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Gluten Free Banana Dessert

Banana Ice Cream

Frozen Banana Ice Cream is a gluten free dessert which you can make quickly in 10 minutes. This is most natural and quick three ingredient dessert ever!!

Just honey, frozen bananas and hint of milk and you can please your kids anytime of the day.

Kids love this banana Ice-cream and moms are happy because this dessert is healthy and full of calcium.

If you buy bananas in bulk, you can freeze a few when they are fully ripe. Make sure bananas are not bruised or patched. Or buy frozen bananas from store to quickly pull this dessert recipe anytime.

Banana Ice-cream should be served immediately once prepared (due to high iron contents of banana, it tends to turn blackish. We do not recommend storing/freezing this ice cream)

Pairing Ideas:

Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream
Total Time Prep Time Cook Time Cuisine American Category Difficulty Easy Yields 2 Servings (Serves: 2)
Smart Swap For Non-Dairy Versions, you can use Coconut Milk or Almond Milk.


  • 2 Banana (frozen)
  • 1/2 Cup Milk (Full Fat or Skimmed per liking)
  • 1 tbsp Honey


  • Step for Recipe - Banana Ice Cream
    1. Peel and slice ripe bananas and keep in deep freezer till fully frozen.
  • Step for Recipe - Banana Ice Cream
    2. In a food processor, blend frozen bananas and honey while slowly adding milk to blend bananas into a smooth cream.
    Additional Notes
    Use a little bit of ice if process takes a little longer.
  • Step for Recipe - Banana Ice Cream
    3. Top with cherries and whipped cream (optional) and serve immediately.

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