Vegetarian Sausage Chili

Vegetarian Sausage Chili
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There are two special ingredients which make this vegetarian chili special, meaty, and spicy, and those are - spicy chorizo (vegan spicy sausage) and sriracha. Not so common chili ingredients but both did great job to make me win this Veggie-chili-should-taste-good challenge!

If you wanna change anything in this recipe, you can (may be) skip the sriracha, BUT I strongly recommend adding this vegan sausage. Vegan sausage, (I used a spicier chorizo style, available in tofu/mock meat section in all grocery stores) gives this chili a meaty bite, deep rich chili color, and also adds a spicy bite.

Every holiday season, my friends and family demand Lamb Chili. By virtue of Vishal’s lamb love, I have practiced the art of Lamb Chili or chilies in general (a lot). But, every time lamb chili!!!! It is kind a getting boring.... This season, I have decided to start a new tradition - a vegetarian chili tradition. When I decided to make vegetarian version, it was more like a challenge than a vegetarian recipe testing. This recipe needed to match expectations of meaty spicy Lamb Chili for approval. Even while working on ingredients, I could hear Vishal saying, "are you sure you wanna compete with meaty Lamb Chili with this Veggie Garden Stuff Chili?" He calls everything “vegetarian” as garden stuff.

Once dinner was served, I heard nothing for a while...

Hmm.... looks like someone likes Veggie Garden Stuff today!

Vegetarian Chili with Spicy Vegan Sausage

I paired chili with following for a delicious dinner:

Grapefruit and Meyer Lemon Mocktail Lemon Rice Cucumber Raita

Vegetarian Sausage Chili

Vegetarian Sausage Chili
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Mexican () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4 Servings - Serves: 4



  • Step for Recipe - Vegetarian Sausage Chili 1. Saute onion and diced sausage in 1 tbsp oil till onion are soft and translucent and sausage adds color to the onion. (about 4-5 minutes) Add garlic, oregano, cumin and coriander and stir fry for 1-2 minutes.
    Step for Recipe - Vegetarian Sausage Chili 2. Keep all the veggies chopped and ready.
  • Step for Recipe - Vegetarian Sausage Chili 3. Mix cayenne pepper and sriracha with 1 tbsp of water to make a paste.
    Step for Recipe - Vegetarian Sausage Chili 4. Add pepper paste, salt and all veggies to pot and stir fry for 2 minutes. Now add tomato sauce and continue cooking for about 5 minutes.
  • Step for Recipe - Vegetarian Sausage Chili 5. Add cooked or canned beans with vegetable stock and water. Stir well and taste for salt and adjust salt if needed.
    Step for Recipe - Vegetarian Sausage Chili 6. Cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes till potatoes are tender. Let it cool a bit before serving.
  • Step for Recipe - Vegetarian Sausage Chili 7. Serve with rustic bread for dipping (it tastes amazing dipped in the chili) with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc
Savita's Notes:
This chili is more of a one pot meal, as a complete meal it will serve two people Or with rice or bread on the side, it is good for serving group of 4.

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6 Responses

  1. Oh, and you can find vegetarian sausage in Asian Grocery section of most stores where you would find Tofu or Veggie Protein Foods. I also order it often from or buy from Zimbos Stores.
  2. HI @Vasundara, you gave me another selling point for this Veggie Chili- the best way to disguise vegetable servings from picky eaters. thanks & I appreciate your feedback.
  3. I am fan of you website. Today I tried this vegetarian chili (without sausage, i could't find it :( ), but it came out amazing, tasty. no one loves zucchini in my house, but everyone enjoyed this chili. We ate it with steamed rice. I did not tell anyone, it has Zucchini until dinner was through ;)
  4. @Shannon, it does taste very delicious. I loved dipping in some bread loaf too.
  5. yumm yumm yummm, very yummy pictures of Vegetarian Chili. I bet it tastes even better.
  6. I am always looking for vegetarian chili recipes :) I really liked your vegan sausage idea. I can't wait try it.