Ideas for Cooking with Cocoa Butter

Add some chocolatey goodness to your edible creations.

Ideas for Cooking with Cocoa Butter
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Cocoa Butter is versatile ingredient and has been loved and used by chefs across the world. The word “butter” is always associated with dairy products and you will think the same for Cocoa Butter. But Cocoa Butter’s fat contents are actually derived from cocoa bean and it is totally OK for people who are on dairy-free diet.

One of my friends often makes dairy-free meals and she suggested me to add a dairy-free section in my website. During this time, I came across this wonderful milk butter replacement - Cocoa Butter. It has very distinct aroma and sweet natural taste and I found it excellent in baking, adding glossy shine to cakes, sautéing as well as for frying.

Today, I thought to share with you few ideas on how to use this delicious butter to whip up some tasty meals. Actually Cocoa Butter can be used in all food preparation where you would use regular milk cream butter and in-fact its even more versatile than regular butter. Cocoa is excellent to add shiny gloss on chocolate cakes

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Ideas for Cooking with Cocoa Butter

Ideas for Cooking with Cocoa Butter
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  • 1. Shiny Gloss for Chocolate Cakes - While reading about Cocoa, I came across an excellent post written by Chef Eddy. He considers cocoa butter - a very good ingredient to temper and pre-crystallize chocolate couverture. “When chocolate is melted and then properly pre-crystallized, it will harden with a crisp snap, it will easily retract from a mold and it will have a beautiful gloss,” Chef Eddy said. Even if you accidentally added more butter to your pre-crystallized couverture, it will not cause negative effects on your creation. Additional Notes: Read more about Chef Eddy's Glossy Chocolate Using Cocoa Butter at:
  • 2. Buttery and Chocolaty Spiced Meals - In July, I shared with you Curried Israeli Couscous recipe where I have used cocoa butter to add some sweet and buttery taste to curried vegetables. We all love curry, right? Curry with cocoa butter was so delightful and tasty. The strong aroma from both items gave off a mouthwatering scent. It added a very attractive color and richness to dish without too much oil. So next time you want dairy-free buttery experience, try Cocoa Butter for a sweet and chocolaty heaven.
  • 3. Preparing Seafood - Hungry for more? Read this blog post from Mycryo, where Mycryo cocoa butter was used to fashion a recipe called Paprika and Saffron Lobster Tail with Israeli Couscous. Additional Notes: Get the Mycryo Seafood Creation here:
Savita's Notes:
Cooking time and serving will vary based on kind of recipe you use Cocoa Butter with. However, 2 cup of veggies like carrots, zucchini, and cauliflower, sautéed in Cocoa Butter and 1 tsp curry powder will yield 2 servings of buttery side in just 10 minutes.

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5 Responses

  1. My MIL brought last month a block of Cocoa Butter and I was not sure - how to use it. Your post gave me good idea. thanks!!
  2. I love cooking with Cocoa Butter, can't wait to cook Lobster Tail with it. Awesome idea!!!
  3. Couscous looks delicious! I think, I will try frying some bacon in Cocoa Butter, already sounds good to me.
  4. I never worked with Cocoa Butter, Perhaps I will have to try out this Couscous recipe!
  5. hmmm, Cocoa Butter, I never heard of this ingredient before!!! thanks for sharing ChefDeHome