Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs

Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs
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Just in time for Easter, sharing with you made-from-scratch, Oreo, cream cheese, and marzipan Easter Eggs! 

I'm always interested to study about festivals and traditions of various cultures. In India, we have a lot of traditional festivals and fasting period throughout the year. In-fact, few days back, I shared with you about Navratri Fasts which are going on right now. After coming to States, I have learned so much about so many other traditions and cultures, festivals and especially their foods :) Food is quintessential part of every tradition or festival, no matter where you go! 

Easter Eggs Basket

Easter is observed in commemoration of crucifixion of lord Jesus and is generally one week long event in most places. This post is not focused on religious aspect, so I will go straight to food prospective. Do you know? Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies are two most widely popular concepts of Easter! Other than traditional foods, these days you will not a find a single store without a wide variety of Egg and bunny shaped candies, toys and a lot more fun treats for kids!

Every kid would want to play "Easter Egg Hunt" this time of the year! So, to contribute to spirits of Easter and for all awesome cute little kids out there, I have made these Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Eggs!

Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Eggs for #Easter

These eggs have two of my favorite ingredients. Oreo and Marzipan. I think, Oreo needs no introduction! I'll be hugely surprised if anyone didn't like or know Oreo!! That chocolaty taste with creamy center, specially when dunked in milk! yummy yummy!

Recently, I got introduced to a delicious edible almond candy dough called Marzipan. At first bite, it tasted like Indian Badam Barfi (almond fudge). I can't tell you how much I loved it. I'm a huge fan of Indian Almond Fudge and was amazed to find a similar tasting candy so widely popular in States. Especially during Christmas, this candy is widely consumed. However, Marzipan is available all year round in all stores. You will easily find it in Baking Isle of most stores.

Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs Basket

So for this candy, I combined my two favorites: Oreo and Marzipan, to make delicious yellow yolk, edible Easter eggs basket. I have covered the eggs in sprinkles and dark cocoa powder. You can cover these eggs in melted chocolate or white chocolate or colored white chocolate too.

I hope you will enjoy making and eating these creamy fudge-like oreo-egg-shell and almond-candy-yellow-yolk! I have to tell you, I really enjoyed cutting open to reveal the yellow-yolk! so exciting!!! It looked like a delicious Hard Boiled Egg :) Don't you think? 

Oreo Cream Cheese #Easter Eggs with Yellow Yolk for a Sweet Treat for Kids

Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs with Yellow Yolk - Perfect for Easter Hunt and some Fun Sweet Treat for Kids

Making these cuties was a fun experience too! Checkout the recipe to learn, why?

Wishing you all Happy Easter in advance! Have a great day!



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Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs

Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 20 Oreo Easter Eggs - Serves: 10


Marzipan Egg Yolks
Orea Cream Cheese Eggs
Smart Swap: You can use also use sweetened cream cheese yolk instead of marzipan.


  • Step for Recipe - Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs 1. Mix marzipan with room temperature butter and food color, then knead to get consistent yellow yolk color. Additional Notes: If marzipan is hard. Microwave for 7 secs at-a-time until dough is pliable!
    Step for Recipe - Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs 2. Divide dough into small 20 pieces and roll to make 20 egg yolks. Set aside on a sheet lined with parchment or silicon mat.
  • Step for Recipe - Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs 3. Process Oreo cookies (I removed the cream, but you can add if you like) in food processor until mixture resembles fine crumbs.
    Step for Recipe - Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs 4. To make dough, transfer cookie crumbs to a bowl, add room temperature cream cheese and mix pressing with fingers, until dough comes together.
  • Step for Recipe - Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs 5. Divide dough into 20 equal portions.
    Step for Recipe - Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs 6. Flatten each portion in palm of your hand to an oval egg shape. Place marzipan yolk in the lower-center.
  • Step for Recipe - Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs 7. Roll cookie dough around yolk to give an oval egg-shape.
    Step for Recipe - Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs 8. Repeat with all 20 eggs. Roll each egg in cocoa powder, and/or in sprinkles of your choice and keep setting aside on a parchment lined sheet. Additional Notes: You can use red, blue, orange sprinkles, and can also use shredded coconut!
  • Step for Recipe - Yellow Yolk Oreo Cream Cheese Easter Eggs 9. Refrigrate eggs for 30 minutes to set fully. During this time, cream cheese will set the egg shell fully and sprinkles will also set-in. Transfer to an egg basket and serve!

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22 Responses

  1. What an awesome and innovative idea of making easter eggs. So beautifully crafted eggs. Love love these cute eggs! I showed these to my Adoria, and she drooling over pictures. I assume, I will have to make these pretty soon. ;)
    how sweet! Anu, if Adoria likes it then I think these eggs are kids approved :) big smile.
  2. Gorgeous easter eggs. Lovely presentation. Delicious.
    Ritu, thanks!
  3. Awesome innovative treat for easter
    Vani, thanks!
  4. Love Oreo and love your presentation. superb!
    Oreo are a real treat for everyone!! :) thanks, Neeli! Glad you like it.
  5. Drooling here dear!!! Nice and creative idea.. Love it to the core my sweety
    Farin, thanks! :) I'm so glad you like it!
  6. Such a fun and cute way to celebrate Easter! These little eggs are so creative!
    :) Keri, thanks! You know when I cut open these eggs, I just looked at'em for while! just to take it in :) real cuties ;)
  7. No words to express how stunning these eggs look:)...Not a marzipan fan but love the look and clicks:)
    Padma, thanks!! I'm glad you like these eggs :) PS: You can even use sweetened cream cheese as yolks if you don't like marzipan.
  8. This is so cute and creative Savita! Gosh I need to start thinking about Easter! Pinning this!
    thanks! Happy Easter! It is about time :)
  9. Such a fun, creative idea Savita! These look lovely!!!
    Mira, thanks dear friend! Love to see you stop by! and high five... for pin!!
  10. These look SO fun. I love anything that involves oreos.
    me too, Dannii!! just love Oreo! thank you so much for stopping by :)
  11. What a cute idea! And just in time for Easter!! I love it!! <3 -
    Gingi, thanks :) Happy Easter in advance!