Hello Sunshine - Grapefruit, Carrots and Turmeric Smoothie

Hello Sunshine - Grapefruit, Carrots and Turmeric Smoothie
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

Fruits and vegetables are best when consumed in peak season! In California, January to June is peak season for fresh and juicy grapefruits.

Other day at farmer's market, when I saw these blushing, ripe, deep pink, and juicy grapefruit, I knew for sure.... I'm sharing few grapefruit posts, soon!! If you happen to see a grapefruit in off-season, you will notice it is so dull and pale in color.... obviously, at that time, lacks in flavor too..

So, here I am enjoying a glass of my favorite seasonal find and sharing the tale of amazing grapefruit with you all!

Grapefruit and Carrot anti-oxidant rich smoothie

Grapefruits... as you all know, are loaded with immune boosting vitamins, specially A and C. Also, grapefruits are good source of potassium, pectin, and since we are pureeing the fruit instead of juicing, grapefruit provide a good amount of dietary fiber too! For dietary fiber, not just grapefruits, a lot of vegetables and fruits when pureed instead of juiced, provide a good serving of dietary fiber! And you all know, dietary fiber can help us maintain a healthy gut. Where do 70% of our immune system lives? In our gut! So drink more smoothies! friends!

Before I forget, grapefruit is also low in calories, lower than equal amount of orange. Hence! enjoy some grapefruit in your smoothies while they are in season!

Breakfast with Vitamin C and A rich grapefruit and carrot smoothie

Raw fruit and vegetable smoothies, in general, are great for you, but a mindful selection of smoothie ingredients makes a lot of difference. In other words, smoothies can be as bad as a slice of cheese cake or as good as a raw bunch of spinach! All depends on wise selection of ingredients! Remember? I shared with you my 5 Rules to make a Good Healthy-Choice Smoothie ! I often try to follow, at least few (if not all) rules while making any smoothie for Vishal and me.

Today's smoothie, with one serving of fruit, one serving of vegetable, and blood-cleansing shot of fresh turmeric....  made me call this a "sunshine" smoothie. A glass of this smoothie, instead of banana/chocolate shake will give you great head start in the day with good dose of dietary fiber and anti-oxidants, of course!

Seriously!!! I won't mind a glass of this gluten free, dairy free, vegan "sunshine" any time of the day! Plus look at the color, isn't it irresistible?? 

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!



Vitamin C and A rich grapefruit carrots and turmeric smoothie

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Hello Sunshine - Grapefruit, Carrots and Turmeric Smoothie

Hello Sunshine - Grapefruit, Carrots and Turmeric Smoothie
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 3 cups - Serves: 2
(Serving size - 1 Cup)


Smart Swap: Replace turmeric with some ginger for some zing!


  • 1. Prepare Ingredients Give big dice to all ingredients, remove skin and seeds (if any) from grapefruit. Additional Notes: California grapefruit, when in season, are fairly large in size. If you find a medium fruit, use 1 and half or two.
  • 2. Blend Smoothie Using a hand blender or stand blender, blend together all ingredients until smooth.
  • 3. Serve Pour in glass and serve immediately. Enjoy!
Savita's Notes:

If consuming during fasting season, omit salt or use a little sugar to round the flavor. Also, if you don't consume turmeric during fasts, don't add turmeric or use ginger instead .

California grapefruit, when in season, are fairly large in size. If find a medium fruit, use 1 and half or two.

Addition of salt deals pretty good with bitterness of grapefruit. I you don't like salt, add some honey or raw sugar.

This smoothie is great filling drink for breakfast or for lite diet lunch


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  1. like to see Nutrition Information
    I'll update soon.
  2. Hey Gingi, grapefruit isn't that bad in taste, but sure a little bitter. Add a little salt or some sugar to make more palatable and yes, please start drinking some smoothies :) If you need recipes, I have plenty!!
  3. Mike, thank you so much!!!
  4. Sure! Padma do try and let me know how you like it!
  5. Ritu, indeed this smoothie looks gorgeous. thanks!
  6. Thanks @Jeena, I am glad you love it!
  7. thank you, @Cheri! I am sure you will love this!
  8. I don't cook with or eat grapefruit as much as I should.. MAN, all these smoothie posts I keep seeing make me long for a juicer... I really need to upgrade my kitchen! - www.domesticgeekgirl.com
  9. This is like one of the healthiest smoothie ever. Perfect for this time of the year!
  10. I actually avoid grapefruit...but this sounds interesting....definitely going to give it a try:)
  11. Delicious smoothie. It is my favourite. Very healthy and yummy :)
  12. Healthy, Healthy and super tasty this smoothie is. Love the combinations...
  13. I have a pink grapefruit tree in my yard and I am always looking for recipes, this drink sounds amazing!