Thai Curry Recipes

Thai Curry obsession at CDH.
Thai Curry Recipes

Highlight of today's post is what you have been enjoying past month on blog. Homemade Thai curry pastes - Red, yellow and green.. recipes to use pastes for delicious homemade Thai curries. 

Love eating Thai. I have been exploring, tasting, and trying Thai curries a lot lately. You know, I love creating a homemade recipe for all we eat out. Few months ago, I decided to have whole collection of Thai curries for you and for me. 

Specially, I love the complex flavor and savory aspect of American-Thai curries. You will see a glimpse of that in all of the following recipes. Lots of coconut, depth of flavor with simple ingredient and of-course chilies. But don't worry. All recipes can be prepared mild as well as spicy. My journey of Thai cuisine does not end here.. has just begun. Let's me know how you like these and I'll announce another month of Thai flavors on blog. 

Re-cap of life, this and that in Jan:

1) I have been absent from blog quite a lot in January. Endured loss of my Grandma on 10th January. The most sad day of my life this year. 
2) On 1st January, I announced 30 Days of South Beach Diet. Not at all done with it. I'll continue adding more to this collection in Feb. Pin to keep an eye.
3) Get ready for Feb full of Fiesta Meals. 
4) How do you like pictures on blog these days? I have switched to completely shooting recipes at night. (Sparing day time.) Thoughts, feedback, suggestions most welcome.

Oh, and what new would you like to see on blog? A restaurant favorite or special spice or chili recipe? Drop me a line and I'll be on-my-way to explore.

Pick and enjoy a Thai curry for dinner today. All recipes can be vegetarian. Perfect for a comforting and healthier Meatless Monday. Cheers to Feb! -Savita

Red Thai Curry - This curry pastes top the chart of Thai cuisine. From mild, sweet to spicy, you can do wonders with fresh homemade paste and delicious recipes that follow.

Homemade Red Curry Paste

Homemade Red Curry Paste, a flavorful paste made of red chilies, aromatics, and easy to find spices. Ready in just 5 minutes, this gluten free and vegan paste is perfect to serve homemade coconut curry under 15 minutes. Invest 5 minutes over the weekend, then enjoy Thai style delicious curry for dinner, an...

Laksa Soup

Starting Monday with a flavorful meatless vegetarian coconut curry soup made with Malaysian-style red curry paste called Laksa. Just like any other glorious bowl of Curry Soup, I like to eat Laksa soup loaded with zucchini simmered in creamy spicy coconut-curry broth, topped with silky rice noodles and fre...

Coconut Curry Shrimp (Creamy, Thai Red Curry)

An easy recipe for Coconut Curry Shrimp with Red Thai Coconut Milk curry. Only 25 minutes kitchen to dinner table, this Thai curry recipe yields creamy, fragrant red curry broth, succulent shrimp with distinct Thai basil flavor. It is a speedy fix for any day chili night dinner. Gluten free, Low-fat with l...

Instant Pot Lentils

An easy recipe for creamy, spicy, and delicious Lentils with coconut milk, and Thai curry flavors prepared in Instant Pot for a speedy any-day dinner. Refrigerate up-to 1 week. Freeze up-to 6 months. Gluten free, Dairy-Free, Vegan. This Lentils recipe is super special because it is creamy, spicy, and delic...

Easy Homemade Thai Red Curry

Easy Thai Red Curry dinner with homemade Thai Red Curry Paste. Flavored with sweetness of coconut and dry spices, this Thai curry is a versatile sauce which will make any protein or veggie taste scrumptious! Today, I made Thai Chicken Curry but really you can use any protein or veggies you prefer. Tofu, t...

Homemade Green Curry - This beautiful green color curry is my favorite in Thai restaurants. Homemade green curry paste is multi-purpose and great base for even non-Thai stews/soups/curries.

Homemade Thai Green Curry Paste

Thai Green Curry Paste - a spiced fresh green chili paste often used to make Coconut Thai Green Curry. My homemade green curry paste version is made with easy to find ingredients, is gluten free, also dairy and soy free. Perfect for a healthy weeknight dinner. Oh, and I add some easy-to-find natural ingred...

Chicken and Noodles Green Curry

Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodles

This Thai Green Curry Chicken recipe has three highlights: noodles coated in aromatic green curry coconut sauce, moist flavorful chicken, and promise of an easy one-pot weekday chicken dinner (my favorite). This recipe showcase use of my Homemade Green Curry Paste. Green curry paste is heart and soul of a...

Vegetarian with Mushroom and Tofu

Easy Homemade Thai Green Curry

Easy and flavorful Thai Green Curry dinner made with fresh homemade green curry paste and coconut curry sauce tossed with sauted broccoli, meaty maitake mushrooms, crispy tofu, and brown rice. This is a kind of vegetarian meal which will make even hardcore carnivores, crave tofu and mushrooms! It is THAT g...

Homemade Yellow Curry - Mild of three, and most versatile and also healthier paste with healthy does of turmeric. This curry is one of my favorite.

Homemade Thai Yellow Curry Paste

Thai Yellow Curry Paste - a spiced red chili and turmeric paste often used to make Coconut Thai Yellow Curry. My homemade yellow curry paste version is made with easy to find ingredients, is gluten free, also dairy and soy free. Perfect for cook a healthy weeknight dinner in few minutes. This post is part...

Chicken Khao Soi - Yellow Coconut Curry Soup

Chicken Khao Soi - A deliciously sweet and spicy Yellow Coconut Curry Soup made with homemade Thai yellow curry paste. Loaded with white meat chicken and rice (zucchini) noodles.. This flavorful soup is my low-carb take on traditional Khao Soi - a Northern Thai Yellow Curry Soup. Gluten free, dairy free, s...

Thai Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk (Creamy, Spicy)

An easy recipe for Butternut Squash Soup with coconut milk, and Thai curry flavors prepared in Instant Pot for a speedy fix for chili night dinner. Refrigerate for a week. Freeze up-to 6 months. Gluten free, Vegan. This soup is super special because it is creamy, spicy, and delicious but still vegan and lo...

Curry Chicken Rice (Instant Pot, Pressure Cooker)

Curry Chicken Rice is my ultimate one-pot weekday chicken dinner. Flavored with homemade yellow curry paste, coconut, and spices. This Instant Pot Chicken Rice are fragrant, mild spicy with subtle flavor and richness of coconut milk. Dairy free, nut free, perfect for meal-prep or a quick weekday dinner at...

Previous Thai recipes on blog

Thai Curry and Coconut Spiked Dinner Rolls

Do you like Thai Curry soups? of course, you do! and do you like green Thai curry with vegetables or chicken in main course? omg.... of course, you do! Okay, now tell me, do you like Thai Curry Dinner Rolls? what??? which store sells Thai curry breads??!!!None that I know about! these rolls are only made a...

Thai Curry Carrot Soup

A vegetarian, warm and spiced soup for fall dinner? Yes, please!!! Made with all fresh ingredients, this simple pantry-friendly carrot soup is vegan and gluten free, and has a delicious subtle thai-spice kick!! If you have fresh produce in refrigerator, you will not need a grocery trip to make this soup fo...

Thai Peanut Chicken Wraps

Asian Thai Peanut Chicken wraps with spicy chili-lime peanut sauce.. Friends, even saying this make me drool! I love adding peanuts in lot of savory preparations. The sweetness of peanut goes very well with heat of chili and tang of lime.. and I'm kinda addicted to it. So, today I decided to share with you...

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  1. I have been exploring your blog. We loved the Chicken Tandoori Salad. I added extra mangos to the dressing. The nuts did not turn out very well so we substituted some plain, roasted cashews. The salad was delicious!
    Phoebe, thanks for letting me know. I'm glad you enjoyed Tandoori Chicken Salad. If you like salads, blog has lot more recipes to offer. Search "salad" on blog. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. What is your Thai basil chicken recipe in the crockpot ? Found it on Pinterest but the pin it button covers The recipe
    Hi Darla, I have not shared Thai basil chicken recipe. I'm not sure where did you see the recipe? On pinterest? Or my blog? Was it an Ad?
  3. What a great primer on thai curries, and recipes as well. Thank you!
    Jennifer, thanks a ton for words of encouragement. I'm glad you like it. High five!
  4. These Are All Very Thorough And Tasty Recipes ... The Fact That, Your Told How To Make The Curry Pastes From Scratch, Really Helps The Person, Who Is Cooking The Meals ...
    Thanks Patricia. Indeed homemade pastes help a lot. I hope you get chance to try some.