Crunchy Paneer Pakora

Chickpea Batter Fried Cottage Cheese

Crunchy Paneer Pakora
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The paneer pakoras are gram or chickpea flour (besan) batter coated spicy paneer cubes. Paneer Pakora is a very common recipe for rainy season. 

Follow step by step instructions below and make a perfect Tea Time snack your family will love….

Pairing Ideas:

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Crunchy Paneer Pakora

Crunchy Paneer Pakora
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Indian () Difficulty: Easy
Serves: 2



  • Step for Recipe - Crunchy Paneer Pakora 1. Slice paneer and capsicum to 2 inch size.
    Step for Recipe - Crunchy Paneer Pakora 2. Take ginger, garlic, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp lemon juice and 1/4 tsp Red chili Powder in a bowl and mix well. Add Paneer and Capsicum in the mixture and set aside for 10-20 minutes.
  • Step for Recipe - Crunchy Paneer Pakora 3. Take ChickPeas flour in a bowl, remaining salt, red chili powder, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, cumin seeds and thyme. Now, add water to combine all ingeredients to make thin batter (which coats the finger)
    Step for Recipe - Crunchy Paneer Pakora 4. Heat oil in deep pan for frying. Dip Paneer and Capsium in batter one at a time and fry till crisp golden.
  • Step for Recipe - Crunchy Paneer Pakora 5. Enjoy with tomato sauce or green mint chutney.
Savita's Notes:
You can also fry onion rings, bell pepper slices in same batter for an excellent tea time platter which will vanish in minutes from serving tray.

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  1. Hello, I tried this paneer pakoras recipe and it tastes just awesome. I also recommend everyone to try this at least one time you will love this. Thanks for sharing such amazing paneer pakoras recipe.
  2. Paneer Pakora look mouthwatering good. I have to try this recipe soon.
  3. Thanks Chefdehome. I tried this recipe today and everyone loved it. This site is fantastic.
  4. Oh my!!! These Crunchy Paneer Pakora are to die for. Feel like to eat right away.