Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas

Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas
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An easy warming and comforting homemade bowl of vegetarian beans chili with serving of hearty chickpeas and subtle kick of chipotle peppers. Served with crunchy vegetables and quinoa, this vegetarian chili is also vegan and gluten free.

This reminds me... Today happens to be Monday, start of the week... and this vegan low-cal chili is best for an easy, meatless, and healthy dinner! Seriously, you just need 1 tablespoon of oil to make 4 servings! How good does that sound?

From start to finish, chili comes together in just 40 minutes. In that too, there is only 15 minutes initial work and rest accomplished by your trusty stove and dutch oven.

Oh, and I'm also including recipe for an easy Chili Spice Blend. Make some and use with your choice of any homemade batch of chili! Chicken Chili, All Veggie Chili, or Lamb Chili..... possibilities are endless!

Gluten Free Vegetarian Best Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas and kick of Chipotle | chefdehome.com

This time, every year, we are in phase of few "vegetarian-food-only" weeks due to religious reasons. So, all of my plans to bake cakes, make chicken roasts, and lamb stews wait for a while! This also gives me opportunity to be creative in my vegetarian recipes. However, for the record, I get all awesome ides to make cakes/cookies/and stews with eggs and meat in just these days only! :-)

This year, I did manage to cook a few such recipes before start of this vegetarian-month. Like this vegetarian chili was made in two pots. One with all veggies, beans, chickpeas and at the same time, one with chicken for Vishal. I decided to share the vegetarian version before since this one has my special-favorite flavors (you know it - "chipotle" love!!!). Vishal's chicken chili version had white beans and different spices. I will share that in few days.

Meatless Monday Dinner with Hearty Vegetarain Three Beans Chili Ready in just 35 minutes and healthy with a tablespoon oil | chefdehome.com

First time, I tried Vegetarian Beans Chili in an award-winner 300 square feet shop in LA. Their vegan bean chili is world-famous with Guy Fierri's picture on their wall! You know what I mean? Sometimes, when Vishal is starting from work early, he packs some Vegetarian Chili for both of us. We both dig that dearly!

Today's recipe is no copycat. So I'm not including the restaurant name in here. This chili is purely my take on a hearty Vegetarian Beans Chili with spice of chipotle (my favorite) peppers and serving of satisfying chickpeas. 

Steaming Hot Homemade Three Beans Chili Pot Photography | chefdehome.com

Blogger Notes: In this picture above, I was trying to capture the steam of hot just out-of-heat pot of chili.

I would love to hear, how you like my attempt? :) I know, I did not do a great job, still felt to share it anyway...

Easy Vegetarian Vegan Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas | chefdehome.com

To keep this chili vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. I served it with some quinoa and lots of fresh crunchy vegetables - tomatoes, jalapenos, and onion! Feel free to add some sour cream (not vegan) for some cooling creaminess! Oh, and you can also add some mashed avocado for vegan creaminess. :)

Wish you all a great and delicious start of the week! -Savita

Few of my earlier Chili or Chili-inspired recipes:

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Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas

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Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Mexican () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 6-8 Cups - Serves: 4
(Number of servings depend on serving size.)


Three Beans Chili
Chili Spice Blend
Toppings (optional - add per taste)
Smart Swap: Replace all three beans with just one kinda bean to reduce the no. of ingredients.


  • Step for Recipe - Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas 1. Heat oil in a heavy bottom deep pan. Add onion, garlic, bell pepper and saute until onion are soft. (4-5 minutes). Don't let garlic burn.
    Step for Recipe - Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas 2. Add tomato paste, 1 tsp salt, and all spices (chili spice blend given above) - smoked paprika, chipotle in adobo (minced), cayenne, coriander powder, curry powder, black pepper, and oregano.
  • Step for Recipe - Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas 3. Saute for 1 minute stirring continuously. This step awakens the spices, toasting them and adding lots of flavor to chili.
    Step for Recipe - Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas 4. Add pureed canned tomatoes, water. rinsed beans and chickpeas. Stir well. Bring to boil on high heat. Reduce heat to medium, cover and simmer for 25 minutes. (stir once or twice in between).
  • Step for Recipe - Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas 5. Switch off heat. Stir well, taste and adjust salt. Add fresh chopped cilantro.
    Step for Recipe - Easy Vegetarian Three Beans Chili with Chickpeas 6. Serve with toppings of your choice or with chopped onion, tomato, quinoa, and some tortilla chips. Enjoy!
Savita's Notes:

1.5 salt might seem a lot to you. But, salt is divided into good size 4-5 portions. If you are smaller family. Serve 2-3 portions and keep rest refrigerated for another serving.

I replaced third bean in this recipe with chickpeas. So technically it is two beans and one chickpea recipe. :) If you prefer, feel free to skip chickpeas and use black dark kidney beans instead.


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14 Responses

  1. Made this last night - so so good... but so so HOT! I may tone the spiciness down next time. Even my Caribbean hubby was drenched in sweat. Might try half of a chipotle pepper and either half the cayenne or leave it out.
    Elisabeth, I'm glad you love the flavor of chili. We eat pretty spicy but I never felt this to be very hot. It is always best to adjust chili as per taste. I hope you will find your best balanced flavor when next time cook it. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.
  2. I have barely been away for a week and you've already come up with three mouth watering delicious dishes! How do you do it, Savi?! Love this vegetarian Chili.
    Aww... how sweet of you to say that, Bach! Thanks, my friend!
  3. Well this looks delicious... About the steam pic, loved your idea, but maybe a darker background would have enhanced the vapour as now, they seem a little merged.
    Thanks, Gauri! I agree, even I feel the same about this picture. Wish me luck for the next time!! :)
  4. Oh mannn, this looks so good! I love chili and your version is no exception! Delish!
    Thanks, Annie! I'm glad you like the flavors in here! Really, a good chili is comfort food at it's best!
  5. Yum! I had no idea that it's vegetarian month! This three bean chili is the perfect way to kick it off!
    Thanks, Rachelle! I'm glad you like the chili. PS: this Vegetarian month is only in my family and observed by some Indian families. :)
  6. This is so delicious and healthy! also love the pictures in the white bowl Savita! :)
    Thanks! Bowl was really an spontaneous thought, I really just planned pot to picture this chili :)
  7. 3 bean chilli is my favourite vegetarian comfort food dish. I love the addition of jalapeno too for a pop of colour.
    Thanks, Dannii! Indeed, jalapeno color makes this chili pop!