Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites

Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney is vegan too!

Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites
Diet Info: DF GF F LF Na LS VG V Fa

Sharing with you, a 15 minute easy appetizer with homemade zesty Kiwi Chutney, cream cheese, topped on gluten free rice crackers! 

Friends! How's your day going so far? About me? I wake up little late and as usual,  Mondays are very busy for me :) But, I'm making sure to post for you before I get lost in my errands :)

Today, sharing with you, a delicious party appetizer! well.... not just for parties, today's chutney is so versatile, I bet you will use it many ways...... only if you will spare finishing it with spoon :) Trust me, one spoon of this kiwi chutney condiment can jazz many of our day-to-day foods! If you had sweet-n-sour chutneys in past, I'm sure you are no stranger to zing it can add to food. Plus, what I love most about chutneys is their shelf life. Even when not canned, a well made chutney can stay good in refrigerator for up-to 2-3 weeks! How good does that sound? 

Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites for a quick mouthwatering party snack

I have spoiler alert for you! This whole week's posts (almost whole week) are going to be all about utilizing produce from your refrigerator...... the easy way! Not necessarily cooked leftovers but a piece or two of fresh produce which just sit in one corner of your refrigerator or in fruit basket for few days......... every-time you see each other.... you pass quickly..... with a promise to meet again ;)

Yes, my friends! I'm talking about that one left banana, one apple, or a handful of radish, or in today's case 3-4 cute kiwi fruits.... I bet you will argue, these are all fruits or veggies, I'will eat'em raw! Sure you can! You can add'em to smoothies, make salads or just make a Mix-Vegetable Curry , which I too do often! Yet, I don't know about you, but.... someday, for me, these one piece things does not fit anywhere and sit in my refrigerator! When I'm alarmed about any one of these going bad, I make chutneys, jams, or many other things, which I'll share this whole week with you! So, if you have similar situation, just stay tuned for some fun recipes!

My promise? All will delicious, healthy, and unique, no smoothie or salad (for a change) :)

Today's ever green chutney is inspired from a sweet-n-spicy raw mango chutney which is very common in home. I have history of making sweet and spicy chutneys! If not gifting, I only make a small portion, so as to finish it one time, then use it many ways until it lasts!

1. Layer it on crackers with some soft, mild cheese like cream cheese, ricotta or brie, for quick appetizer or cheese-course. 

Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites are rice crackers topped with smudge of cream cheese, some kiwi chutney, and a thin slice of jalapeno! Perfect to serve for wine and cheese course! You can serve this chutney with 2-3 kinds of soft cheese, some fresh sliced jalapeno, some fresh fruits, and mild red or white wine of your choice! mouthwatering combination! 

Scrumptious Easy and Quick - Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites

2. Spread a spoon of chutney on morning toast or sandwich instead of same-old ketchup/jam!
3. Spread on a lunch wrap for a perfect sweet and sour bite!
4. Serve it one the side with steamed rice! One of staple in my home! Lentils Curry, Rice, and some chutney on the side! 

Don't be alarmed from use of jalapeno in the chutney. When cooked with kiwis and sugar, jalapeno becomes very mild. almost like candied jalapeno. You will feel just subtle taste at the end of bite! To accentuate the experience, I topped crackers with a thin slice of fresh jalapeno...... which is completely optional (but recommended)!

a 15 minute easy appetizer with homemade zesty Kiwi Chutney topped on gluten free rice crackers

Diet Information!

Gluten Free? Chutney is gluten free. Since I have used gluten free rice crackers. Even bites are gluten free.
Vegan? Chutney is vegan too! but, bites are not as I have used cream cheese on crackers!

Sweet and Sour Kiwi and Jalapeno Chutney - a perfect condiment for a wine and cheese course

I hope you loved my resourceful, sweet-n-sour, kiwi chutney bites! Oh! and I forget to mention, if you often buy jar of mango chutney from store, this KIWI chutney will make you forget that mango chutney for ever! Chances are, you will start buying an extra batch of kiwi, just for this chutney! This, I was telling myself, the whole time I ate it!

Zesty Sweet-n-sour Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites

So, I don't know about you, but I'm bringing few extra kiwi next-time, to make a batch of this chutney again!

Until we meet again! Have a great day!



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Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites

Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: European () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 1 Cup - Serves: 8


Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney
Chutney Cracker Bites
Smart Swap: You can also make same chutney with leftover fresh pineapple!


  • Step for Recipe - Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites 1. Chop the kiwi into bite size pieces. Remove seeds from jalapeno,and dice it very small.
    Step for Recipe - Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites 2. In a sauce pan, add kiwi, jalapeno, sugar, peppercorns, and salt. Cook one medium-low heat for 15 minutes or until kiwi is soft, syrupy but not mushy.
  • Step for Recipe - Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites 3. Make sure to stir the mixture one or two times during cooking.
    Step for Recipe - Kiwi Jalapeno Chutney Bites 4. Top 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of kiwi chutney on your choice of crackers with a smudge of cream cheese! Add a fresh jalapeno slice on top for some zing! Serve and enjoy!

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  1. These are too too delicious Savita! Mouthwatering combo amazing!
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    @Mamam Baker! thanks! I would love to share!
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  6. YUM!! What a fun recipe!! This is so pretty and cute! I just love it! Thanks for sharing girl! :)
    Cailee, anytime! I love sharing yummy bites ;) thank you so much for stopping by!
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