Indian Navratri Lite Lunch

Indian Navratri Lite Lunch
During 1 week of Navratri Fasts, you can only eat gluten free and even eating rice and lentils are not consumed. First few days everyone devour gluten free buckwheat poories (fried bread), potatoes curry, but then you want something lite, not fried. My My lite Navratri lite lunch meal ideas then come to rescue. Eat grilled seared flat buckwheat bread with refreshing mango raita and finish meal with creamy tapioca pudding.

Buckwheat Flat Bread with Mango Raita

Buckwheat (Kuttu) Flour is my all-time favorite. I love buckwheat for its amazing texture and also it is famous food in Indian Fasting Season. I often make this flat bread for lunch during fasts for a healthy , yet filling meal. And buckwheat is one amazing gluten free grain that is lite on stomach.I never...

Tapioca Pudding

An easy recipe for Tapioca Pudding with tapioca pearls cooked in milk, condensed milk, and vanilla. This pudding is egg-free and naturally creamy with starch released from cooked Tapioca Pearls. Sharing easy method to cook Tapioca Pudding in Instant Pot (or Stove Top). With Instant Pot quick pressure cooki...

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