Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt
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Seasonal fresh strawberries, super food chia seeds and ever green yogurt in one scrumptious sweet treat - Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt. Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt always reminds me of Whole Foods frozen food section. I often see a huge variety of frozen fruit desserts with chia seeds there. I mostly come home inspired, and try new lite sweet treats with chia seeds and yogurt/almond milk/coconut cream etc. Chia seeds are like raw almonds of modern age. Packed with good fats and healthy nutrients, and gut cleansing properties. These tiny little seeds never stop to amaze me! I am so happy to combine'em with other two powerful foods on this earth -Strawberries and Yogurt to make scrumptious frozen yogurt. And it looks adorable too!!

You can see the pretty pics and do I need to mention?, it tastes refreshing and delicious!!

No one is new to pro-biotics found in yogurt. Yogurt is one super-food that alone can help you maintain balanced weight and good stomach health. (90% of our immune system operates from our gut). Strawberry Chia Frozen YogurtWell, I am not exaggerating here. Yogurt is a super healthy food. I have huge respect for cows for giving us so much and asking nothing much in return. Milk, yogurt, butter, cheeses all are so integral part of our life. All these are gracious gifts from cows to humanity. My humble thanks to all animals helping human beings in many spheres of life.

So we were talking yogurt. One point in my life, I used to love flavored yogurt sold in stores. Not to mention names but you know those popular brands selling fruit flavored sweet yogurts with 90 calories health promise. I used to love'em all. After reading about'em and paying attention on labels, I made up my mind to give-up eating all of them. Even though there creamy texture and sweetness allure me, I never grab one from dairy isle ever!!! Reason? crystal clear - use of artificial colors, thickeners, fructose corn syrup and God knows what all they using to get that rich luscious color? Sometimes back there was a report mentioning one fruit yogurt company using insects (yes! you read it right), insects to color yogurts.

Since then either we eat plain low/no fat yogurt mixed with condiments to make raita or I make fresh fruit frozen or chilled yogurts at home. It is so simple, just blend, freeze and enjoy! You can add good amount of sugar if you like'em sweet. At-least yogurt will not have artificial stuff in it. Also, check label before buying plain yogurt too. Some companies are adding all sorts of thickeners to even plain yogurts. Strawberry Chia Frozen YogurtI use honey to sweeten the strawberry frozen yogurt. Use sugar or honey or simply skip it if yogurt is not very sour and berries are fresh and sweet. In-fact, you can make it sugar free, then drizzle some honey or agave syrup over the yogurt per your liking. Chilled or frozen goods don't feel very sweet until we add lot of sugar. Pouring over instead will help you taste sweetness right away and with far less sugar calories! Strawberry Chia Frozen YogurtThis recipe doesn't need ice cream machine. I make all ice creams or frozen yogurts without machine, just by churning/blending'em once in-between the freezing time. This improves the texture and reduces ice-crystals in yogurt. Churn 2-3 times at interval of 1 hr if you looking for very creamy texture. I have just churned this batch once. Also low-fat yogurt has more water content. For more improved creamy texture, you can also use full-fat yogurt.

Eat smart, stay healthy!! Freeze some fresh, healthy, and preservative free homemade strawberry frozen yogurt this weekend and enjoy!! Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt
Total Time: (Idle Time: 2 hrs 0 mins) Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 3 Cups - Serves: 6
(6 servings of 1/2 cup each.)


Smart Swap: Substitute Honey with Stevia for Sugar-Free Frozen Yogurt.


  • Step for Recipe - Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt 1. With hand blender or mixer, blend quartered strawberries and yogurt to make smooth puree. Mix in pre-soaked chia seeds and whisk well to make sure chia seeds are fully distributed in yogurt mixture.
    Step for Recipe - Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt 2. Pour yogurt mixture in freezer safe container and freeze for 1 hour or until frozen to semi-solid state.
  • Step for Recipe - Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt 3. After an hour, remove mixture from freezer, pour in blender again and blend to make smooth puree (breaking all solid chunks). Freeze again until ready to serve. (1 to 2 hrs)
    Step for Recipe - Strawberry Chia Frozen Yogurt 4. Remove from freezer 20 min before serving. Scoop to dessert cups. Garnish with mint and strawberry slices. Enjoy homemade frozen yogurt!!

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5 Responses

  1. Limited characters... anyway, next time I make this I'll definitely just add the seeds to the mixture once it's all mixed, then let them soak for a bit before putting it in the freezer. That will be a winning recipe!
    Darcey, recipe instructions does mention to use whisk to mix the soaked chia seeds into yogurt. Even when you will add 1/2 cup water to chia seeds, these tend to stick to each other due their glutenous nature and hand whisk or simple fork is the best tool to loosen'em easily and effectively. If any lump left, are easily taken care in step -3 that require pureeing the mixture in blender.
  2. Great recipe if you love chunks of chia seeds! I thought it was a little crazy to only soak them in 2 Tbsp of liquid and sure enough, when I dumped them into the mixture they had all glued themselves together. I spent several more minutes using my fingers and a whisk trying to separate the seeds.
  3. thanks @Elixe
  4. this looks yum.