Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

This is day 13 of '15 days to Thanksgiving' and I am wrapping up my 15 days recipe feast tomorrow. Today, sharing with you few of my favorite Thanksgiving-Dinner-for-two meal options.

Sometimes, you wanna have great dinner at home for thanksgiving, but, do not want to work a lot! In such cases, I often set my oven to work!!! One of my favorite ways to pre-prep and keep everything ready, then just make my oven work like a chef for me ;).

I love when oven is doing most of the heavy work. No more perching on the stove with a spatula in hand! You will still have to assemble, pre-prep of course since we are talking about home-cooked meal not Stouffle's frozen entree ;).

I have included one homemade bread - Rosemary Focaccia, in the menu. If that seems like extra work for you, you can skip or buy bread from local bakery. But I have to stay, homemade bread will freeze pretty well. I am talking about making today and then enjoying for at-least two more weekday dinner nights. How does that sound?

The drink I have added is complimentary. Feel free to replace with a glass of good wine, or a drink of your choice.

This roasted dinner menu is perfect to serve 2-4 people. You can always serve two and keep two portions for the lunch next day!

Enjoy your easy thanksgiving dinner for two and happy cooking!

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