Make Breadcrumbs at Home
Looking for a good use for day old bread? Here's how to make bread crumbs at home. From Panko to seasoned bread crumbs, all can be made with simple plain old white bread at home in just 5 minutes. Believe me, there is nothing like taste of homemade bread crumbs to make taste of a dish extra special.

I used to buy breadcrumbs from store. Soon I noticed, after using about a cup, the rest of bread crumbs mostly expire or go soggy sitting in kitchen. This is when I decided to start making breadcrumbs at home. Homemade breadcrumbs are great utilization of few days old plain bread.
Also, why pay money to stores for grinding old bread to crumbs when we can make'em fresh at home as per need?

Making breadcrumbs at home solves twin purpose for me, save some money and utilize day old bread.

All you need is some old plain white bread (for plain bread crumbs) and seasonings (for seasoned breadcrumbs). Follow the instructions below and jazz-up your dishes with homemade breadcrumbs.
Use homemade breadcrumbs in these scrumptious recipes:

Make Breadcrumbs at Home

Make Breadcrumbs at Home
Total Time Prep Time Cook Time Cuisine American Category Difficulty Easy Yields 1 Cup (Serves: 2)


  • 6 White Bread (a day old bread slices)
  • 1/4 tsp Salt and Black Pepper (for seasoned crumbs, optional)


  • 1. Panko crumbs – Panko Crumbs are lite, flaky, and give very crunchy texture to fried chicken. For panko crumbs, heat a skillet, toast slices of bread only for 1 minute each side. Make sure skillet is not over heated. We don’t want to brown the bread. Just draw out the moisture. Leave aside for 5 minutes, tear bread in small pieces and then pulse 8-10 times in food processor to crumbs (not fine but flaky crumbs)
  • Step for Recipe - Make Breadcrumbs at Home
    2. Plain Bread Crumbs - For plain fine crumbs, heat a skillet, toast slices of bread until brown (but not burnt) toasted on both sides.
  • Step for Recipe - Make Breadcrumbs at Home
    3. Plain Bread Crumbs - Leave aside for 5 minutes, tear bread in small pieces and then pulse 10-15 times in food processor to fine crumbs.
    Additional Notes
    For seasonal crumbs, mix seasoning of your choice just before using crumbs. E.g. for garlic breadcrumbs, mix in 1/2 tbsp garlic powder and 1/2 tsp oregano. For Italian bread crumbs, add 1/2 tsp each of oregano, parsley, basil, garlic and 1/4 tsp salt.
Savita's Notes:
Panko breadcrumbs need even lesser time. Needs very less toasting. Check in instruction section.

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2 comment(s)

  1. Now i can make use of expired bread loaf. How long can we keep it??

    Azarina, recipe uses one day old bread to make breadcrumbs. Please don't ever eat anything past expiry date. These breadcrumbs are best when consumed the same day. I hope it helps.