Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

Part of "Use The Produce" series!

Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt
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Hello Everyone! 

Today, I'm sharing with you a quick and easy method of making no-sugar, instant banana pudding frozen yogurt! Healthy, gluten free, egg-free, and can be ready at moment's notice! Also, indeed a fun way to use ripe banana in your fruit basket!

This post is part of "Use The Produce" post! Today's produce, is one of THE most common produce which will be present in every household, right now! i.e. Banana! and also, this is one such fruit which goes from raw to ripe, pretty quickly!

Yes, yes, you can eat it raw, make a smoothie or make a shake! But..... for those days, when you are not willing to eat a banana, yet, it may not maintain it's freshness for one more day! or even half a day :)

What will you do? Close your eyes and gallop it, so it does not go waste?


No, no!! You don't have to! At-least, not after I share these yummy pictures with you! :)

Summer Treat in no time! Instant Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

Instead, just empty two ice trays from freezer.

Slice banana, pour some yogurt, and freeze it.

Freezing Yogurt Cubes for Instant Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

Once yogurt cubes are frozen!

Say 30 minutes, as per freezer's freezing time.

Yogurt Cubes for Instant Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

Or if even after 4 days of freezing, any day, you can enjoy fresh Instant Frozen Yogurt!

tempting? isn't it?

Refreshing Summer Treat at moment notice! Instant Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt anyone?

Here is, what we have accomplished!

1. We extended the life of ripe banana (ready to go bad banana) by one week (at-least).
2. Yet we spent less than a minute dealing with it! I mean, just slice, put in ice tray, fill with yogurt! and boom! Your work is over for now!
3. Now, when you crave for a chilled, frozen sweet treat after dinner, don't go to Yogurt Shop to eat sugar-laden yogurt cup! Just take an ice tray out and blend it to make fresh, the best tasting frozen yogurt ever! 
4. Plus, it is gluten free, has amazing banana pudding taste yet no-eggs.
5. Last but not the least! don't forget the second tray you have in refrigerator ;)

Creamy no-sugar no-eggs Instant Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

I mean, we are even ready for those late-night cravings! Jazz it up, any way you like. Some drizzle of honey, frosted flakes, chocolate syrup! You name it! Toppings are endless! Yet, I'm proud to call it pretty healthy! 

Let's have a quick peak at what your next 5 minutes going to look like!

Here we go :)

Few Easy Steps for an Instant and Healthy Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

I bet you are headed to Kitchen right now!?!?

Aren't you?

HEalthy Gluten Free Sugar-Free Naturally Sweet - Instant Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

Now you tell me! Which produce do you have mostly in your refrigerator? 

Until I show up tomorrow, with a trick to use next produce... stay tuned and make some yogurt!!


Savita! xo

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Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt

Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt
Total Time: Prep Time: Cook Time: Cuisine: American () Difficulty: Easy
Yields: 4 Cups - Serves: 8
(Total Time does NOT include freezing time!)


Banana Ice Cream
Smart Swap: Use agave syrup instead of honey! Or how about some leftover pineapple yogurt??


  • Step for Recipe - Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt 1. In ice trays, add sliced banana pieces. make thin or thick slice, just enough to fit. Divide evenly.
    Step for Recipe - Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt 2. Pour yogurt blended with milk or drinkable yogurt into the tray cavities. Just until banana are submerged and cavity is full. Keep in deep freezer until fully frozen (30 min to 1 hour or until ready to use). I even use it after 5-6 days, as per need.
  • Step for Recipe - Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt 3. Pour cubes in food processor or blender (which can crush ices). Add honey and 1/4 cup milk.
    Step for Recipe - Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt 4. Process on low until cubes are crushed, then on high until mixture is creamy. Additional Notes: If finding difficult to blend, add few tbsp more milk to facilitate the process!
  • Step for Recipe - Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt 5. Transfer to a freezer safe container. Freeze until ready to use.
    Step for Recipe - Instant No-Eggs Banana Pudding Frozen Yogurt 6. Before serving, scoop in serving cups, garnish with sliced banana, sprinkles or any topping of your choice! Enjoy!
Savita's Notes:

Recipe halves easily.

Best when served immediately. Once fully frozen, take out 5 minutes before scooping in cups!

Alternate Method I'm lucky to own a Vitamix! One of THE best tool you will ever invest in! But, if you don't have a powerful blender to crush ice cubes, don't get disheartened! Put ice cubes in a Ziploc bag and crush with a rolling pin. Then put into food processor with required amount of milk and process to make a smooth and creamy frozen yogurt.


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  1. lovvvvve frozen fruits. I did the same with strawberries. Lovely yummy recipe :) Looks delicious
    Shweta, thanks! Frozen fruits with pro-biotics from yogurt are even better! Don't you think?
  2. This looks SO good! Super easy and healthy dessert at the ready - love it.
    Keri, even though it tastes delicious! The ready-when-you-want promise of this yogurt makes me a happy-camper always!
  3. Loved this idea. Will definitely try it out. Thanks for sharing.
    Shobha , do try! I bet you will love frozen yogurt!
  4. Savita, what an awesome froyo recipe. I love banana yogurt, and I love frozen yogurt too. this recipe is calling my name. Would love to have it anytime. Lovely clicks too. :D
    Anu, thanks! trust me, out love for frozen yogurt is mutual! Bananas make it extra special and creamy :)
  5. We actually have a fairly warm day here in the UK and I could so go a big bowl of this. Great recipe!
    Dannii, thanks! warm days and frozen treats are made for each other :)
  6., what great taste it might be having..what an inviting desert this is.great.
    Jeena, thanks! I'm glad you like it!
  7. such a Great idea...
    thank you very much!
  8. Awesome presentation. Great way to use ripped bananas. I will try this recipe soon. I love it :)
    Ritu, I'm sure you will love this yogurt! do try!
  9. I love this idea! I just used up my last overly ripe banana but will keep this in mind for next time. I bet it's so refreshing!
    Andrea, thanks! Indeed, this yogurt is very refreshing, perfect for a quick summer treat!
  10. Savita, this is such an awesome recipe! What a great way to use those ripe bananas! Pinning and will try this for sure! I love frozen yogurt :D
    thanks! :) You know, we both love frozen yogurt and often, I love keeping a batch ready at home to save yogurt-shop trip ;) Thanks for the pin my friend!
  11. Great, we both have pudding recipes, very different, but will be trying yours as well! My husband loves frozen yogurt and will like this recipe :)
    :) yes! pudding is talk of town today! :) I'm sure you gonna love it :)