Navratri Menu

In Navratri Menu, I will share with you many mouthwatering, easy to execute, gluten free three course meals which you can ready in not time. These authentic yet affordable Navratri meal suggestions will make your special fasting time fun and easy to follow.

Indian Navratri Fasts Gluten Free Recipes Round Up

Tomorrow, one week of Navratri starts in India. I have complied this post to share all delicious treats we made for Navratri Fasts. For those who don't know about Navratri. It is a 7-9 days peri...

Indian Navratri Poori Dinner

Kuttu or Buckwheat Flour Poori (Puffed Fried Bread) is my favorite during special 1 week celebrations of Navratri. To enjoy authentic, Indian Navratri-style gluten free dinner, make poori and grape...

Indian Navratri Lite Lunch

During 1 week of Navratri Fasts, you can only eat gluten free and even eating rice and lentils are not consumed. First few days everyone devour gluten free buckwheat poories (fried bread), potatoes...

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