Indian Navratri Fasts Gluten Free Recipes Round Up

Indian Navratri Fasts Gluten Free Recipes Round Up

Tomorrow, one week of Navratri starts in India. I have complied this post to share all delicious treats we made for Navratri Fasts. For those who don't know about Navratri. It is a 7-9 days period in India when people worship Goddess Durga and observe fasts. Everything but meat, eggs, rice, grains, lentils, and potent vegetables are prohibited during this fast. So, essentially gluten free foods, buckwheat (kuttu), yogurt, milk, nuts, potatoes, cucumber, squash, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes are consumed the most.

It may seem a little tough or daunting, but trust me, there are endless preparations made using these ingredients! and all scrumptious! Even those who are not fasting, enjoy feast every day of these fasts.

Growing up, I kept Navratri Fasts always, all 7 of them. These days, I, and Vishal only keep last one or two fasts. But.... this food we crave for almost whole year :)

Here, I'm sharing few of my favorite Navratri recipes. These fasts come twice every year, so this list will grow as long as I'm blogging. Stay tuned and check back for more recipes in coming months. When I will keep fasts this time, I'll try to share what I eat... can't promise... but will try!

I will sign off now and wish you all happy Navratri and a delicious Weekend!



Vrat Ki Shakarkandi Kuttu Sago Tikki | Buckwheat, Sweet Potatoes and Tapioca Croquettes

Sharing with you one of sweet potato (called shakarkandi in hindi) recipe which is very dear to my heart. Twice every year, there is a 7-9 days period in India, when most Indians observe fasts and spend days worshiping Goddess Durga. During this time, we give up eating wheat, meats, most of the seeds, even...

Indian Mint and Sweet Potato Salad | Vrat Ki Chatpati Pudina Shakarkandi Chaat

Today, sharing with you a tongue-tantalizing, sweet n' sour, gluten free, sweet potato salad dressed in zesty mint dressing! Remember? I told you, that I will share few of my all-time favorite Fast Season recipes, which I love eating and serving during auspicious occasion of Navratri in India. I have also...

Cucumber, Lime and Basil Sorbet

Hello Friends! I hope you all enjoying the weekend! Today, I'm sharing with you a fun, refreshing, vegan sorbet that just demands only 15 minutes of your time! Yes! Trust me! Only grab ingredient, blend, mix, and freeze!! It is that simple! And good news!! it even don't need an ice cream machine..... conti...

Vegan, Zesty and Warm Radish-Potatoes Bowl | Indian Vrat Ki Chatpati Aloo Mooli Sabji

Sharing with you one of my favorite Indian Navratri dish that I have all the time during 7 days of Gluten Free and vegan Navratri Fasting season. Even though it is a warm potato side, star of show is Red Radish! Radish not just lighten-up starchy potato side, but also add a nice crunchy element! We are hu...

Citrus Kiwi Fruit Salad with Pistachio Minted Sugar

Sharing with you, lite sweet, citrus-y, grapefruit, orange, and kiwi salad with refreshing touch of minted sugar and chopped pistachio. This sweet fruit salad can be a perfect, lite and sweet ending to a romantic meal for two!You can serve this salad for dessert or as a side in Valentine's Day Brunch Menu!...

Buckwheat Batter Fried Potatoes

Kuttu (Buckwheat) flour is consumed by many north Indians during auspicious one week event of Navraratras every year. This healthy, gluten free flour is very good for health and you can use it in various food preparations. Very easy to make and very delicious to eat these.

Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

Hello Everyone! Today, I'm sharing with you a quick and easy method of making no-sugar, instant banana pudding frozen yogurt! Healthy, gluten free, egg-free, and can be ready at moment's notice! Also, indeed a fun way to use ripe banana in your fruit basket!This post is part of "Use The Produce" post! Toda...

Grape Raita

Cool and refreshing Indian savory condiment which goes well with hot and spicy dishes. Raita is generally made with yogurt and fresh vegetables/fruits. Serve this cooling yogurt concoction with anything from plain rice to spicy curries, or with salad, relish or as a dip. This recipe, I have made yogurt rai...

Mix Fruit Salad with Roasted Potato Fries

Mix Fruit Salad with Roasted Potato Fries brings back one of my very vivid memory. In my home country, I used to visit a very famous book store on one of busy shopping plaza called - Connaught Place. More than looking for books, I always loved getting chance to eat from a "Fruit Chaat Wala" (Person selling...

Buckwheat Flat Bread with Mango Raita

Buckwheat (Kuttu) Flour is my all-time favorite. I love buckwheat for its amazing texture and also it is famous food in Indian Fasting Season. I often make this flat bread for lunch during fasts for a healthy , yet filling meal. And buckwheat is one amazing gluten free grain that is lite on stomach.I never...

Navratri Special Buckwheat(Kuttu) Sprouts Chilla

Sharing with you Navratri Special Buckwheat(Kuttu) Sprouts Crepe (Chilla). Navratri Durga Poojan is a special spiritual one week observed in India for offering prayers to Goddess Durga (twice every year). During this time in India, people go on fasting by giving up eating grains (specially gluten), meats,...

Fried Buckwheat Puffs

One of my favorite Buckwheat (Kuttu Ka Atta) preparations is Fried Bread, crisp and tasty, it is sure to satisfy your cravings for fried food. This crispy treats can be enjoyed with Potato Curry Or Cucumber Raita (Cucumber Yogurt Sauce). Since Buckwheat Flour is gluten free, it does not bind to make sticky...

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