Candied Kumquat in Kumquat Syrup

Perfect addition in rich desserts

Candied Kumquat in Kumquat Syrup
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Few years back, one of my colleagues introduced me to Kumquats. I really fell in love with this fruit. First the sour taste hits you and then it is all so sweet, juicy and delicious. Good part is that even skin is edible. So if you have not tried this fruit yet, I suggest please give it a try. It is so worth its price.

Candied Kumquat in Kumquat Syrup
We usually finish Kumquats the day we buy, but last weekend I had a handful of kumquats left in my refrigerator. So I prepared this sweet and sour syrup. This tangy sauce or syrup goes perfect with rich sweet desserts like cheese cakes, slice of pound cake, Chocolate cakes, a perfect holiday accompaniment with rich holiday style desserts. I must tell you, I am also a fan of yet another special Cheese Cake i.e. Indian Rasmalai. Kumquat syrup changed the profile of Rasmalai. The tangy syrup cuts the richness of desserts and make them even more delightful.

Pairing Ideas:

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Candied Kumquat in Kumquat Syrup

Candied Kumquat in Kumquat Syrup
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: European () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4 Servings - Serves: 4



  • Step for Recipe - Candied Kumquat in Kumquat Syrup 1. Slice each Kumquat into 3 round disc slices.
  • Step for Recipe - Candied Kumquat in Kumquat Syrup 2. In a heavy bottom stainless steel pan, add kumquat slices, water, bring to boil, reduce heat to simmer. Now add sugar, lemon juice, salt. Let it cook till kumquats are tender, syrup is thick and has nice orange color (about 20). Remove the syrup in a glass container and let it cool down. Serve it chilled or at room temperature over a slice of cheese cake or my favorite Rasmalai. Additional Notes: I usually do not remove seeds, but if you like you can remove seeds.
Savita's Notes:
Rasmalai is a cheese based dessert from North India. It is a Cheese (Ricotta) Patty cooked in sweetened milk till milk has reduced to luscious thick creamy sauce and patty has absorbed milk and is moist gooey and delicious. Kumquat syrup stays well in refrigerator for up to 1 week. So you can make it in advance and pour over your favorite desserts whenever you like it.

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  1. I made this twice already. It is so sweet and tangy and absolutely delicious! I have served it over brownies, apple strudel, vanilla ice cream, and more. Guests loved it each time! Thanks for sharing!
    Sara, thanks for such sweet feedback. All credit goes to kumquats :) I'm happy to share. Have a wonderful weekend!
  2. Looks so good
  3. I have to try these!!
  4. I love Kumquats, have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks @anuradha , @Suzy and @Mary. I am glad you liked the recipe and pictures.
  6. Beautiful photos, syrup looks delish.
  7. Excellent idea ChefDeHome, I wanna have this Kumquat Syrup and Rasmalai combo... I found you via OgleOgle website...... keep sharing good recipes.....
  8. Very nice idea.... i am drooling here. I don't have kumquats but I do have Cheese cake at home. May be... I can make syrup with orange juice .... Thanks for sharing.