Mini Eggless Crepes in Tangerine Syrup

MINI MALPUAS in Sweet and Sour Syrup

Mini Eggless Crepes in Tangerine Syrup
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Whenever I crave for something sweet, I look in my pantry or refrigerator for some quick dessert inspirations. I am not a big sugar fan (these days) but sometimes one do need a little sweet treat. It was almost about to rain outside and a can of buttermilk caught my attention. Hmmm, there are endless possibilities, but what will be quick, super easy to make and best fit the rainy season? How about some eggless crepes?

These mini crepes (known as Malpuas in India) were our best tea-time snack cum dessert during my early days in office. On rainy days, we used to wait for evening tea and ask owner of Tea Shop to send his worker to get us a dozen of warm Malpuas. Delicious, sweet and yummy, those crepes were excellent with tea, dripping in sugary syrup but we never had enough of'em. They were always cold when arrived (due cold weather) but never failed to taste good.

Mini Egg-less Crepes Recipe

Things have so changed now, these days I will probably not eat more than one of those sweet crepes. In-fact, today, when I remembered my old crepe love and felt inspired from my pantry to make crepes for dessert, I decided to make'em less sweet, actually sweet and sour.

Sweet and Tangy Tangerine sauce really balanced the sweetness expected from Malpuas and they tasted delightful. No heavy sugar and no-eggs made these mini-crepes, a dessert of choice for me and I'm so lovin'm.

Pairing Ideas:

Pumpkin Spiced Chai

Mini Eggless Crepes in Tangerine Syrup

Mini Eggless Crepes in Tangerine Syrup
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: Indian () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 16 small crepes - Serves: 4
(Serving Size of 4 Crepes)



  • Step for Recipe - Mini Eggless Crepes in Tangerine Syrup 1. In a jar or medium size bowl, add flour, 2 tbsp sugar, fennel seeds, cardamom powder and butter milk.
    Step for Recipe - Mini Eggless Crepes in Tangerine Syrup 2. Whisk together to make batter of pan cake consistency, add 1-2 tbsp water if needed. Leave the batter (covered) on kitchen counter for at least an hour. Long sitting will improve the texture of crepes. Please read instructions above for details.
  • Step for Recipe - Mini Eggless Crepes in Tangerine Syrup 3. Combine tangerine juice and 2 tbsp remaining sugar in a heavy bottom sauce pan. Heat at medium flame till juice reduce to half and has little syrupy consistency. (6-8 minutes)
    Step for Recipe - Mini Eggless Crepes in Tangerine Syrup 4. Heat a flat skillet. When heated, coat the surface with 1/2 tbsp butter and pour the batter 2-3 tbsp per crepe on hot skillet. Batter will bubble towards the edges. Once batter is set, twist the skillet to swirl the melted butter around crepes.
  • Step for Recipe - Mini Eggless Crepes in Tangerine Syrup 5. Preheat the oven at 250 F. Once the bottom side is cooked, turn the crepe with flat spatula and cook the top side. Remove from pan and brush the crepes with tangerine syrup. Place crepes on a foiled baking sheet in one layer and keep warm in preheated oven until ready to serve.
Savita's Notes:
I only left batter to rest for 1 hr, however, leaving the batter for 3-4 hours on kitchen counter or overnight in refrigerator improves the texture and taste of crepes. Crepes made with long rested batter will have signature bubble all over the surface due to fermentation, don't be surprised to see'em if you used the well rested and slight fermented batter.

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