Quick Oil-free Ginger-Lime Pickle

Nimbu Adrak Ka Acchar

Quick Oil-free Ginger-Lime Pickle
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Ginger Lime Pickle (Nimbu Adrak Ka Acchar) is a famous Indian Style, Oil-Free pickle. Ready in no time, this tangy and spicy pickle is most enjoyed with Indian Wheat Paratha for breakfast. Mouthwatering good!! In my hometown, season of orange and lemon blossom is the time of preserving these beautiful gifts of nature. Pickling is the most common form of preserving in India. Indian pickles have lots of variety and we use various kinds of spices and aromatics to enhance taste and life of pickles.

This one is oil-free Ginger-Lime Pickle, if you have bought stock of fresh lemons from farmer's market then do not worry, you can use lemons instead of limes in this recipe too. Make sure limes or lemons are fresh and not patchy.

Quick Oil-free Ginger-Lime Pickle
This is how it looks when ready to eat. Mouthwatering!!! Consume Ginger Lime Pickle within 1 month of making. No need to refrigerate unless you like chilled pickles.

For longer shelf-life, replace lime juice in pickling liquid with oil (mustard or olive oil) and keep air tight container under direct sunlight for at least 1 month every day and resist your temptation to open the jar during this time, then enjoy delicious pickle for more than a year (if you can manage to not finish all of it :) ).

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Quick Oil-free Ginger-Lime Pickle

Quick Oil-free Ginger-Lime Pickle
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Indian () Difficulty: Easy
Serves: 30



  • Step for Recipe - Quick Oil-free Ginger-Lime Pickle 1. Slice ginger, pepper and 5 of limes to very thin bite size slices. Juice two remaining lime to make pickling liquid.
  • Step for Recipe - Quick Oil-free Ginger-Lime Pickle 2. In a sterilized glass jar, add lime, ginger, serrano pepper, salt, black pepper and squeeze juice of two-three limes into the pickle. Press it with wooden spoon so that all ingredients are soaked in lime juice. Seal the jar and keep it in sun every day for 10 days.
  • Step for Recipe - Quick Oil-free Ginger-Lime Pickle 3. Ginger will turn pink with pickling and lime pieces will be pale in color. Pickle is ready to serve with grilled meats, fried rice or just nibble it as is.

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