  • 1. Puree Ancho Chili Puree Break stems of chiles. Shake of as many seeds as possible. Soak in boiling water for 20 minutes or until chilies are very soft. Add to blender with 1 teaspoon oil, 1/2 tsp salt. Pulse to puree. Set aside. Additional Notes: You can also strain this puree to get rid of more seeds. I use it as-is.
  • 2. Saute Aromatics In a wide deep dutch oven, heat 1 tsp oil. Add crushed garlic with celery, cumin, oregano, and bay leave. Saute for 1 minute. Don't let garlic burn. Add stock and bring to rolling boil. Add puree of chili, with drained rinsed hominy(corn). Cook for 10 minutes.
  • 3. Add Turkey and Simmer Soup Add the lime juice, turkey, continue cooking for 10 minutes to develop flavor. (Make sure corn is tender.) Take off heat. Taste and adjust salt and lime juice as per preference.
  • 4. Garnish and Serve Ladle in bowls, add desired toppings. Serve and enjoy.

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