Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips

A "super" bowl of healthy yummy-ness for the super bowl game!

Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

Fried Curry Sweet Potato chips with low-fat creamy Greek yogurt dip without mayo or full fat creams. Perfect for game day snack.

This appetizer is really "super healthy" bowl full of spicy veggie chips and a scrumptious creamy yogurt raita dip! one of my favorite snack to serve crowd-cheering hungry souls on game day! 

I always make sure to pair something spicy (little indulging), like these curry-salt dusted sweet potato chips with a big batch of fresh cut veggies, and a healthy veggie loaded dip. Often, I make healthy dip with yogurt or low-fat sour cream, instead of mayo or cheeses!  The idea of pairing something spicy with lots of healthy stuff, presented little differently, do the trick! every time! Everyone enjoys the game, munching on crunchy curry sweet potato chips, eating a load of veggies and lite-fit yogurt and no one even notice the "healthy" part!! 

and that is my ah...ha moment!!

Mantra is - Enjoy game without undoing your family's diet!

One thing, I have learned, cooking for my "picky eater", who is almost of my age ;) (you know him!! ), that... sneaking good and healthy stuff in flavorful, zesty, colorful ingredients can allure even the crankiest kids to eat healthy ;) 

Oh yes!! trust me! This dip and chip, might sound like fried chips and dip, but have ton of healthy ingredients. It's all part of the "game". Bowl looks creamy, full of fried stuff and colors!! where actually it is "gimmick" - so creamy (is non-fat yogurt), so fried (is wafer thin and even has coat of curry), colors (are veggies, veggies, and more veggies).

Curry Chips and Yogurt Dip for healthy Super Bowl Game

In other words...

First, the kicker, Curry Salt Sweet Potato Chips! I have sliced the sweet potatoes wafer thin! One regular sweet potato yields more than 50 chips which can fill a bowl! Curry salt dusting adds a salty, spicy bite, and sweetness of sweet potato further enhances the taste. Don't this sound delicious already?

Second, THE star of the "super" bowl, dip!! Dip is creamy but non-fat, packed with lots of calcium and pro-bio-tics! Yes my friends, it is the promise of Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, delicious every time, yet no fat, and far less calories compared to mayo or cheese dips. And I loaded it with fresh cucumber, mint, tomato, jalapeno, and cilantro! 

Crunch in every bite!! crunch from chips, from crunchy cucumber, tomato, and zesty jalapeno! and creamy greek yogurt to bring everything together! 

Raita Dip?? Really?

Thick and Creamy Greek Yogurt Raita Dip Healthy Twisted Game Day Snack

Oh yeah! I make a lots of Raita variation to serve with everyday meal! This flavorful, cooling, gut-friendly, and scrumptious condiment has ton of flavor, and far less calories. Being raised on raita and rice, I can make 100 combination of raita and will be still counting!

A little secret! this batch of thin sliced apple chips taste delicious in raita! trust me! Omit all veggies in raita leaving in cumin, cilantro, salt, and pepper.... than add grated or small chopped green apple..... and you will remember me after you try! For this dip, I have kept apple chips on the side , to give little relief to, an already loaded Yogurt Dip :)

Veggie Loaded Super Bowl Game Day Snack Healthy and Scrumptious

How to keep Yogurt Dips thick and creamy!

Good you asked! Simple answer! Always use Greek thick yogurt. If you can't find greek yogurt, pour plain non-fat yogurt in cheese cloth, place on top of strainer, and set aside for 1 hour or until most water has drained. Or simply buy two cups of non-fat Greek yogurt, like I did today! It makes life easier!

One more thing, only add salt in yogurt dips within 1 hour of serving, or yogurt tends to release water making dip watery! we don't want that!! right?

And.... I forgot to mention, my Healthy Creamy Yogurt Raita Dip is Chips-Approved.

Here is the proof!

Lots of Chips for Healthy Non-Fat Greek Yogurt Raita Dip

I'm sure you will like my "twisted" healthy "super" bowl! Make some for the big game day!

And don't forget to have lots of fun!!!

Lots of Chips for Non-Fat Greek Yogurt Raita Dip



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Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips

Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4-6 Servings - Serves: 6


Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips
Greek Yogurt Raita Dip
Healthy Veggie Dipers
Smart Swap: Baked pita chips instead of sweet potato will also taste great with Cucumber Yogurt Dip


  • Step for Recipe - Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips 1. To make Yogurt Dip, in a medium bowl, add cumin powder, greek yogurt, and 1 tbsp water. Whisk to mix everything together. Set aside.
    Step for Recipe - Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips 2. Chop all dip ingredients and add to the bowl with yogurt. Gently mix in to combine. Season with salt and black pepper, as per taste, just before serving. For now, set aside. Additional Notes: I, often, skip salt in yogurt-based dips to prevent yogurt from releasing salt and season the chips instead. This way you also control the salt in-take! If absolutely necessary, mix salt to dip just before serving.
  • Step for Recipe - Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips 3. Heat, about 2 inch oil, in a heavy bottom skillet. When oil is heating up, thin slice the sweet potatoes using a mandolin. Also line a sheet tray with cooling rack. Additional Notes: Never dry chips on a paper towel, as that will make'em soggy quickly. always use a rack to drain excess oil.
    Step for Recipe - Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips 4. When oil is hot, 375 degrees Fahrenheit, fry the chips in small batches until edges start to brown, chips color change from peach to orange and little brown spots appear all over. (about 2-3 minute per batch) Additional Notes: Only add that many chip in a batch which you can fish in one attempt. Sweet potato chips burn quickly, if you take too longer to fish'em out, they might burn!
  • Step for Recipe - Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips 5. After removing every batch from oil, scatter on rack and season with curry salt. warm chip will make it very easy for curry-salt to stick to potato.
    Step for Recipe - Loaded Raita Dip with Curry Dusted Sweet Potato Chips 6. Serve yogurt dip with fresh fried chips, celery stick, carrots, and raw apple chips. Enjoy the game!

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  6. This looks like my perfect snack. I love any kind of yoghurt dip and even better when it comes with sweet potato.
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  8. Raita looks like delicious and the sweet potato chips is tempting....
  9. Padma, thank you so much! really, these curry salted sweet potato cheese are to-die-for! try'em sometime!
  10. Though the sweet potato chips are drawing my attention...I do love the raita along with it:)
  11. Gayle, thank you so much! I love the fact that you too use yogurt for dips! Yogurt is a nice ingredient to keep things healthy yet scrumptious!
  12. This dip looks perfect! I love the fact that you made your own sweet potato chips. I definitely need to try that! And this dip is so full of flavor. I always try to use yogurt whenever I can too, so this looks perfect!
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  16. Super awesome raita dip with super awesome sweet potato chips!